How to Burn DVD on Windows 10/11 with or without Software

How to Burn DVD on Windows 10/11 with or without Software

As a wedding photographer, burning DVDs is something I frequently need to do many times. few people know that it lone takes 3 steps to burn a professional looking DVD and one can evening burn magnetic disk on Windows without any software .
here in this usher I will detail the demand steps to burn DVD on Windows 10 or Windows 11. I will besides show you how to set menu, chapters and subtitles for DVD, and details on how to choose the right DVD disk before DVD burn .
cursorily leap to the methods we tested and recommend :

Cisdem DVD Burner icon image Cisdem DVD Burner

Burn DVD on Windows in Simple Steps

  • Burn video to any DVD types, like DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO file
  • Support burning MP4, AVI, MOV, and other 200+ popular digital audio and video formats to DVD
  • Can burn videos with high quality and fast DVD burning speed
  • Provide many predesigned menu templates with themes inspired by different occasions
  • Customize DVD menu by changing image, adding background music and text
  • Choose title buttons and menu buttons to embellish the DVD
  • Provide rich video editing features such as adding watermarks, adding chapters, trimming the video, etc.
  • Intuitive interface and easy to use
  • Compatible with Windows 10/11 and macOS system

Free Download   Free Download

What to Prepare to Burn DVD on Windows 10/11

Before burning DVD on Windows, you need to prepare 3 basic things :
1. Blank DVD
2. Recordable DVD drive
3. DVD Burning software

1. Blank DVD Disc for Burning

first, you need to prepare a space DVD. There are respective types of disk for DVD sunburn, and the two major types are DVD-R and DVD-RW. They are not expensive and can be played with most DVD players. If your television is longer than 120 minutes, you may consider getting DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL, which is besides well know as two layers DVD .

DVD Type Repeat recording support Capacity
DVD+R and DVD-R Record only once 4.7GB
DVD+RW and DVD-RW Rewritten around 1000 times 4.7GB
DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL Record just once 8.5GB
DVD RAM Rewritten approximately 100,000 times 4.7GB

2. DVD Drive

Make sure that your personal computer has a DVD drive. If your computer does not come with an optical drive, you need to get an external drive .

3. DVD Burning Software

To burn a DVD on Windows 10 or Windows 11, you need a DVD burning program, specially if you need to burn a playable DVD .

How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10/11 with Stylish Menu

This Method is for:
– burn a playable DVD in a unretentive prison term with simpleton steps.
– Create the DVD menu and title for easy seafaring.
– Make some edits and add subtitles to the DVD.
– Preview your DVD before burning.
– write respective DVD copies at a clock time.
– loop topology playing your DVD.
– Create ISO file from videos rather when you don ’ t have a DVD disk.
– Burn oversized videos to DVD in high timbre .
surely, Windows 10 and Windows 11 come with built-in DVD burning capability. But we know, most of the users want to burn a playable DVD. You do n’t want to spend hours burning a DVD and find out that it is failed to play on a DVD player. The best room to burn any television to playable DVD with fast travel rapidly is to use Cisdem DVD Burner. Below are the steps to burn DVD on Windows 10/11 .
Step 1. Install Cisdem DVD Burner
Hit Download to get a free trial of this DVD Burner for Windows on your calculator .
Free Download
Step 2. Import videos to the software
Insert a space and writable DVD onto your optical drive. Drag and drop all movie files that you want to burn to the “ Source ” interface .
add files
Step 3. Edit videos
Click edit icon and you can modify the television with your needs on the popped-up windows. For example, you can trim extra segments of the video, adjust brightness effects, add external subtitle file, etc .
edit file
Step 4. Create a unique DVD menu
Click “ Menu ” icon to select your front-runner DVD menu from the existing DVD menu templates displayed on the leave acid. To create a particular DVD, you can change the background trope, import music, insert text, and change push button icon .
Or if you don ’ t need a DVD menu, you can tick out No menu box on the lower left corner of the interface to ignore this step .
create dvd menu
Step 5. Preview the DVD
After all done, suction stop Preview picture to load the final search of the DVD and watch the consequence. If you are unsated about any region of the DVD, you can go back to the original place to reset them manually .
preview dvd

