How to Build a DIY Outdoor Kitchen: An Overview

If you enjoy outdoor living, building an outdoor kitchen can be one of the best home improvements you can tackle. Having your food readiness dine spaces outdoors where you are entertaining or hanging out with your family is much more convenient than preparing food indoors and transporting it outdoors. With a full-featured outdoor kitchen, the chef can enjoy the company of others while preparing food, and dishes can be served immediately off the grill while they are calm warm and delicious. And that ‘s not to mention the delightful smells that outdoor cook brings to the landscape .

But if you tackle this visualize, go into it with your eyes open. A full-featured outdoor kitchen is a major undertaking that will test your budget, your DIY skills, and your schedule .

What Is an Outdoor Kitchen?

A simpleton patio- or deck-based grill area earns the right to be called an outdoor kitchen once it includes least some of the amenities of a basic indoor kitchen, specially cooking appliances, memory cabinets, and dedicated eating area. A true outdoor kitchen will normally be served by utilities, such as electricity or flatulence lines, and more complicate outdoor kitchens will likely have sinks and running water. When compared to simple grilling areas, outdoor kitchens will be constructed with some degree of permanence, normally with appliances and storage features built-in.

What to Consider Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Budget, the layout of the thousand, and your prefer style of outdoor activity will dictate what kind of outdoor kitchen you build. frequent harbor and big budgets may translate to all-out outdoor kitchens, with an outdoor sinkhole, countertops, stove and oven, refrigerator, a shelter for the area, and a built-in barbecue grill. If you throw just the episodic party or barbecue, it is more economic to retain some key items—cabinets, rejoinder, and a fudge area—while putting the costly, elaborate items on hesitate, at least for now .

You can expect to take two to three weeks to build your outdoor kitchen, and it ‘s crucial to keep in mind that if you actually plan on doing all the workplace, this is a project that should be undertaken only by expert DIYers. And even the most skilled DIYers much need contractors for selected portions of the project, such as running plumb, gas, and electric service. In terms of cost, you can expect to pay between at least $ 3,000 on materials if you are building a very basic outdoor kitchen, and $ 10,000 or more for a full-featured outdoor kitchen with a full array of appliances .

Where do you intend to build the outdoor kitchen ? Logistically, it makes sense to locate the kitchen relatively cheeseparing to the firm, specially if you are running electric, water, and boast lines. The sphere should be dry, level, and stable. If the sun is a trouble, expression for leafy trees that can block the sun. If you want more sun, design consequently .

Are there any intervening yard elements such as pools, hot tub, flower beds, fences, or buried lines ? septic tanks, whether active or filled, may pose a problem for burying utility lines. Check the home style for easements that might restrict how and where you can build .

Unlike indoor kitchens, which follow rigid layout guidelines, outdoor kitchens afford you more freedom for plan. But there are some common smell rules. Situate critical services such as the sink, stove, oven, and barbecue grillroom on the english cheeseparing to the firm. In most cases, you will be running gas, water, and electric lines off of the side or rear of the house. And be mindful that outdoor kitchens are still submit to building codes and other regulations .

Codes and Regulations

Be sure to speak to your local anesthetic let department about build up codes and any relate permits. Running electric and gas lines to the outdoor kitchen will normally trigger the permit action. Any structure intended to cover the outdoor kitchen may besides require permitting if it meets sealed conditions—such as if they are anchored to the home, or if they require pour foundations. Before labor, constantly call 811 or your local anesthetic utilities ‘ damage prevention hotline. Technicians will visit your property to mark gasoline, electrical, water, and early critical lines .

When to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Provided you have a plan in hand and do n’t have to wait on build materials or appliances, you can plan on one to three weeks of hands-on labor movement to build your outdoor kitchen—and possibly more if you need to prepare a patio slab or build a deck to hold your kitchen. For this reason, construction is best planned for a period when the weather in your area is predicted to be balmy and dry. precipitation and bamboozle can hamper outdoor build, as can the acute heat of mid summer. If you plan on erecting a permanent wave overlay tax shelter, you may want to do this first to make it easier to build the rest of the kitchen. If you live in a cold winter region, running underground accelerator and electric lines is unmanageable when the ground is freeze solid ; mid to late fall can be a great time for this kind of work. If you prefer the form, wait until the dirt has thawed before begin, but try to complete work before the heat of summer arrives .

Your personal schedule—and those of any potential helpers—also plays a function choosing the ideal time to build your kitchen. This plan is best done with at least one or two helpers, so try to schedule your stick out for a stretch of fourth dimension when you can call in favors from dear friends with DIY skills. Or you may need to hire a handyman or laborer to help you, which requires anterior schedule. And master electricians and plumbers much need to be booked months in advance, sol keep this in mind when planning construction.

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