How to Become a Real Estate Agent in CALIFORNIA | 4 Simple Steps

Ready to get your California real estate license?

California is probably the best target to start your raw career, as the real estate markets from San Francisco to Palm Springs and Sacramento are some of the hottest in the nation. This is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs, offering about outright growth potential. So whether you are planning to do veridical estate of the realm half-time or are making it your raw full-time career, we are going to share everything you need to know to become a real estate agent in California .

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Sell gorgeous homes like this when you become a real estate agent in California

5 Steps to Get a Real Estate License in California

The California Department of Real Estate ( DRE ) requires that you be In decree to become a license substantial estate agent in the state of California, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the department of state ( or meet the criteria in the out-of-state license guidelines ) .
You ’ ll besides need to complete the following steps :

  • STEP 1:  Complete three pre-license courses (total of 135 hours) with an approved real estate school:
    • Real Estate Practices (45 hrs)
    • Real Estate Finance (45 hrs)
    • Real Estate Principles (45 hrs)
  • STEP 2:  Pass the real estate school exam with a score of at least 70%
  • STEP 3: Schedule and pass the California state real estate license exam with a score of at least 70%
  • STEP 4: Select a sponsoring brokerage
  • STEP 5:  Submit an application to the California Department of Real Estate
    • After you pass the state exam, they will send you the CA Salesperson License Application (Form RE 202). You’ll have to complete and submit the form, along with application fees and fingerprints within one year after passing the state examination.
    • Fingerprint / Background Check requirements

How Long Does it Take to Get a California Real Estate License?

once you decide to become a very estate agent in California, you ’ re credibly activated and want to get started immediately. Before you leave your current job, it ’ mho crucial to have a solid understand of how long it takes to get your license in California. here is what an average timeline looks like :

  • 3 to 12 weeks to complete your 135-hour pre-licensing courses
  • 1 to 3 weeks to get your state licensing exam scheduled
  • 2 to 3 weeks for the real estate commission to process your license application
  • 1 to 4 weeks to interview and select a real estate brokerage

As you can see, it typically takes about 4 to 5 months to get licensed. While this timeline appraisal may seem a short daunt, we have a few suggestions on how you can expedite things…

  • First, taking an online course will definitely speed things up. Instead of attending scheduled in-person classes 2 to 3 times weekly, you can learn at your own pace online. 
  • We would also recommend interviewing brokerages while you are waiting to take your state exam, so you are ready to hang your license with a broker as soon as you pass the examination and your application is approved. 

If you stay focused, it ’ s decidedly possible to become a real estate agent in California in less than two months .

Woman using calculator to determine the cost to become a real estate agent in California

Cost to Get a Real Estate License in California

There are several fees involved when working to become a veridical estate agentive role in California…

  • Pre-License Real Estate Course – $150 to $899
  • Fingerprinting fee – $49
  • Application Fee – $60
  • State Exam Fee – $245
  • State exam prep courses or materials – $25 to $150 (optional)

** Total Cost to Get Licensed in CA = $525 to $1,345

More Expenses to Expect as a Realtor

Getting a license is just the begin ! What many aspiring Realtors don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate realize is that there are several other costs to consider when becoming a real estate agent. Whether you ’ re building a new business and opening a dance studio, coffee bean shop, or starting your veridical estate empire, keep in take care there are constantly start-up costs involved .
Here are some of the most common expenses:
If you add up the costs to get your license and the expenses involved in becoming an agent, you ’ ll likely need somewhere between $ 1,550 and $ 2,900 to launch your newfangled real estate career. There are other market and promotional expenses ampere well, but those are optional .

** Total Cost to Become a Real Estate Agent in California = $1,550 to $2,900

Learn more about costs to become a real estate agent in California :

Find the Best Real Estate Schools

To get your actual estate of the realm license, you ’ ll have to attend a school that ’ randomness approved by the California Department of Real Estate. There are at least a twelve approved substantial estate of the realm schools throughout the state. Some are on-line, others in person, and a few do a combination of the two .
hera are a few of the most popular :
When shopping for the best on-line real estate schools, you ’ ll want to compare pricing, but there are a few other things you will need to consider :

  • Do they share their “pass rate”? This will tell you what percentage of their students passed the state exam on the first try.
  • Does the school offer any guarantees if you don’t pass? For example, one school will pay the fee for you to retake the state exam.
  • Are practice tests given to the students or is there any additional charge?
  • Do they offer a separate exam prep course or a weekend cram course?

How Select a California Real Estate Broker

In California, you must affiliate with a very estate of the realm brokerage house in order actively help home buyers and sellers. This is often referred to as the “ sponsoring agent ” or “ managing broker. ” Picking the justly brokerage to work with can be key to your success as a newly licensed agent .
We would recommend denounce for the best agent once you ’ ve completed the pre-licensing course and are waiting to take your country examination or while the California Department of Real Estate is processing your lotion. There are a few ways to do this :

  • Ask around. Find out which brokerages your friends and family have worked with in the past and see what they liked most about them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to local agents in your area to see what they like most about their broker.
  • Research online. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to 3 to 5 companies, do some research online. There are always dozens if not hundreds of YouTube testimonials and feedback from real estate agents.
  • Check out Facebook/Meta. There are quite a few Facebook groups for aspiring agents and you’ll get lots of (honest) feedback from agents at different brokerages.
  • Schedule interviews. We highly recommend meeting (in person, via phone, or a zoom) with two or three brokerages, because the benefits and commission splits can be dramatically different from one firm to the next.

When researching and interviewing unlike brokerages, keep in mind that many are independently owned franchises. so one RE/MAX or Sotheby ’ second agency could be completely different from another that ’ mho just 10 minutes away. The culture, education, patronize team, and sometimes even the fees and commission splits can vary from franchise to franchise .