Step 6. Burn DVD in Windows 10/11
finally, switch to Burn section, fill in the basic burn information in the match places, including DVD type, TV standard, playback mode, DVD identify, storage pathway and imitate phone number. once done, click the “ Burn ” button .
burn dvd windows 10 via cisdem

How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10 via Freeware

This Method is for:
– writer a DVD by yourself without spending money.
– Create a DVD with a dim-witted design.
– Burn videos in little size to DVD .
ImgBurn is a unblock DVD bite software for Windows 10/8/7/etc. It gains popularity due to across-the-board confirm for OS versions, media file types, and disk image types. The app supports versatile file formats, including images, audio, and videos. Plus, it can be CD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray disk on all Windows systems. Every routine is equipped with 5 modes : read, build, write, verify, and discovery .
Based on tests, a 1 GB video takes over an hour to write for ImgBurn, while the lapp video recording only takes 28 minutes for Cisdem DVD Burner. And it ‘s not fit for beginners .

  1. Insert a blank DVD disc to your computer drive.
  2. Download and install the software. Open it on your Windows.
  3. Choose the “Write files/folders to disc” icon on the default interface. Then, it will show you the main interface to make DVD on Windows.imgburn default interface
  4. Click the “Folder” icon on the “Source” section. Navigate to the files need to burn on your computer, select and upload them to the software.
  5. Then you can choose to click Information, Device, Options, Labels and Advanced buttons on the right part of the interface to set the depth setting according to your needs.
  6. When all is done, make sure to choose the DVD burner drive as the output pathway on the “Destination” box.
  7. Click the “Folder to disc” icon to burn a DVD on Windows 10/8/7.burn dvd on windows 10 via imgburn

How to Burn DVD in Windows 10 via Windows Media Player

This Method is for:
– easily burn DVDs for data storage.
– Watch the DVD only on your calculator.
– Burn MP3 files to audio and data candle .
As the list suggests, Windows Media Player is well known as a media player and media library on the Windows system. But now we will reveal another feature of it to burn data DVD on Windows .
It supports burning a boastfully total of files up to 4.7 GB to a DVD 5 disk and 8.5 GB to a DVD 9 disk. It besides allows you to burn many music files, pictures, and videos in JPEG, WMA, MP3, WMV, etc. formats .

  1. Insert a blank DVD disc onto the DVD drive of your computer and open Windows Media Player.
  2. Click “Burn” on the top right line of the media player burning interface
  3. Drag and drop all video files to the “Burn list”, and you are able to see the left capacity through the DVD disc video thumbnails.
  4. Hit the drop-down icon of the “Burn options icon”.click "burn option icon"
  5. Tick on “Data CD or DVD” on the popped-up list.choose data dvd option
  6. After uploading all files, click the “Start burn” button to burn a DVD on Windows 10.

How to Burn DVD on Windows 10 Using File Explorer

This Method is for:
– choice the recording accelerate.
– Burn data DVDs for storage.
– Burn a DVD without installing newfangled software .
When it comes to burning a DVD on Windows 10 without any software, File Explorer should help. Unlike other methods, Windows File Explorer asks you to choose how to use the magnetic disk. There are two options – “ Like a USB flash drive ” and “ With a CD/DVD player ”. The biggest deviation between them is whether control condition the phonograph record manually .
The “ Like a USB flare drive ” choice can car write or erase files on the manoeuver disk with the help of a be file system, without having to master the disk .
But, the “ With a CD/DVD musician ” choice works with a more common way that copies files and sends them to the phonograph record for impermanent storehouse and is finished by mastering the disk at survive. additionally, the latter can burn a DVD on most computers while the former may be not compatible with the Windows systems older than Windows XP .
Steps to burn DVD on Windows by choosing “the “Like a USB flash drive” option:

  1. Insert a writable DVD into the computer drive, it will automatically pop up the “Burn a Disc” window.
  2. Give a name to your disc.
  3. Pick the first option – “Like a USB flash drive”. Then click “Next”.choose "like a usb flash drive"
  4. When finishing formatting the DVD, File Explorer window will open. Drag and drop files or folders to the DVD disc.copy files to dvd
  5. Then you can choose to eject the disc at will, because Windows will make corresponding operations before ejecting out the disc.

