Step by Step Construction of a Log Cabin

The seat of Trunks was the most unmanageable and time-consuming mistreat of the whole construction. My intention was to go putting mortar on acme of the logs, getting these so with joints already closed, but soon found that it was not feasible for diverse reasons, among which are counted the number of maneuvers that had to do with the trunks up get them to minimally could adjust, because as I said, unfortunately most of the logs were evening quite crooked. however managed to become the inaugural logs on top of a layer of cement and the workplace started identical well. I tried to choose the most thick and heavy sticks to the bottom, because I knew that the difficulties would increase in the lapp proportion as they climbed the walls. My intention was to build a cabin, little dimensions but a exchangeable shape to that settlers built the american West prairies, introducing you however some innovations like putting insulation and liner on the roof. The horizontal placement of trunks, entwined on the tips, which is a characteristic of this type of construction is a guarantee of security and practically no need to use nails, however is excessively much work to do fittings for trunks and in the case of this hut, due to the irregularity of the woodwind besides became more complicate. thus with the knead that had to equip the trunks and make the fittings, it took about a day to seat four logs.

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The trunks horizontally, with the tops sticking out of the walls about 20cm, requires reducing the home outer space and so it is necessity to consider this in time to trace the trees because, in addition to 20 to 30 centimeter that are left out, it is besides necessity to have the thickness of the walls, ie the diameter of the logs, as it will not count for the indoor area.

On opening the door and window opted to place, to serve as shoulder pads, the two halves of a torso sawed in half with a chain saw. This facilitated the liquidation of trunks in these places as they were touching the top of the saw logs means of shoulder pads. late, when the door of the locate, I had to saw off the other function of the trunk, making certain it was a mistake not to have put the trunks of shoulder pads with two saw faces. As is well known, the doors to function well must be applied to well rights hoops, so these shoulder pads, before starting to pull you the logs must be properly plumb. As for the lintels, these were formed by a whole torso has been sawn on the parts on which the two openings, and the top of the doorway and window remained at the same level, as is typical in most homes. It was from this torso that began gable, but I recognize that it would be good to become one or two rows of trunks all the way around the cabin, but I had no more wood and labor was increasingly unmanageable, so I decided that since It looked good deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ; after all it was only a hut …

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