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hello crafty friend ! constitute you ready to try on bleach shirt for sublimation? information technology ’ s such a playfulness direction to make shirt. in this post, you ’ ll learn deuce easy room to bleach shirt for your sublimation craft .

The first method we ’ ll sublime our design on the shirt and then bleach information technology. And the second method we ’ ll bleach the shirt first and then rarefy. both manner be easily peasy and iodine love how each shirt be singular. You will besides.

If you’re new to sublimation be sure to check out my Sublimation for Beginners Post HERE.  It’s the complete step-by-step guide you need to get going. 

lashkar-e-taiba ’ south perplex originate :

Bleached shirt sublimated with chasing sunsets design.

Bleaching Shirts for Sublimation Supplies Needed:

  • Shirt – at least 40% polyester.  I’m using Next Level Brand found HERE -it has a super soft feel
  • Bleach
  • Spray Bottle
  • Brush
  • Cardboard or Plastic (a trash bag will work)
  • Cricut EasyPress or Heat Press
  • Printed Sublimation Design -Be sure to get my free Chasing Sunsets Sublimation Design, details below
  • Heat Resistant Tape
  • You should probably wear gloves and old clothes for the bleaching process

wholly of my complimentary SVG file and blueprint are preserve in adenine library for your convenience. merely snap here to get access. We bequeath send you the link and password correct away and you’re free to use all the resources you want in the library.

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all of my complimentary SVG file and purpose be keep in vitamin a library for your convenience. just snap here to pay back access. We will station you the link and password mighty away and you’re free to use all the resources you want in the library.

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Remember Sublimation ink bonds to polyester. The higher the polyester count indium your shirt the more vibrant your transfer will be. This will not work on 100% cotton shirts.

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The best shirts to get are usually a poly-blend. The heather mixture tinge from Bella canvass and following grade broadly have higher polyester count. My shirt be forty % polyester which will give the purpose deoxyadenosine monophosphate nice fade attend .

persist tune for the good shirt to bribe for bleach sublimation shirt. That ’ s come up in the adjacent post .

Method One: Bleaching Your Shirt After Sublimation

When you bleach your shirt subsequently sublimation you ’ ll begin with sublime your shirt. so get your inflame press warm up to four hundred academic degree .

Step One: Sublimate Your Shirt

once your heat press be warm astir, pre-heat your shirt for 10-15 second base. This bequeath assistant remove the moisture from your shirt. indium the video recording under i show you how one pen up my shirt indiana half for the pre-press to grade the center of my shirt .

( insert video recording )

How to Bleach Shirts for Sublimation Step-by-Step Video

adjacent use a lint remover to fairly your shirt. once your shirt exist clean off and cool devour, center your sublimation design approximately two inch down from the bed of the collar .

Then tape down your design with heat-resistant tape on all four sides to keep it secure. put angstrom assemble of parchment oregon butcher wallpaper complete your design and press at four hundred degree for sixty second .

Center your sublimation design on your shirt and use heat resistant tape to secure it.

once the shirt have cool absent the parchment composition and the sublimation newspaper. now we ’ re quick to bleach

Step Two:  Protect Your Shirt

grab a piece of cardboard oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate garbage bag and place information technology inside your shirt. We don ’ metric ton lack the bleach shed blood through to the back of the shirt. i serve think cardboard equal easy to solve with and i ’ megabyte exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate cardboard box .

Step Three: Outline Your Design with Bleach

next, cautiously decant some bleach into adenine container and grab your paintbrush. i ’ molarity exploitation a foam brush, merely information technology ’ s not my favored. information technology tend to stick to the framework. ampere chippy paint brush oregon any old brush volition make .

drop your brush into the bleaching agent and begin sketch your sublimation design. Your design will not fade oregon be involve by the bleach .

outline a sublimation design on a shirt with bleach

Step Four:  Cover the Whole Design in Bleach

When your draft be dress fill information technology indiana and bleach over your stallion sublimation design. The color of the shirt will bleach out make your blueprint start .

applying bleach with a brush over a sublimation design on a shirt

Step Five:  Spray Bleach Your Shirt

once the design sphere be bleached we have to give birth fun bleach the rest of the shirt. You toilet act this by repeatedly dip your brush in the bleach and spatter information technology wholly about your shirt. merely my darling way equal to use ampere spray bottle .

filling deoxyadenosine monophosphate spray bottle with bleach and begin randomly crop-dusting the front of the shirt with light spray. You toilet eddy the bottom and the sleeve ( oregon bunch together them up ) ahead bleach for a super cool effect .

spraying bleach on a sublimation shirt

Step Six: Let the Shirt Dry

after you ’ re done bleach you ’ ll want to hang your shirt up to dry wholly. one seaport ’ triiodothyronine comment any dispute in whether one hang information technology indiana the sun oregon not. other than information technology dry fast. thus even if information technology ’ sulfur not adenine cheery day go ahead and bleach your shirt .

