How to build a gaming PC: a step by step guide to building a PC for 2022

How to build a gaming PC: a step by step guide to building a PC for 2022

We run through the tilt of parts and tools needed to build your gaming personal computer. We provide a step by gradation guidebook on how to build a personal computer for gaming We aim to create one of the best eruditeness resources when it comes to figuring out how to build a gaming PC, good here on this page. personal computer gambling is considered enthusiast-level, with gamers on this platform generally spending more money and time on the hobby they love.

here at WePC, we have constantly championed the ‘ build your own personal computer ‘ mantra thanks to the three independent benefits of saving money, learning a modern skill, and the satisfaction that comes from completing a computer physique. How to build a gambling personal computer is no different from building any personal computer, alone there may be a few extra parts in the gambling assortment. If you are new to the personal computer build world, you needn ’ metric ton worry, we are going to run through everything from component definitions and what they do in a personal computer, all the room to what parts you need for your build up, and what tools are required. The process of ‘ How to build a gambling personal computer ’ can seem quite daunting for many people, specially new gamers. When you can ’ thymine perform well with your current specifications, and your teammates and friends make playfulness of you. Hearing ‘ Touch the grass ’ or ‘ You are better off fishing with your uncle ’ becomes common for you. You are fed up and started researching how to make a bet on personal computer in 2022. You should know that you ’ ve come to the right space. This how-to article is comprehensive adequate to guide you the whole room, evening if you ’ re a new game. Take your time, enjoy the build, and start playing games. By the end of this article, you will have everything you need to complete your personal computer human body, no topic if you are creating the best gambling personal computer or budget gambling personal computer. You may have considered buying yourself the best prebuilt gaming personal computer from a custom personal computer builder, however, you should constantly look to build your own first, rather than settling with prebuilt. hera ’ s a quick snip as to what we will assist you in :

  1. Finding the best components for your PC build, with a budget and your personal requirements (the games you play) in mind
  2. Understanding how each PC component works and why they are important
  3. Grabbing the right tools for the job and preparation for the PC build

Here’s a how to build a gaming PC video to assist you during the process. To assist further with our information, pictures, and steps, we also have this how to build a gaming PC video.

Latest PC build & hardware news

DigiTimes reports that AMD Zen 4 CPUs released during September 2022, this will most probably be following an announcement at Computex 2022.

Some things to consider before you start building

Before anyone builds a personal computer, there are a few things you need to consider. first, you need to ensure you understand your own needs in relation to the components you can afford to buy. After reading this incision, you ’ ll know whether building a bet on personal computer is good for you ( it about surely is ) or if you should go with a prebuilt machine alternatively.

Choosing your budget & understanding your needs

How much is a personal computer ? Start by setting yourself a budget, part prices can vary dramatically depending on what you want from your personal computer, so you ’ ll need to think about whether you want to build an entry-level, mid-level, or high-end bet on personal computer. What ’ s the remainder between these levels, though ? And what impact does each tied have on your budget ? We ’ ll research this in more detail below but, to give you a abbreviated insight into the estimate budget for each degree, check out the board below :

PC Level Estimated Budget
Entry-Level $300 – $600
Mid-Level $600 – $800
High-Level $1000+

*Note: These prices cover casing and hardware, not gaming peripherals like monitors, mice, or keyboards.


A $ 300- $ 400 budget will allow you to build a gambling personal computer that can run certain games ( such as esports titles ) in low settings but won ’ t be adequate to build a personal computer that ’ mho suitable for playing AAA or high-definition games. This is very well if you ’ re looking to build a personal computer specifically for playing older titles, but you will need to remember that building an entry-level gambling personal computer is going to hard limit the choice of games you can play, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the timbre of the games themselves. Spending between $ 500- $ 600 on your gaming personal computer build up will allow you to invest in a graphics card or a more powerful processor. This means you ’ ll be able to play some advanced AAA games, however, these will need to be played with lower graphic settings. then, while it might be a better choice for anybody working with a lower budget, it ’ south much a better idea to hold off until you ’ ve got a little more money to play with. You ’ ll then be able to build a bet on personal computer that can give you a a lot better operation.


If you want to play advanced titles and even enjoy the worldly concern of VR bet on, a budget of $ 600- $ 800 will be your minimum spend. Higher graphic settings of 1080p are accomplishable within this monetary value range, adenine well as higher FPS counts of around 144+. You ’ ll even be able to add multi-threading to your personal computer ’ randomness list of features if you choose to go with an AMD central processing unit. This further enhances the gameplay of sealed titles and gives you more versatility over the range of titles your personal computer can play.


With an $ 800- $ 1000 budget, you ’ re going to be able to build a super-powerful personal computer that is capable of much more than fair simple gaming. You ’ ll be able to purchase components that give you potent performance when playing with maxed-out settings upwards of 1440p. Spending $ 1000 plus on your personal computer build will give you all of the above performance american samoa well as giving you the ability to play games with high-definition, 4K graphics. Heavier workloads tasks such as streaming and video render will besides be handled with ease. then, as you can see, the minimal budget you ’ ll motivation to build your own bet on personal computer is $ 300. This will give you an entry-level personal computer, though, indeed if you ’ re looking to play modern games or anything with 4K performance, you ’ ll need to put aside a batch more money. This doesn ’ thymine cover any peripherals like monitors, mouse, or keyboards though – so this is something you ’ re going to have to factor in, besides.

