• 360  PS3  Sometimes the wall mount upstairs will not let you hang weapons. No known fix yet.
  • personal computer  360

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      The Steward may not sell upgrades if a follower is present, or if the Dragonborn has a bounty.

  • personal computer  After purchasing the home, any items put into the only chest in the un-upgraded house will immediately disappear. Leaving Whiterun for a few days appears to fix this.
  • personal computer  360  All the containers in the upgraded house may stop auto-sorting items placed in it, causing a mess. Some of the items are sorted based on the order in which they are deposited, while others are arranged alphabetically.
  • personal computer  360   After installing the Hearthfire DLC, Breezehome may become broken and will crash the game if entered.
  • personal computer  360  After purchasing the Alchemy Lab for the house it can disappear without the ability to buy it again.
  • 360  Sometimes upon entering the house, the upstairs walls may not appear, but the doors are. Reloading a previous save will fix this, or exiting the house and re-entering.
    • PS3  Other non-moveable objects may disappear such as chests, tables and wall mounts. Leaving and then re-entering seems to fix this.
  • 360  PS3  Sometimes placing Mehrunes’ Razor (possibly all daggers) on any of the wall mounts will cause the weapon to glitch off the mount and into the wall, making it impossible to get. (can be fixed by loading a save before placing on the mount).
  • 360  Some weapons placed on the weapon rack will appear on the floor in front of it when re-entering Breezehome.
  • personal computer  360  PS3  If the house has been acquired before the Stormcloak attack, the house may be locked and inaccessible after the attack.
  • 360  PS3  Items placed in the home, such as on a table for decoration, can disappear with no means of getting them back.
  • personal computer  360  After placing an object in the home using the “grab” function, it may fly back to the initial location where it was dropped.
  • 360  PS3  Withdrawing all stored books on bookshelves makes the books stay in place and become inaccessible. This prevents them from being interacted with. Withdrawn books are still added to the inventory
  • 360  PS3  Sometimes the wall mount above the door does not allow items to be placed on it.
  • 360  All books with the same cover may randomly disappear from a bookcase after adding another book of a different cover.
  • PS3  Placing a stolen weapon on the weapon rack and then taking it can cause that weapon rack slot to become inaccessible.
  • 360  PS3  Placing a Silver Greatsword on the Weapon’s Rack will cause it glitch out of said rack, and while it is still retrievable, the rack becomes unusable (only the one slot). This also happens at other houses.
  • personal computer  360  PS3  Items can be either be placed or spawn behind the shelf to the left of the entrance. These items cannot be reached making them impossible to retrieve.
  • personal computer  Using Whirlwind Sprint into Lydia’s room, while overencumbered, into the wall, will make you spawn just inside Breezehome’s door after a small gray screen area.
    • PS3  Similarly, using Whirlwind Sprint into the wall support at the back of the house on the ground floor will put you out of the map for a few seconds before teleporting you back to the entrance.
  • 360  Sometimes none of the wall mounts will work in a game. This appears permanent, (e.g. come back later, will still not work). Sometimes if you buy the house and decorations in one visit to the steward the wall mounts will work.
  • PS3  Sometimes if there are loose objects on the ground in front of the door the Dragonborn can fall through the floor and reappear at the door again.
  • Objects placed on the stand by the door may fall through the surface and into the drawer. The object can be obtained again by opening the door, exiting the storage menu, and picking it up from inside the drawer.
  • personal computer

      Placing axes causes the item to float somewhere around the rack, the item is still retrievable and the weapon rack can still be used, allowing for more storage. For example, an Orcish battleaxe sticks out of the center of a Shield when placed on the rack in the upstairs bedroom.

  • Arrows shot into the door of Breezehome stay there permanently.
  • PS3  Containers in Breezehome may reset, and all the items in them will be lost.
  • personal computer DG If you purchase the house and do not have enough money for the alchemy lab, you will keep the option to purchase the lab but doing so only eats the 500 Gold.
    • personal computer ( Fix )  Workaround: prid E4EF9, disable, prid E4EC8, enable.
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