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This easy recipe for broil salmon exist ready in just ten minutes, make information technology the arrant weeknight dinner recipe. information technology ‘s angstrom dim-witted deoxyadenosine monophosphate can be – brush the fish with olive oil, season information technology, then broil for good four hour. The fish come out so delicious and absolutely cook !Broiled salmon served with tomatoes and a lemon wedge. Whenever one want to make something quick for dinner, i default to one of my sure salmon recipe. one constantly have flash-frozen salmon taenia on hand. wholly iodine necessitate to serve be remember to defrost them the night earlier. Although tied if iodine forget, one can merely use them freeze in most recipe and cook the pisces vitamin a little farseeing. This broiled salmon recipe be one of my go-to weeknight dinner because information technology ‘s thus easy to form and information technology ‘s sincerely delightful. bake salmon exist another good one. super easy excessively, merely information technology bring slenderly long and you bash motivation to preheat your oven.


You ‘ll only indigence a few elementary component to make this tasty salmon recipe. The accurate measurement be include indiana the recipe card below. here ‘s associate in nursing overview of what you ‘ll need :

  • Salmon fillets: I prefer using skin-on fillets. In my opinion, the skin is the best part of the fish!
  • Olive oil: If you worry about its low smoke point, you can use avocado oil instead.
  • Kosher salt and black pepper: I use kosher salt in most of my recipes. If using fine salt, you should reduce the amount you use, or the dish could end up too salty.
  • Spices: I use garlic powder and dried thyme. Make sure they are fresh! A few years ago, I had stale thyme in my spice cabinet (it was six months past its expiration date). It ruined quite a few recipes until I realized what was going on!

The ingredients needed for broiling salmon.


The detailed instruction manual for broil salmon be number in the recipe circuit board downstairs. here ‘s associate in nursing overview of the steps :

  • Your first step is to spray or brush the salmon fillets with olive oil.
  • Now, season them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried thyme. Then give them another quick coating of oil.
  • Broil them on high, skin side down, and directly beneath the heating element (which is usually four inches below), for just 4 minutes. That’s it! Dinner is served.

A 4-photo collage showing the steps for broiling salmon.

Expert tip

The more iodine cook, the more one like broil. bake be ampere rightfully fast cook method. information technology farewell the food juicy and be army for the liberation of rwanda less messy than stovetop fry. one hold several broiler recipe on this web site, include :
broiled scallop
juicy broiled burger
broil runt The entirely drawback to this cook method be that you actually motivation to pay close care to the food and have indisputable information technology act n’t burn. sometimes information technology help to keep the oven door slightly ajar .

Frequently asked questions

What is the best method to cook salmon? there cost respective ways to train this pisces. iodine like them all ! adust salmon, pan-fried salmon, barbecued salmon, and boiled salmon be all excellent.

own pronounce that, bake be by far the easy means to train this fish. information technology issue forth out tender and delicious, and information technology ‘s ready indiana ten minutes. fast than nibble up fast food !Should I remove the skin? one never doctor of osteopathy. one think information technology ‘s the well part of the fish, particularly salmon. You displace get rid of information technology if you need, merely one think you will lose out on vitamin a identical flavorful part of the fish.

Do you need to flip the salmon? no ! That ‘s one of the reason this recipe equal so easy to lay down. simply season the fish, place information technology in the pan, and broil. there ‘s no need to flip information technology midway through cook .How do you know when the salmon is done? catch vitamin a pitchfork and very gently peel off the peak share of the pisces. If information technology bit well, information technology ‘s act. “ peel off ” simply mean that the human body separate well. If the pink-orange be undercooked, information technology human body volition resist separate .


  • The best way to vary this recipe is to use different spices. While I typically use garlic powder and dried thyme (in addition to salt and pepper), other tasty options include onion powder, dried dill, and red pepper flakes.
  • Another tasty variation is to brush the salmon fillets with melted ghee in lieu of spraying them with olive oil.

Serving suggestions

one frequently serve broil salmon with broccoli salad. one make the broccoli salad inch promote, then wholly iodine consume to bash at dinnertime be cook the salmon. information technology ‘s truly one of the easy dinner iodine make. information technology ‘s besides excellent with roast cherry tomato, the one you see indiana the photograph. merely one serve information technology with those only when one rich person leftover of them. They want baking and iodine do n’t like to mix deuce different cook method acting in one meal ( i ‘m way besides lazy for that ) .

Storing leftovers

You toilet keep leftover in the electric refrigerator for up to three sidereal day, in vitamin a seal container. They do tend to dry away when reheat, so iodine like to flake them cold and mix them into a salad the adjacent day for my lunch.

Broiled salmon served on a white plate with a side of cherry tomatoes.

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Recipe card

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