What is a good budget for a bet on personal computer ?

The higher the better international relations and security network ’ metric ton constantly the best path of natural process. After a certain distributor point, the returns of your personal computer build begin to diminish. In the current market, we think around $ 1200 could be a adept budget for a gambling personal computer. certain, it would be cover girl to splash $ 2000 on a brand-new bet on trailer truck but for the huge majority of us, 1000- $ 1200 is a good begin station. At this price, you can have an excellent personal computer for gaming in 1080p, with some performance at 1440p besides. 4K would be considered a sting of a stretch at this price point.

build a personal computer or go prebuilt – Is it deserving building a personal computer for bet on ?

then, you ’ ve worked out your budget and have a better idea of what you can afford. You besides know what you want your personal computer to be capable of. now it ’ s a dear estimate to think about whether building your own personal computer is the best choice or if purchasing a pre-built gambling personal computer is a better fit for your budget. There are pros and cons for each, so get ’ s explore these in more detail below.

Self-built personal computer

There ’ s a great touch of self-accomplishment that comes from building your own bet on personal computer. You ’ ll need to be fully dedicated to completing it, though. You ’ ll besides need to know precisely what you need, where everything goes, and be fairly tech-savvy. Of naturally, this article has all the information you need. But building a bet on personal computer is intricate work and you ’ ll have to practice some solitaire and dexterity to complete the job. however, one thing that you ’ ll be able to do by building your own rig is customize it precisely the way you want. Pre-built PCs are a kind of ‘ this is what you ’ re getting ’ consider. By building your own, the sky ’ s the limit and you ’ ll be able to create something that caters to your gaming stylus and needs.

Prebuilt personal computer

We ’ ll start by saying that a pre-built bet on personal computer is decidedly the best option for anybody that is relatively technophobic or unconfident with building their own personal computer. The slightest mistake could cost you time and money, thus if you ’ re not 100 % certain about what you ’ ra doing, go for a pre-built personal computer. Pre-built bet on PCs are quick to go straight knocked out of the box besides. so, while you won ’ thymine get that feel of self-accomplishment, you will be able to get on with playing some games a distribute sooner. however, things are a distribute less customizable with pre-built gaming PCs, and you ’ ll have to take what you can get. They are besides a lot more expensive than building your own and, although they will come with technical support and will have been thoroughly tested, your budget will take a act more of a beating.

Is it hard to build your own gambling personal computer ?

No, the main concern for many newcomer personal computer builders is compatibility issues and damaging parts. compatibility can be sorted out with a belittled measure of research, there are tonnes of on-line serve to ensure you get the chastise parts for your new personal computer. In terms of wrong, equally retentive as you follow guides like ours and take your time, you have nothing to worry approximately.

As you might imagine, building a bet on personal computer requires a number of components. While some of these are fairly obvious, there are others that you may never have even heard of earlier. This is particularly true if you ’ re a dispatch novitiate to the inside workings of a personal computer. thus, what do you need to build a personal computer ? here, we ’ ll remove you through each of the components you ’ ll need, a well as the tools and equipment required to put your gaming personal computer together correctly.

personal computer build checklist :

  • Workstation (flat surface)
  • Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Antistatic bracelet
  • Thermal paste
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Paper towel/ lint-free cloth
  • Cable snips + cable ties (optional)


start by allocating yourself a scavenge, clear workspace. This doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be a drastic frame-up with a temperature-controlled environment or walls that are draped with fictile sheet. just somewhere that you ’ ll be able to work unrestricted and uninterrupted. Make surely that your workspace has batch of easy so that you ’ ll be able to properly see the more intricate work you ’ ll be doing. Laying an anti-static mat down on your workspace before you begin assembling is besides a dear idea, as this will prevent any electrostatic discharges from damaging the more sensitive components of your personal computer.


A screwdriver will be your most called-upon cock throughout the build process. however, it ’ s a good estimate to keep a range of screwdrivers that differ in length, size, and head human body in your tool kit out. Trying to install any components with a screwdriver that doesn ’ t match the sleep together can result in your calculator ’ mho hardware not being attached securely enough. It can besides damage the head of the screw itself, which will make removing hardware a much bigger job than it needs to be. If you don ’ t have a Phillips screwdriver lying about, we recommend the brainy iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. This has more than enough to get you started on your foremost personal computer physique, including the needed Phillips Bits and a handy anti-static strap.

Antistatic Bracelet

angstrom well as making indisputable your gloves are anti-static, it ’ s a commodity estimate to wear an anti-static watchband during the build process besides. This will prevent any electrostatic charges produced by the body from damaging sensitive hardware components.

Thermal Paste

This is a all-important token when it comes to installing your CPU and, along with your choose fan, it will help prevent the central processing unit from overheating and getting damaged. If your CPU has a cooler, this will probably already have been treated with a coat of thermal spread, in which shell you won ’ t need to worry about adding any more.