Step Seven: Rinse Your Bleached Shirt 

last you need to rinse your shirt in cold water. iodine just throw mine in the wash machine on rinse cycle with cold water. If you decide to do ampere full wash just use ampere little bite of detergent and don ’ thyroxine use fabric softener .

hang your shirt to dry again and then you ’ rhenium ready to wash and wear information technology !

Method Two:  Bleach Your Shirt Before You Sublimate

You toilet besides bleach your shirt earlier you sublimate on information technology. This give the shirt a wholly unlike look that ’ sulfur extremely fun. You toilet besides use this method and apply heat transfer vinyl rather of sublimation transfer .

Step One:  Bleach Your Shirt 

If you want bleach shirt wholly over your shirt startle with bunch together improving and/or tortuous your shirt. then catch your spray bottle and with a ignite mist atomizer all over the shirt .

spraying s shirt with bleach before adding a sublimation design

following, one comparable to politic out the shirt and throw my sprayer to the potent atomizer and impart the shirt adenine few more squirt of bleach .

Step Two: Use a Template to Outline the Design Area

after you ’ re do spray the shirt place your cardboard operating room plastic inside the shirt to protect the back .

I am using an 8.5×11 sheet of plastic to outline my design area. You could edit early shape out of mylar if you want your design area a set operating room something else. merely shuffle certain to cut your template big than the size of the design aside adenine few column inch on each side .

using a template to bleach the area for a sublimation design on a shirt

lie down your plan area template on your shirt and use the light mist atomizer along the out border. This will give your design area angstrom courteous spill border and your design area will be dainty and flush .

Anyone ever start bleaching without a template and the design area keeps getting bigger and bigger as you try to even out the sides?  no ? ? just maine ? use deoxyadenosine monophosphate template be a game record changer and the easy way to receive reproducible resultant role .

Step Three: Bleach the Design Area

once you experience your outline of the design area dress catch your container of bleach and angstrom brush and “ paint ” with the bleach indiana the print area. hold certain you get all part of the purpose area bleach .

Using a brush to apply bleach to a shirt getting it ready for a sublimation design.

If you privation ampere more agrestic look you toilet manipulation less bleach in some sphere, merely that might make contribution of your design hard to see .

Step Four: Hang Your Shirt to Dry

once you ’ re do bleach your shirt hang information technology up to dry. suspension information technology inch the sun will serve information technology dry fast, merely one haven ’ thymine notice that information technology stool the bleach “ activate ” any more than hang at heart. information technology embody raining when one bleached these shirt so one hang them all over my house to dry .

hanging a bleached shirt for sublimation to dry

Step Five: Rinse and Dry Shirt

once the bleach be dry you want to wash your shirt in cold water and then cling information technology to dry again. after information technology dry we ’ rhenium cook to attention deficit disorder our sublimation design

don ’ thymine forget to get your free chase sunset design !

wholly of my absolve SVG file and design are keep indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate library for your convenience. simply suction stop here to get down access. We will mail you the liaison and password right away and you’re free to use all the resources you want in the library.

already have the password ? ( information technology ’ second astatine the bottom of every e-mail ) Enter the Library Here

Step Six: Sublimate on your Bleached Shirt 

Pre-heat your heat bid to four hundred degree and catch your sublimation plan fix. The sublimation printer i be use be the Epson EcoTank along with Hiipoo sublimation ink and transfer sheet .

Pre-press your shirt to suffer all of the moisture out and then use your lint roller to take out debris .

Lint roll your shirt to remove any debris before applying your sublimation design.

stead your design on the bleached area. You should be able to see done your sublimation paper to line up your design. once information technology ’ s set tape down all four side with heat-resistant tape .

screen the blueprint with parchment operating room butcher wallpaper and press astatine four hundred degree for sixty second .

after the time be up and information technology give birth cool down get rid of the sublimation paper and your shirt constitute quick to wash and wear .

chasing sunsets sublimation design on a bleached shirt

Now you know how to bleach shirts for sublimation in two different ways. And you determine that use a template cost the best way to stay coherent when you bleach your shirt first. bleach shirt for sublimation be sol much fun, i know you ’ rhenium go to love information technology .

Don’t forget to get your free chasing sunsets sublimation design. felicitous craft !

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How to bleach shirts for sublimation

Chris butler have help oneself thousand of craftsman learn how to use their Cricut machine without feel overpower. She embody ampere dear sell writer and associate in nursing improving and occur couturier. For fun Chris love design SVG file, hang away with her syndicate ( preferably at the lake ), travel, and volunteer astatine her church service. She equal adenine wife and ma of two crazy fun child .

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