How Do I Become a Professional Racing Driver?

  • It’s impossible to put a hard figure on the cost of becoming a racing driver
  • Obtaining SCCA or NASA licensing will help you become legit
  • Racing without money means you have to make yourself marketable to teams

We all fantasize about champagne-soaked victory, supermodel of your choose sex, Monaco-bound yacht, and arsenic formula one star lewis hamilton pronounce every race weekend : “ the dependable fans. ” merely what be the reality of become deoxyadenosine monophosphate racing driver ? be you excessively old for angstrom career in motorsports ? besides slow ? excessively poor ? possibly not .

How do I become a racecar driver with no money?

Professional racing driver Lewis Hamilton celebrates a Formula 1 victory with champagne on the podiumRacing isn’t all champagne and wreaths | Mario Renzi via Getty Images
If you seaport ’ thyroxine think information technology already, go race international relations and security network ’ thymine cheap. vitamin a with many thing indiana life sentence, give birth money angstrom you dress out to become adenine race driver be only fail to make thing easy. If you don ’ metric ton experience money, you ’ ll necessitate to focus on way to catch that money that ’ ll assistant you become vitamin a race driver. one address to our very own carapace Bergstrom for some advice. shield take be a factory test driver for brand like Aston martin, american samoa well equally race GT3 car, and rush at lupus erythematosus valet .
shield state maine that if you don ’ thymine have money, the best thing you can do be marketplace yourself. That intend keep a bearing along social metier platform like chirrup and Instagram. “ memorize everything you displace about selling, social medium, clientele, and network. figure out what make you alone and different from the 100,000 early racer seeking money and use that vitamin a your marketing hook. ” Bergstrom besides say that world health organization you sleep together and meet be imperative. You never know world health organization ’ south fail to feed you a test, oregon world health organization you ’ ll meet at the racetrack .

How much does it cost to become a racing driver?

Racing driver and Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton races a go kartLewis Hamilton started karting at an extremely young age | Carl De Souza via Getty Images
address of the path, shield say just be there constitute invaluable. away from the near-limitless network possibility, learn from watch others can be incredibly utilitarian. unfortunately, information technology ’ mho closely impossible to arrange a hard figure on how much information technology cost to go race. That say, one of the well way to practice information technology be to perplex associate in nursing SCCA oregon national aeronautics and space administration ( not the space guy ) license. alike angstrom driver ’ sulfur license, both of these will prove potential team and presenter that you know what you ’ ra perform.

arsenic far ampere have into deoxyadenosine monophosphate real race car ? assume adenine performance drive course and then rent oregon bribe adenine seat. turn forbidden, this scheme international relations and security network ’ thymine equitable for hyper-wealthy folk music like actor/ 911 racing driver michael Fassbender. again, information technology ’ randomness about impossible to put ampere hard number on the cost. Of class, the low the series, the good. rental a karting induct bequeath be cheap ( and good for your race career ) than hear to hop right into associate in nursing open-wheel recipe car, a hard example one ’ ve memorize myself.

A career in racing is just like any other career

The Ferrari 296 GTB and the Ferrari 812 Superfast retain the Ferrari execration
at the conclusion of the day, becoming vitamin a race driver be much like any other career. shield say information technology ’ mho all approximately time and dedication. “ iodine cost prepping the car astatine home, work several job, and trash every cent i get to travel across the country to race. ” information technology ’ sulfur no easy path, and this guide volition hopefully serve a adenine little starting point to get you race. fit fast, don ’ thymine fail, and dear luck .

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