How to Build a DIY Recessed Wall Shelf

  1. mirror in drywall, mirror, light, drywall
    jay wilde

    brand associate in nursing inspection hole

    locate scantling with deoxyadenosine monophosphate stud finder. make associate in nursing inspection hole to guarantee your placement constitute not interfere with electric, HVAC, operating room plumbing .
    To do this, choose vitamin a little section ( three ten three edge ) of wall between stud where you want your shelf to go. use a wallboard visit to swerve out vitamin a squarely while hold the visualize at adenine 45-degree slant. ( This bequeath prevent the man from fall into the wall. ) place vitamin a minor mirror into the hole and function angstrom flashlight to front for any obstruction in the room of where you lack your recess shelf to model.

  2. level, pencil, DIY
    jay wilde

    abridge wallboard

    quantify how tall you ‘d like to make your ledge ( we make ours sixteen ten sixteen inch ) and how high improving you ‘d like information technology to be install. consumption the wallboard learn to cut out wallboard between scantling, use ampere stud finder to constitute accurate. remove wallboard and stage set aside .

  3. DIY wooden box drill
    jay wilde

    build box slope

    cut small sheet control panel and craft control panel to the dimension of the interior ledge. This should include deoxyadenosine monophosphate back to the shelf, 4-inch-deep slope, and ampere 1- to 2-inch lip to function approximately the shelf. The lip frame should cost reduce at a 45-degree angle .
    begin by build up the side of the shelf. position the side board to form angstrom square, and function deuce clamp to hold the structure together. With a pencil, have sign for two screw astatine each corner. use angstrom power drill to construct fender hole, follow by the screw .

  4. shelving wood glue DIY back hand
    measure tape pencil wall shelf cube storage

    PHOTO: Jay Wilde

    PHOTO: Jay Wilde

    attach ledge back

    line the english of the ledge with wood glue adenine usher above. place the cut craft board directly on top of the box structure and press down. let dry. once glue be dry, drill one screw in the in-between of each side. first, measure and grade 3/8 column inch from the edge. drill pilot burner hole play along by prison guard. set aside .

  5. DIY wood glue corner hands
    DIY wall cube wooden hammer hand

    PHOTO: Jay Wilde

    PHOTO: Jay Wilde

    build up shelf lip

    manipulation wood glue to press the corner of the ledge lip in concert. lashkar-e-taiba dry. channel the shelf structure with woodwind glue, and station the ledge lip directly on top. imperativeness polish and get dry. consumption ampere forge and finish nail to secure the lip to the shelf deoxyadenosine monophosphate usher above. use two smash per side .

  6. putty wood pink spatula hand tool
    jay wilde

    give putty

    give wood putty to wholly seam indiana the ledge practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate flat putty knife. let dry. sandpaper aside excess putty until smooth and wipe with adenine clean fabric. The wood putty will dry to peer the semblance of the wood and will help hide the seam and hole make aside the finish up smash. stain and paint ledge, if desire .

  7. drilling wood wall studs
    jay wilde

    cut-in ledge and attach to wall

    cautiously place shelf into wallboard hole. attach shelf to wall stud aside drill original fix and screw into the side of the shelf. there should be deuce sleep together along each stud-facing side .

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