What do you need to build a personal computer ?

To build a personal computer you are going to need your components and a minor number of tools. first, when choosing the parts to build your personal computer, you will want to ensure all parts are compatible with each early ( CPU, RAM, Motherboard ), as the concluding thing you need to find is the CPU bottlenecking the rest of the system. long before the build serve can begin you need to look at what parts you need to build a gambling personal computer. This is where things start to become a little more technical. however, learning what all of these components do within your bet on personal computer and what their acronym stand for will make it building your personal computer seem a set less daunt. Below, we ’ ll go through each of them individually and give you a little more detail on what each of them does, while trying to keep things adenine jargon-free as potential.

Parts needed to build a gaming PC:

personal computer Toolkit Note

If you don ’ t have a Phillips screwdriver lying about, we recommend the bright iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. This has more than enough to get you started on your first personal computer build, including the command Phillips Bits and a handy anti-static strap.

Parts needed to build a gambling personal computer & where they go

Processor ( CPU )

The processor or central is basically the “ brain ” of any computer. The CPU is considered the moment most important component of a gambling personal computer, just after the graphics calling card, however, the most important for content initiation. The central processing unit executes instructions and is a crucial component in any personal computer. The three most crucial things to know about a central processing unit are its clock speed, cores, and threads. Clock speed is a measure of processing amphetamine, in gigahertz ( GHz ) and refers to how many cycles a congress of racial equality will perform every second. Every processor is made up of cores and threads, with cores normally being assigned to different tasks in your organization. furthermore, modern CPUs tend to have multiple cores, allowing them to efficiently perform multiple tasks at once. A CPU will besides come with threads, which is basically a virtual version of a CPU core. Threads can only perform one undertaking at a time and correspond to cores, but if you see a processor with twice as many threads to cores, then it is what ’ second known as a “ multi-threaded ” CPU. A CPU with multiple threads allows two programs to run on a single CPU core at the like time, arsenic long as it ’ s not the same type of teaching. Clock travel rapidly and core counts are only very mastermind measures of performance with processors of the same generation, as fundamental architectures that make up a CPU are ever-evolving and better. To ensure you get the best performance and to future-proof your frame-up, you ’ ll always want to buy the most up-to-date CPU your budget can afford. Intel processors are wide known for potent single-core performance, which means they have constantly been regarded as the best bet on CPUs. While this is true, it isn ’ t a factor that should influence your decision when buy for gaming specifically as Intel ’ s CPU prices are heavy criticized for hyperbolic price. AMD processors are known for their potent multi-core performance and affordability, making them excellent for multitasking and heavy load tasks. With holocene developments, AMD ’ s single-core performance has besides improved making them a good rival in the CPU market and closing the opening on Intel. The gap silent exists though, with the statistics showing that the distribution of personal computer processors running the Steam platform as of January 2022 was at 69 % in Intel ’ s favor. For a better understand of the stream CPU grocery store, it is worth a front at our CPU hierarchy article, to see how the different processors stack up against each other.

Motherboard ( MOBO )

indeed, you ’ ve decided on a central processing unit. nowadays, you need a compatible motherboard. When looking at motherboards, the main deviation between the broken and high-end boards is normally overclocking abilities and premium features. indeed, you ’ ve decided on a processor. now, you need a compatible motherboard. When looking at motherboards, the independent difference between the first gear and high-end boards is normally overclocking abilities and premium features. If you plan on overclocking your central processing unit :

  • With Intel CPUs, you’ll need a K-series processor and a Z-series motherboard
  • With AMD CPUs, all their processors are overclockable but you will need a B- or X-series motherboard

once you have decided if you are going to be overclocking your new personal computer build or not, it ’ s time to decide what form component your MOBO and case is going to be. The common motherboard sizes for a bet on personal computer are by and large : ATX, MATX, or ITX. Things like USB ports tend not to change between sizes, but the smaller you go ( ITX being the smallest, ATX the biggest ), the less RAM and PCIe slots you are going to have. Keep in mind that Mini-ITX size motherboards tend to be more expensive, so if you are on a specific budget you should be aiming for ATX or MATX sizes, which most mid-tower cases will fit. The motherboard doesn ’ triiodothyronine motivation to be fancy, it barely needs to be dependable, so buying from a reputable manufacturer is important. ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI are our commend choices. once upon a meter, Intel was designing and build motherboards, with a 40 % market share of the overall market in 1995. ASUS soon knocked them off the lead spot in the twenty-first century as the leading supplier.

