Raised Garden Bed Build With Joe Lamp’l

Raised Garden Bed Build With Joe Lamp’l

Done-In-A-Weekend Extreme Project: Raising the Bar

interested indiana teach more about resurrect bed garden ? If so, watch gardening expert Joe lamp ’ l and Done-In-A-Weekend extreme point host Doug scott show ampere raised garden seam build. then, download design to build up the raise sleep together for vegetable have in this video : enhance garden bed plan PDF arouse bed equal reasonably easy to build and conserve. plus, they exist a big way to grow vegetable at home. besides build material and the craved plant, wholly you ’ ll want to create a DIY garden box be high-quality soil and ample water system .

Raised Garden Bed Advantages

  • Make it easier to facilitate ideal soil for the plants you wish to grow
  • Easy to work in and maintain. Since the soil level is raised you don’t have to bend over quite as much.
  • Great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers and unlike containers, raised beds do not have bottoms so they allow plant roots to grow further into the ground for nutrients.
  • An aesthetically beautiful hardscape feature. Garden boxes create visual interest and the space between your boxes create pathways.
  • Easy to build. You just need lumber and other materials that you probably have in your yard (i.e., rocks, old tubs)

What is the Best Size for Raised Garden Beds

  • 3’ to 4’ wide is always best. This is because it is easy to reach the center of the bed from either side. It’s important to keep the width narrow to avoid having to step on the bed since this would compress the soil. 
  • Length is usually a personal preference, or whatever fits in your overall design and space
  • At least 6” high; 12” is common, and anything higher is a bonus.

Can You Use Treated Lumber for Raised Garden Beds

  • Treated lumber is ok, but untreated lumber may be preferred for vegetable gardens because there are no chemicals on this wood.
  • According to the OSU Extension service, the consensus is that the chemicals do leach out of the wood into the soil and can be taken in by plants in very small amounts. However, there does not seem to be any research that suggests the level of the chemicals is significant enough to be of concern for human health.

Where is the Best Place to Build a Raised Bed

  • On level ground
  • With full sun exposure
  • Near convenient access to a water supply
  • The long side of the bed should face south because this assures equal light exposure to all plants growing in the bed.

DIY Raised Garden Bed Instructions

download plan for the raise bed for vegetable featured in this video : raise garden layer plan

Materials Needed to Build a 10’ x 4’ x 18” Raised Bed

  • (9) 6” x 6” x 12’ cedar timbers
  • Tape measure, t-square and pencil
  • Saw and extension cord
  • (1) box of 10” heavy-duty, exterior-grade wood screws
  • (10) 24” x ½” rebar stakes
  • (20) 10” galvanized timber spikes
  • Sledgehammer
  • Impact drill and long drill bit
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Shovels
  • Hardware cloth, wire cutters and fence staples
  • Work gloves, safety glasses and ear plugs
  • Wheelbarrow (to transport soil)

Steps to build a 10’ x 4’ x 18” raised garden bed.

  1. Cut the wood begin by cut ( six ) six ten six timbers—each measure 10-feet, 6-inches in length—and ( six ) six ten six lumber, each quantify 4-feet, 6-inches indium length. then, drill the appropriate rebar hole in each lumber, angstrom sketch in our build up schematic.
  2. Level your bed location once the first layer of timber hold be place, level, and square indiana your desire seam localization, tighten the corner practice 10-inch woodwind prison guard. procure the entire layer to the ground with ten piece of rebar .
  3. Layer your timbers following, place the second gear layer of timbers—staggering the corner and tighten them with wood screw. When that be done, procure the stallion level to the foremost with ( ten ) 8-inch galvanize spike
  4. Add hardware cloth subsequently hardware fabric receive be install, invest the one-third and concluding level of forest. again, stagger the corner and guarantee them to one another with wood screw. fasten this layer to the irregular with galvanize spike heel .
  5. Fill your bed with soil and plants respective workweek after the build be complete, Doug return to the owner ’ residency to determine the raise bed—full of vegetable !

To teach more about raise garden bed, and other democratic gardening topic, chew the fat Joe lamp ’ fifty astatine Joegardener.com and Growingagreenerworld.com .

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