Focus on What’s Most Important: SUPPORT

While many newly licensed agents are focused on finding a agent with the best perpetration splits, we would highly recommend that you make commission splits # 2 or # 3 on your tilt. The most important thing you should look for in a brokerage house is how they support brand new real estate agents. Do they have a formal train platform ? Will you have at least three other real estate experts you can reach out to if you have questions ? And if so, are those experts available outside traditional occupation hours ? Does the brokerage put up you with a mentor ? And if indeed, what will the mentors do to assist you ?

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Is it Easy to Become a Real Estate Agent in California… and Succeed in the 1st Year?

You made it through 135 hours of classes, passed the state of matter examination, and selected a great broke — congrats ! The future tone is getting you mentally prepared to build a successful, thriving newfangled business in the Lone Star state !
Your pre-licensing course is primarily focused on learning the common terms, ethics, and laws when practicing real estate in the department of state of California. The courses don ’ metric ton normally go into much detail ( if any ) on preparing home plate evaluation reports, writing contracts, or the 101 ways to market and promote your new business. It ’ s up to you to get motivated and learn vitamin a much as you can !

As a newly licensed real estate agent, it’s key to focus on:
  • Building your personal network. Being a successful real estate professional means having a large network of people that like and trust you. If you don’t already have a network or sphere of influence, you’ll need to regularly get out, socialize, network and meet new people. Once you’ve built up a substantial network, you have to find ways to stay top of mind with your network. This could include things like sending out a monthly newsletter, birthday cards, and connecting on social media.
  • Becoming a neighborhood expert. If you want to be the go-to REALTOR in your area, you need to know your local market. This could include touring homes in the area, researching new developments, studying the real estate sales statistics, and letting as many people as possible know that you are here to serve them.
  • Marketing and promoting yourself online. From blogging on your website to running Facebook ads, posting on social media, and networking in local online groups
  • Understanding how to talk to potential clients. It’s so important that you learn how to connect and communicate with people about real estate and how to overcome objections.

Kerry Lucasse and the Building Better Agents team talk with hundreds of newly licensed real estate agents each year. Most have no idea how challenging the first year or two can be and how much you need to learn to be successful. This business is not ampere easy as it looks on television ! real estate can be a honor and profitable clientele if you are a self-starter who is 110 % committed to being successful and you have the back of a capital mentor and brokerage .

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Commonly Asked Questions

The California Real Estate Exam:  How hard is it?

Most agents will describe the real estate license examination as “ not easy. ” There are 150 multiple-choice questions with a minimum passing score of 70 %. You ’ ll have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the express license examination .
The real estate of the realm course examination merely has 100 questions and you ’ ll have two tries to pass. You ’ ll need to pass this before scheduling the state examination .

How long does it take to get my exam results back?

If you took the veridical estate license examination electronically, ​you will receive your examination results right after you complete the examination — blink of an eye gratification ! If you took the examination in a paper format, you will receive your results via mail in approximately 5 business days .

What happens if you fail the California real estate exam?

It ’ second not rare for people not to pass the real estate examination on the first sample. In California, they make it fairly simple for you to retake the examination, you fair need to reschedule and pay the examination fee of $ 60 again .
Please bill that you can ’ t reschedule the examination until you ’ ve received presentment that you failed the examination. ​Once you have the presentment, you can reapply on-line, using the DRE eLicensing Online System you can mail in your examination Result Notice ( form RE 418A ) shape along with the $ 60 examination tip to the DRE .

How do I become a real estate broker in California?

In order to become a actual estate broker in California, you ’ ll have to have a minimal of two years full-time licensed salesperson experience within the last five years, or two years of unaccredited equivalent experience, or a four-year degree with a major/minor in real estate is required. Aspiring brokers will besides have to take eight required college-level courses. Learn more about the CDRE requirements .

I have a real estate license in another state. Does California offer reciprocity?

If you are a license agent in Florida or Arizona, for exemplar, and would like to get your license in another state, many US states have a “ reciprocality agreement ” with one another. This means that you don ’ t have to attend any extra classes, you just have to pass the department of state part of the examination to hold an active agent real estate license in that country .
In California, they do not have reciprocity with any other states in the US. If you ’ d like to become a veridical estate of the realm agent in Texas, you will have to take the pre-licensing course and pass the submit examination .

What are the requirements for Continuing Education?

The California Department of Real Estate ( CDRE ) requires that agents renew their real estate license every four years. Agents will need 45 hours of Continuing Education ( CE ) credits completed anterior to the renewal. The state of matter of California does specify the types of courses you ’ ll need to take to reach 45 CE credits. Some will be offered by your local Board of Realtors or your broker. Others you ’ ll need to enroll in an on-line run with an approve real estate of the realm school like, real Estate Express, Kaplan or the CE Shop.

Is Getting a California Real Estate License Worth It?

honestly, it depends on what your goals are. If you just want to sell a few homes each class to friends and family, you ’ ll have to crunch the numbers to see if the cost of getting and maintaining your substantial estate license is worth it. With a median home sales price of $ 850,000 in California, agents generate an average of $ 24,000 in crying mission ( before broker split ) on each sale. If you sell one or two homes each year, the cost of acquiring and maintaining your real number estate license is good worth it .
If your goal is to make this a full-time business, then becoming a California Realtor, then absolutely ! The CA real estate of the realm market is booming and the committee earned on each sale makes it very possible to earn six figures in your first year .
It can be a challenge moving from a compensated put to a commission-based business, so it ’ randomness significant to have at least four to six months saved so you have clock to ramp up your real estate of the realm sales. If you don ’ t have that nest egg yet, you may want to keep your current job for a short menstruation of time until you lay the foundation for your new real estate clientele .

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