Graphics Card ( GPU )

The graphics processing unit, or GPU, is the most crucial component in any gambling personal computer and it is normally the most expensive component on any build list. To better understand how a GPU works, imagine you are playing a multiplayer taw. During the game, the CPU is responsible for tracking the physics, such as players, objects, and where they are on the map. The GPU however, takes this information and renders the graphics that you are seeing, at the resolution and settings you have set it to. The GPU is without a doubt the most significant component in a bet on computer, however, it still needs the CPU to function. If the CPU international relations and security network ’ metric ton processing what ’ s happening in-game firm enough, your GPU ’ s ocular output will be bottlenecked, since it has to wait for the CPU to catch up. A GPU is comprised of unlike components to perform rapid calculations, that solution in a try trope. Let ’ s go over a few terms you may see on the specifications of a graphics tease. Clock Speed, along with a few other components to a GPU, determines the ability of a GPU in its serve and bet on tasks. We merely recommend using clock focal ratio as a performance system of measurement between the like model card from different manufacturers. VRAM is a more useful measurement but it is significant to know that VRAM varies from card to card. GDDR5 was the old standard and hush features in a lot of entry-level/ budget GPUs. Don ’ t grab a GPU any lower than this. GDDR6 is the raw standard and features on the latest age-related macular degeneration and Nvidia cards.

  • At 4GB of VRAM, expect decent performance in 1080p resolution with standard-definition textures
  • At 6GB of VRAM,  expect decent performance in 1440p, or 1080p resolutions with high-definition textures
  • At 8GB+ of VRAM, expect good performance in VR titles, 4K, and 1440p resolutions with high-definition textures.

We have already made our best GPU recommendations for gaming but for a better understand of how a sealed calling card performs, it is worth checking out benchmark results. We have a wide excerpt of benchmarks tests on our YouTube channel but if you are always struggling, merely google “ [ tease you would like ] benchmark results ”. As there are quite a few GPU models on the market, it may be worth checking out our GPU hierarchy article so you can see what is available and the differences. Nvidia and AMD are the two providers of the GPU, with the pair controlling about 100 % of the marketplace share as of 2018. Nvidia and AMD controller 66 % and 33 % respectively.

memory ( RAM )

Random access memory, normally known as RAM or memory, is considered the one-third most crucial component for gaming operation. RAM is basically your personal computer ’ sulfur unretentive term memory, it ’ south debauched and easy to access but it is impermanent. This is where your personal computer stores data that is actively being used. Through benchmarking, it has been shown that having adequate amounts of quick RAM can improve your CPU performance, and the somersault side is, if you have more than you need, you are actually wasting money. While you can go for mono memory in your newfangled personal computer human body, it is authoritative to know that you should always aim for double. Dual-channel memory can positively impact your gaming operation and if one of the memory sticks stops working, you can hush use your computer. You may see terms such as DDR when looking for RAM ; make sure you buy the latest standard, which is DDR4. While the speed or frequency of RAM international relations and security network ’ t the most crucial factor, it has been shown that AMD ’ s latest processors benefit from fast-acting memory. In all of our AMD physique here at WePC we try and make certain they feature speeds of 3600MHz, giving you greater gaming performance from your human body. As a side note, when you buy RAM it will most likely be running at its store accelerate ( 2133MHz ). force running at neckcloth rush is no issue and the chances are you won ’ thyroxine notice much of a difference. That being said, changing your RAM speed to its wide potential is quite childlike these days, so it is worth doing. first, ensure your motherboard can run the RAM at the advertise speeds, and then you can overclock it in the system BIOS. speed can help you grab some extra FPS in certain circumstances but it is RAM capacity that is the most authoritative factor to consider. broadly speaking, the more RAM you have, the better the system will be at running multiple applications and handling advanced game titles.

  • 4GB – This is the bare minimum amount of RAM. 4GB would only be suitable for basic computing tasks and really light gaming, as modern games would be overwhelming
  • 8GB – A gaming PC with 8GB of memory these days would be considered budget. While this works fine for just gaming, multi-tasking may be a bit of a stretch. For example; if you are playing a very intensive modern game and wish to tab out, higher capacity RAM makes this a smoother experience
  • 16GB – At the moment, this amount of RAM would be perfect. For some, this could be overkill but having 16GB of RAM in your system will improve your overall experience and future proof your PC too
  • 32GB – This is more than you need for gaming and while it would be nice to have, the cost wouldn’t be worth it unless you planned on doing video editing work/ content creation

When purchasing RAM, you can reference our best RAM guide to make certain you get the best possible kit for the job.

storehouse ( SSD/HDD )

We used to store everything from applications and password files to games on our HDDs but since the introduction of SSD engineering, this all changed. An SSD, or solid-state drive, is a storage device with no moving parts and the information is stored in microchips, making an SSD much faster. For high-grade storehouse, get an SSD. It ’ mho faster, more durable, and by and large smaller. That being said, it is much more expensive than an HDD. HDDs offer more storage space for less, however, the quality international relations and security network ’ t quite equally good as an SSD. An ideal scenario would be a compound repositing solution of both an SSD and HDD – if you can afford this in your budget. Grabbing an SSD big enough to store your function system, favorite multiplayer games, and applications will result in a much more pleasant experience. Your boot-up and load times will be much faster, you may get a boost in certain games, and you can even use your SSD as a hoard. meanwhile, an HDD can be used for storing your media files ( music, film ) and your single-player games, where loading times are not that authoritative. To help you find the best memory devices for your physique we have created break guides : one highlighting the best hard drives and the other helping you find the best SSD.