Steps to write DVD on Windows by choosing “the “With a CD/DVD player” option:

  1. Once the “Burn a disc” window appears, click the radio button near “With a CD/DVD player”. Then hit the “Next” button.
  2. Add files to the target location. A prompt – “You have files waiting to be burned to disc” from Windows Explorer will pop up.add files to disc
  3. Press on “Drive Tools” in the top menu line and then click “Finish burning” option to activate the “Burn to Disc” "finish burning" button
  4. Choose the recording speed as 4x, 8x, or recording speed
  5. When all is done, click “Next” to send all files to the disc for burning. And you can see the burning progress and duration. After finishing, the disc will drop out from the optical drive automatically.

How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10 with Command Prompt

This method is for:
– tan ISO trope to DVD quickly.
– Complete the cut task in Command Prompt.
– Users like to work with command lines .
If you already have an ISO file saved locally and precisely need to burn DVD on Windows without installing any software, try Command Prompt. It relies on the aid of a Windows built-in and GUI-based tool called Windows Disc Image Burner .
But it entirely supports burning a DVD in Window 7 and above. And for users who are not companion with command lines, it is recommended to use the DVD electrocution software, which is simpler to understand .

  1. On your Windows computer, click “Start” > type in “CMD” > select “Command Prompt” from the list.
  2. Type “isoburn” or “isoburn.exe” to access a syntax guide: ISOBURN.EXE [/Q] [:] .windows disc image burner usage
  3. Once you learn the usage, click “OK”.
  4. Type your syntax. For example: isoburn /q e: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\iso-image\My_DVD.iso.
    “e:” refers to the actual drive letter of your optical drive.
    “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\iso-image\My_DVD.iso” is the path to the ISO file.burn iso to dvd command line
  5. Press “Enter” to fire up the Windows Disc Image Burner” utility, and wait for burning status to be finished. burn dvd windows command prompt

Comparison Between Methods for Burning DVD on Windows Above

  Use Cisdem DVD Burner Use Freeware Use File Explorer Use Windows Media Player Use Command Prompt
Supported system Windows and Mac Windows Windows Windows Windows
Supported formats 200+ 30+ Most digital formats 40+ ISO
Recording speed Fast Slow to burn large video files  Normal Normal Fast
Burned quality High Normal High High Normal
Output DVD type Video DVD Video DVD Data DVD Data DVD Video DVD
Provide various DVD menu × × × ×
Offer built-in video editor × × × ×

From the chart provided above, we can well see that Cisdem DVD Burner takes the first seat with its rich people functions and brawny performance. Besides, Cisdem DVD Burner owns the clear and most straightforward interface among these methods, making it possible for software novices to master it in seconds .

Burn a Data DVD or Video DVD

To burn a DVD you besides need to choose an appropriate burn off format. Most people are familiar with Video DVD, the DVD phonograph record we rental or buy are all Video DVDs. It has a seafaring menu. You can easily play it on a DVD actor or television. But if you burn a DVD with Window media actor you ‘ll get a Data DVD, which is truly a storage medium like to a USD or SD card, you can play data DVDs on a calculator and re-edit data. however, it can not be played on a DVD player .

Extend: Burn a CD on Windows 10

How to burn compact disk in Windows 10 without any software or with it ? ImgBurn, Windows Media Player, and File Explorer allow you to burn a compact disk. File explorer can merely burn data CDs, while the beginning two can burn both data CDs and audio CDs.

Data CD vs audio CD, what’s the difference:

  Data CD Audio CD
Used for Music, video, and image Music
Capacity 700MB or 8 hours of music Up to 80 minutes
Supported device Some CD and DVD players Almost all CD players

Bottom Words

That wraps up this steer. Whether you ’ rhenium making DVD for giving giving, working, or for your own enjoyment, learning how to burn DVD on Windows 10/11 can make a huge remainder .
Cisdem DVD Burner is what we always use. It ‘s good at creating a playable and nicelooking DVD. ImgBurn is another professional app, but it ca n’t beautify DVD, and it is not suitable for newcomers. WMP and File Explorler are for users who want to make data DVDs. Command Prompt does well in burning ISO to DVD. Hope these 5 programs and methods do you a favor .

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