Power Supply Unit ( PSU )

The office add, or as it ’ mho normally known, the PSU, is deoxyadenosine monophosphate square as it sounds and provides power to your whole system. When buying a PSU for your personal computer build there are a few rules to follow. first, make certain you go with a reputable manufacturer. Off-brand manufacturers will much sell inadequate quality PSUs, certain they may come at a great price but it isn ’ metric ton worth putting the rest of your system at risk. Stick with trustworthy brands such as ; Corsair, EVGA, and SeaSonic. following, you are going to want to ensure you have enough electrical power for your system. You can use tools such as a PSU calculator to determine what PSU to go for. Keep in judgment, PSU requirements listed on a GPU ’ sulfur spectacles will normally be inflated, but you may want to opt for these if you plan to overclock or expand your system in the future. A highly effective PSU may not save you massive amounts of money but now all reputable manufacturers use 80+ efficiency ratings. The higher the rate, the higher the cost but this means the PSU will utilize most of the office it creates and less hotness will be exhausted. It is worth pointing out that the department of energy efficiency of a exponent supply drops significantly at low loads. This means it is significant to match the capacity of a PSU to the needs of your build, with efficiency by and large peaking at about 50-75 % load. Do not buy a PSU without an 80+ certification. Finding the best PSU for your needs may sound catchy but with our best PSU guidebook, you can be sure to get a authentic power supply unit of measurement.

personal computer case

Whether you choose your personal computer case or motherboard first is up to you, but make indisputable the form gene is compatible as we discussed earlier ( ATX, MATX, or ITX ). All of the components you ’ ll be putting together and installing need somewhere to live that will keep them well protected. This is where your personal computer ’ s case comes into act. This international relations and security network ’ t a childlike tax though, and a little think will need to go into making the best choice for your individual needs. Let ’ s spirit at sizing foremost. The size you choose will determine the size of the components you can fit inside it which, in turn, plays a function in the performance of your gambling personal computer. It will besides determine how many fans you can install to keep everything running smoothly and prevent overheat. You ’ ll want to check and make indisputable your case of option has room to fit the GPU in ( ATX and MATX cases will by and large fit the biggest of cards in ). If you wish to build a compact system in a Mini-ITX shell, then you could run into issues when installing a full-sized graphics wag. You ’ ll need to think about your computer subject ’ south expansion possibilities besides. A fully loom case will give you the opportunity to upgrade and add fresh components whenever you choose. Smaller cases may need to be replaced entirely as you evolve and replace your gaming personal computer ’ s components. Aesthetics are important besides. The case of your personal computer is going to be on display in the room you place it in, so it might be a good estimate to make certain it fits in with the perch of your interior design scheme. Whether you choose your case or motherboard first is up to you, but make certain the kind factor is compatible as we discussed earlier ( ATX, MATX, or ITX ). CPU coolers and radiators can besides have headroom issues in cases, therefore be certain to check this when buy. furthermore, if you are looking to boost airflow with fans, check to see if the subject comes with any, or how many mounting options there are if you need to buy some. once compatibility is out of the direction, the character you choose is down to design and build quality. Always check reviews for cases as you will much be able to read about experiences building in that particular case and if it was easy or hard. If you are looking for a new personal computer encase, we have created a guidebook that covers the best personal computer cases, with many being mid-tower options. If you are new to building, we recommend going for a mid-tower shell as they are the most common and are generally the easiest to build in. For those looking to create a more extreme point build up, you may want to check out our roundup of the best full-tower cases or our best mini-ITX cases guide for the more compact personal computer human body.

personal computer casing fans

Most personal computer cases by nonpayment will come with at least one pre-installed winnow but you should always check. The fundamental rule is to merely add fans if you need them, so if you are running a high-end organization, you are likely to need more fans than a low-end system. It is always a full idea to have two fans minimum, with one at the front sucking cool air into the case and one at the back pulling the hot air out of the case. There are three main things you ’ ll indigence to consider when you ’ re looking at case fans ; Airflow, RGB Lighting, and Noise Output. here ’ s a simplify explanation of each :

  • Airflow: This is your fan’s primary function and is the main cooling component, so it’s definitely the most important of the three. A fan’s airflow is measured in “CFM” (cubic feet per minute) and the higher this number is the more efficient it will be at keeping your CPU cool.
  • RGB Lighting: This doesn’t really have much of an impact on your fan’s cooling abilities, but it does add a stylish lighting effect to your PC case. There are likely to be extra cables to deal with here though, so it’s worth thinking about whether you really need RGB lighting.
  • Noise Output: Ideally, you want your fan to be as quiet as possible without sacrificing any cooling performance. If your fan is too loud, it could affect your gameplay experience.

Choosing peripherals and OS

once you ’ ve sorted out your hardware, you ’ ll need to think about what software you need for your bet on personal computer. This will be the operate system that brings ability to your hardware and, ultimately, gives you the ability to play the games you built your personal computer for.

engage system ( OS )

There are three main operating systems available to choose from. Although personal predilection and past know will play a bombastic function in determining which one you choose, it ’ s a beneficial theme to research each of them before settling on your final decisiveness.


This operating system is arguably the most celebrated, and surely the most democratic when it comes to gaming PCs. Windows 10, for case, was the most popular background operational system, accounting for more than 80 % of the market plowshare as of December 2021. One of the reasons for its popularity is the extremely user-friendly interface. Windows is easy to install, easy to navigate, and evening easier to pick up quickly. Everything is pretty a lot laid out for you to find a cursorily as you need to. It besides has increased FPS figures so you ’ re about guaranteed high-grade graphics in trace with your choose GPU. The best Windows software you ’ ll find to date for a gambling personal computer is Windows 11. not only does it have a built-in storehouse that gives you access to thousands of games, but it besides comes with an Xbox app that lets you chat from personal computer to PC, or personal computer to console with other players from all over the populace.

Mouse and keyboard

A mouse and keyboard are crucial for your calculator and if you don ’ triiodothyronine already own them, you are going to want to get these A bet on mouse and keyboard are essential items. careless of what games you play, a mouse and keyboard are going to be the following step to a perfect bet on have. here at WePC, we have already tested hundreds of mouse and keyboards to find the very best, therefore be certain to check those guides out.

Gaming monitor

What proctor you choose for your fresh personal computer international relations and security network ’ t massively important but there are a few guidelines to ensure you don ’ t waste money. An model of waste would be : buying a 4K, 144Hz monitor for a budget $ 600 system, it would be pointless. When buying a monitor, remember that some monitor ’ s advertising 99 % sRGB, claiming the blind covers 99 % of the sRGB color gamut, is largely considered indistinguishable from 100 % when viewed with the bare eye.

  • For PC builds $500 and under, go for a 1080p/60Hz monitor.
  • For PC builds between $600 and $800, go for a 1080p/144Hz or 1440p/60Hz monitor.
  • For PC builds between $1000 and $1500, go for a 1080p/144Hz/240Hz or 1440p/144Hz monitor.
  • For PC builds $2000 and up, go for a 1440p/144Hz/240Hz or 4K/60Hz monitor.

Take a spirit at the best monitors for gaming in our in-depth template, or if your budget is big enough you may want to check out the best 240Hz gaming monitors or our best 4K gaming monitor roundup.

Remember: Not all gaming monitors come with speakers, so you might want to grab yourself a  gaming headset .

How to build a gambling personal computer – step by step fabrication

Before you begin, make certain you ’ ve organized your workspace as described early. This will make it easier to find everything you need precisely when you need it. once you ’ ve done that, wash and dry your hands as it is time to install all your components and create your new personal computer build. You are going to need to set aside approximately 1-2 hours to complete the personal computer build.

step 1.1 : Prepare The case

Parts and tools required: Case, Case manual, Screwdriver once the font is out of the box, remove the side panels to reveal the internal frame of the case, and be sure to remove all packaging. Inside, you will notice a humble box or cup of tea of screws, these are going to be needed for the initiation process later, so set them aside. Untie your cables out the back of the subject so they are free and ready to go once the motherboard is installed. finally, screw in the correct come of draw screws you need, depending on the imprint factor of your motherboard. now set the personal computer case to one side.




sometimes the rear control panel thumbscrews can be a fiddling close, so good use a screwdriver and save the skin on your thumb.

footprint 1.2 : install Fans

Parts and tools required: Case, Case manual, Screwdriver If you are replacing case fans with some alternative options, inaugural remove the fans from your case. To get to the fans at the front of your lawsuit you may need to take the front panel off. Removing the battlefront jury can be quite crafty and it can often require a fair total of coerce. On the fan you are installing you will notice a small arrow to show what commission the stream of air out will travel. Line up the arrow depending on if you are going for a push/ wrench shape and secure in invest with the screws that will come with the fan. When it comes to wiring the fans, the back fan will have a sports fan header near it on the motherboard. Motherboards by and large have 3-5 sports fan headers dotted around, so consult your manual if you are having trouble finding these.




Orient the fan so you can hide the cable in a more effective way.rnrn ✓

tip off

Run the fan cables out the back when you can to help tidy up the inwardly of your human body. ✓


A common apparatus would be two-fans at the front and one-fan at the second.

step 2 : Install The Processor ( CPU )

Parts and tools required: CPU, Motherboard Remove the motherboard from its box and set it in your workspace. Find the CPU socket ( normally near the top-middle of the dining table ) and release the lever until it is upright. When the lever on both AMD and Intel boards is good, it is ready to take the CPU. You will notice on your AMD or Intel CPU and motherboard a little arrow in the recess. This arrow indicates the situation of your CPU and you should pipeline up these arrows. invest the CPU into the socket and give it a pacify nudge if it doesn ’ metric ton twilight into identify. Make sure the CPU is flush before lowering the lever down. With Intel-compatible motherboards, there will be a protective piece of fictile over the socket and alloy clasp, clip this back under the dash. The lever will feel like it has a fortune of latent hostility in it, don ’ triiodothyronine worry this is convention and the formative shield will pop off during facility.




When handling the CPU, be certain to hold it from the sides and avoid touching the top or bottom and remember, the CPU only fits into the socket one way.

mistreat 3 : Install The Memory ( RAM )

Parts and tools required: RAM, Motherboard, Motherboard user manual If you are going to fill up the available RAM slots on your motherboard, line up the memory stick ( only goes in one way ) and push until you hear the snap. You may need to snap back the plastic bits at the end of each slot before doing this. If you aren ’ t going to use up all those RAM slots ( very coarse ) then be sure to check your motherboard ’ s user manual which will let you know which slots your crash goes into.




At the end of the build, if you experience no display, it can often be down to the RAM not being seated properly. Turn your system off and double-check that the RAM has clicked into place

step 4 : Install the CPU Cooler

Parts and tools required: Motherboard with CPU installed, Cooler, CPU user manual Whether you ’ ve grabbed an AIO liquid cool or an tune cool, they all can feature different brackets and installation processes. Get the cooler manual out to make this future step much easier. Some coolers require a climb bracket which normally slots in from the back of the motherboard. Some motherboards come with the backplate pre-installed but for the most part, you are going to have to attach this. once the bracket is attached/ replaced and the other minor parts to attach the cool is ready to go, check to see if the root of the cool has thermal glue pre-applied ( dilute grey layer of paste ). thermal paste is very important so if you can not see this on the establish of your cool, you are going to have to apply some of your own. To apply thermal paste, you can check out our easy to follow, bit-by-bit guide. Assuming you have thermal paste applied, go ahead and place your cool onto the top of the CPU, lining up the screw holes. AMD and Intel stock coolers are some of the simplest to install but if you are using an aftermarket cool, be surely to tighten the screws in a criss-cross practice.




To remove the thermal paste, use a lint-free fabric and a small amount of rubbing alcohol ( 90 % isopropyl ) ✓


If installing an AIO liquid cooler, good install the bracket and delay till your motherboard is in the event before installing the radiator.

step 5 : Install The Motherboard ( MOBO )

Parts and tools required: Motherboard, Case, I/O shield ( if not attached to MOBO ), Screwdriver Before you screw your motherboard into the case, clip your I/O shield into the cutout at the back of the sheath. now the I/O harbor is in place, it is fourth dimension to screw in the motherboard. Lay the character on its side and place the motherboard on top of the standoffs, so the I/O connections poke through the I/O shield. once aligned, screw the board into set using the screws listed in your encase manual. Don ’ thymine worry about connecting your movement dialog box and PSU cables merely however, we will do that a little later on.




DO NOT screw the motherboard in without draw screws at each hole. If you lose your motherboard screw, power add screws can besides be used to secure the motherboard to the standoffs

step 6.1 : install Storage ( SSD/HDD )

Parts and tools required: Motherboard, Case, I/O harbor ( if not attached to MOBO ), Screwdriver If you have bought an M.2 type storage device only, skip this step. Check your sheath and look for the best blemish to mount your SSD/ HDD. Some cases have many different mounting options available, frequently inside good behind the movement dialog box, or at the back panel. It is not important where you choose to mount your drives but have cable management in mind when you pick a spot as you want to make your personal computer build look a clean as potential. Some cases come with “ tool-free ” initiation, which means your drive should barely clip into the drive tray. early cases will normally require you to screw the storage device into seat. Remove the tray and line up your storage device. You will want to orient the device with the SATA connectors facing the back dialog box as this is where you want your cables to run. once aligned, screw into place and slide the tray back into the tug bay. In some cases, the drives use the same screw as the motherboard but always consult the case manual. once in topographic point, you can connect the SATA cable that comes in your motherboard box to your memory device, run it through the back and into the motherboard. To connect this into the chastise SATA port, consult the motherboard exploiter manual but name certain the boot device is plugged into SATA1.




A 2.5 ” SSD drive can normally be mounted to a 3.5 ” HDD tray but not vice-versa.

measure 6.2 : install M.2 SSD

Parts and tools required: Motherboard, M.2 SSD, Screwdriver, M.2 screw from motherboard box Locate the little, horizontal slot for the M.2 on your motherboard. once found, remove the cheat, if already in the board, and slide the M.2 into place. The memory device will flip up slenderly at a 35-degree angle, as it needs you to screw it down. Push the SSD down, and screw the small screw to lock the device.

step 7 : Install The Graphics Card ( GPU )

Parts and tools required: Installed motherboard, Screwdriver Locate the PCIe x16 slot on your motherboard ( normally the one at the exceed, but consult your motherboard manual ). Which slot you use depends on what other components are inside but generally speak, the exceed is the one to go for, leaving space near the bottom. Before installing the GPU, ensure you remove all formative from the graphics calling card. adjacent, remove the back metallic element covers for the expansion slots, so you can plug in your DisplayPort or HDMI cable. These metallic element covers will be screwed into mid-high-end cases, with some budget cases requiring you to snap these out. nowadays there is outer space for the GPU, push down on the memory clip on your motherboard ’ s PCIe slot and slide the GPU in till you hear a suction stop. once clicked into place screw it in securely.




If your personal computer sheath didn ’ t derive with a prison guard to fix the GPU in place, you can use a excess PSU sleep together

dance step 8 : Install The Power Supply ( PSU )

Parts and tools required: Case, PSU, Screwdriver If you have a semi- or fully-modular PSU, exercise out what cables you are going to need in your build and plug in consequently. The PSU will normally have labels on everything to make this step a moment easier. once the cables are plugged in, feed them through so your power supply sits flush with the case. Make certain you orient the PSU fan toss off if there is breathing at the bed or upwards if there is no breathing. The PSU and your case will come with the needed screws ( 4X ), just screw these into station.



footstep 9 : It ’ mho Time To Cable Up The Front Panel

Parts and tools required: Case cables, Installed motherboard, Motherboard user manual of arms inaugural, we are going to cable up the front dialog box of your case to the motherboard. This is the trickiest part of the build but that is good down to it being quite fiddly. Make certain you have run your front man jury cables out the back before begin. Consult your motherboard manual to locate where your front I/O cables will be going. once located, feed the cables through the nearest cutout fix. Follow the diagram and connect the cables as it mentions. once your front control panel cables are all connected ( PWR L.E.D, HDD L.E.D, PWR Switch, Reset Switch, USB, USB 3.0, HD Audio ) it is time to connect your power provide cables.




If you check the bottom of the PWR L.E.D, HDD L.E.D, PWR Switch, Reset Switch cables, you will see a small arrow etched into the formative. This arrow indicates which peg is + ( positive ) ✓


You will find it easier to plug in the bed level of front man control panel cables first as it can be fiddly for boastfully hands

step 10 : Let There Be Power

Parts and tools required: PSU cables, Installed motherboard, Motherboard user manual After previously installing your PSU, your cables should all be hanging out the back. now it is meter to feed these different cables back through into the presence of the case in the adjacent cutout holes. Grab your motherboard manual if you need aid in where to plug the respective cables. If your sheath has a cutout near your back I/O shield at the top, this is where your CPU power connection will go. Feed the cable through this hole and just plug this into the port on your motherboard, pulling the overindulgence out the back once you hear the chatter. immediately the CPU has world power, you are going to feed the large 24-pin power cable television through the hole nearest its port. Wait for the snap and again, pull the excess cable duration through the back. Your graphics card needs exponent besides, grab your PCIe power cable and slide this through the nearest cutout. Plug this into your GPU and again, pull the surfeit out the binding panel. last, your repositing devices ( unless you have an M.2 ) will need power besides. Plug the SATA world power into the back of your storage device and pull the excess out the back.



step 11 : install manoeuver System ( OS )

Parts and tools required: Built personal computer, Monitor, Keyboard & mouse, OS on a flash tug once built and the personal computer successfully posts to BIOS, it is time to install your operational system. If you have purchased Windows on a news bulletin drive or downloaded the installer for Windows, you are going to need the merchandise identify at hand. Plug your flash drive in, load the personal computer and enter the BIOS. once in the BIOS, you may need to change the boot precedence so that when your personal computer loads up, it does it from the USB drive with Windows on it. once the boot order or precedence has been changed, save your changes and passing. On restart, you should see the Windows facility lead. For far help with Windows installation, visit our in-depth guidebook on how to do this process.

Let ’ s build your inaugural calculator

As you can see, building your own gambling personal computer is a reward but intricate process. It ’ randomness well worth doing though, particularly if you ’ re a dangerous game. not only will you save yourself a lot of money by not having to rely on purchasing a pre-built personal computer, but you ’ ll besides be able to customize however you like, allowing you to enjoy hours of first bet on.

Budget personal computer builds

Mid-range personal computer builds

High-end personal computer builds

Game-related personal computer builds

How to build a bet on personal computer : faq

  • Workstation (flat surface)
  • Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Antistatic bracelet
  • Thermal paste
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Paper towel/ lint-free cloth
  • Cable snips + cable ties (optional)

What is a good budget for a gaming PC?

The higher the better international relations and security network ’ thymine constantly the best class of natural process. After a certain point, the returns of your personal computer build begin to diminish. In the current market, we think around $ 1200 could be a good budget for a gambling personal computer. sure, it would be adorable to splash $ 2000 on a brand-new gambling outfit but for the huge majority of us, 1000- $ 1200 is a good startle place. At this monetary value, you can have an excellent personal computer for gaming in 1080p, with some operation at 1440p excessively. 4K would be considered a bit of a load at this price item.

Is it worth building a PC for gaming?

so, you ’ ve worked out your budget and have a better estimate of what you can afford. You besides know what you want your personal computer to be adequate to of. now it ’ s a good mind to think about whether building your own personal computer is the best choice or if purchasing a pre-built bet on personal computer is a better match for your budget. There are pros and cons for each, thus get ’ s explore these in more detail below.

Is it hard to build your own gaming PC?

No, the chief concern for many newcomer personal computer builders is compatibility issues and damaging parts. compatibility can be sorted out with a minor measure of research, there are tonnes of on-line help to ensure you get the correct parts for your new personal computer. In terms of damage, arsenic long as you follow guides like ours and take your clock, you have nothing to worry about.

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