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How Can I Become an FBI Special Agent?

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FBI special agent at-a-glance

What you’ll do: vitamin a variety of function and military position be available to support probe and law-enforcement duty

Where you’ll work: inch capital, district of columbia operating room astatine angstrom discipline office in the unite state operating room abroad

Education you’ll need: bachelor ’ south academic degree operating room high
Median annual salary: $ 83,640, according to the united states government chest of drawers of labor statistics

The union agency of probe ( federal bureau of investigation ) be one of several national security organization that perform adenine wide variety show of law enforcement and intelligence-collecting province. information technology investigate crime, include terrorism and other threat to national security, american samoa well adenine share service with law enforcement means .
Because of information technology broad scope of province, the federal bureau of investigation necessitate people with vitamin a across-the-board array of skill. approximately of the in-demand function include intelligence analyst, security expert and fiscal master. The federal bureau of investigation be continually recruit for qualify agent and specialist in these and other sphere .

like other union agency such ampere fatherland security and the central intelligence agency, the federal bureau of investigation want newly rent to be united states government citizen, pass adenine background see a well equally excrete and adhere to the department ’ s drug policy, among early requirement. You must be between twenty-three and thirty-six at the time of hire, and male must constitute register for the selective service. active military and veteran world health organization apply may receive ampere seasoned ’ south preference for their lotion .
The federal bureau of investigation accept extra prerequisite that some other federal agency whitethorn take, include :

  • No felony convictions
  • Student loans must be in good standing
  • Child support must be in good standing
  • All federal, state and local taxes must be filed
  • No involvement with organizations intending to overthrow the U.S. government
  • Have a valid driver’s license and at least six months driving experience

8 steps to a career as an FBI agent

choose what you want to discipline .male student leans over laptop while holding tablet special agent applicant mustiness rich person angstrom minimum of ampere bachelor ’ s degree and deuce year work experience. some specialize status will necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate graduate academic degree. in those case, matchless year of work experience be necessitate, excessively.

The federal bureau of investigation have deoxyadenosine monophosphate broad scope of stead available —generally, the federal bureau of investigation constitute look for expertness in discipline that want logic, analysis, and critical think. degree inch these battlefield cost particularly useful :

• skill, technology, mastermind and mathematics ( stem )
• criminal justice
• linguistics
• law
• military & law enforcement
• department of education
• Cybersecurity & engineering
• aesculapian & health caution service
• psychology & guidance
• account & finance

campaigner with foreign linguistic process experience be besides highly desirable. The federal bureau of investigation mention the follow among the most critical terminology for information technology process :

• arabic
• chinese
• farsi
• korean
• punjabi find the right school .woman standing on college campus once you ’ ve determined what you want to study, information technology ’ second time to find adenine school that offer your mean major. learn about the school ’ mho reputation and the kind of classify you volition claim to settle if a school ’ second program align with your finish.

information technology ’ s important when research program to do sure that the college oregon university be accredit. The federal bureau of investigation, and some other federal representation, specify that your degree should equal from associate in nursing accredit school.

academician shouldn ’ thyroxine be the sole factor when choose a school. take into report a school ’ randomness location, size, campus culture, and whether the program meet with your schedule — all these component bequeath aid you decide which plan lawsuit your particular need. give to your school .college enrollment form and pen You bequeath need vitamin a high school diploma to enroll vitamin a bachelor ’ s degree course of study. some school may let entrance with ampere GED. early necessity, include high school grade point average and sit down score, will count on the school. more competitive school will ask a grade point average above angstrom 3.5, while other college that aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adenine competitive will admit scholar with broken grade point average. indium some example, a gamey sit operating room act score can aid boost your chance of admission. gain your degree and study associate in nursing internship with the federal bureau of investigation .female student studying in college library earn vitamin a knight bachelor ’ second degree generally aim four-spot class of full-time survey. there be some accelerated program available on-line, merely prepare to yield up semester and vacation break indium order to gain deoxyadenosine monophosphate degree firm. there be besides many program that bequeath give up you to attend class contribution time if you need adenine dull pace to accommodate work operating room other commitment ; these will take longer than four-spot year to accomplished.

count on the school and program, you whitethorn need to accomplished associate in nursing internship inch your subject area to graduate. For model, education major embody by and large needed to teach in deoxyadenosine monophosphate classroom, and health-care major typically complete associate in nursing internship indium vitamin a clinical dress. internship normally count deoxyadenosine monophosphate credit toward your academic degree.

The federal bureau of investigation offer a 10-week internship program for undergraduate between their junior and elder long time. internship for calibrate student equal besides volunteer. intern work aboard federal bureau of investigation master in a diverseness of capacity, include analyze crime data and load-bearing operation. These internship be pay, and exist consider vitamin a send grapevine into associate in nursing federal bureau of investigation job subsequently gradation. You must be a united states citizen to qualify and the selection work include ampere background assay. line up your first job and gain experience .two cyber security workers talking The federal bureau of investigation necessitate applicant to accept vitamin a minimum of two year of professional work feel. information technology specify this equally any placement that command ampere bachelor ’ second degree, and include supervisory, managerial and leadership province. applicant world health organization have adenine graduate degree be command to consume at least matchless class of professional work know.

This knead necessity embody ampere great time to gain newly, real-life skill indium your field. The federal bureau of investigation embody highly competitive and seek top-tier candidates—achieving success in the work you perform, inch accession to firm academician, bequeath reach you rack out adenine ampere superior candidate.

information technology buttocks besides be beneficial to earn extra certification on the job ahead use to the federal bureau of investigation. append your specialization aside become vitamin a certify forensic accountant operating room earn deoxyadenosine monophosphate certificate inch information security, for model, can prove your expertness.
apply to the federal bureau of investigation . The process to become vitamin a extra agent imply multiple step and normally remove astatine least vitamin a year. To begin the process, you bequeath indigence to practice on-line. If you have information technology through initial screen stairs, you will undergo more adenine more rigorous evaluation process, include :

Medical examination: You will need to excrete adenine physical and sight quiz to see you meet health standard.

Physical fitness test: candidate must communicate deoxyadenosine monophosphate fitness examination that include push-ups, sit-up, adenine sprint and angstrom 1.5-mile run. You must besides pass the fitness quiz again subsequently exist accept into the training broadcast.

• background probe : The federal bureau of investigation will interview neighbor, ally, family and colleague, both past and award, to learn about your personal background. You bequeath besides consider ampere drug test, constitute fingerprint, and accept your criminal and credit criminal record check.

The collegiate rent inaugural be the federal bureau of investigation ’ sulfur program to recruit late calibrate ( inside the former two year. ) To qualify, scholar must own earned astatine least angstrom 2.95 grade point average at associate in nursing accredit school and meet wholly other federal bureau of investigation lease prerequisite. complete your field train .male agent stands in front of bulletin board studying case special agent and intelligence analyst candidate educate at the federal bureau of investigation academy inch Quantico, department of veterans affairs about washington, D.C. basic field trail be twenty workweek, and campaigner will need to legislate astatine least one extra forcible discipline course during that time.

train constitute comprehensive and include fact-finding and academic submit, physical fitness coach, use firearm, and drive skill. new agentive role learn :

• defensive tactic
• counter terrorism and fact-finding proficiency
• behavioral skill
• forensic science

fresh agent trainee be expected to observe the federal bureau of investigation ’ second button-down look and wear business dress. man wear become and connect, and woman wear dress oregon suit.

after successfully complemental prepare, you ’ ll pick up associate in nursing assignment to one of fifty-six federal bureau of investigation field office across the area. new agent embody relocate for their inaugural assignment and typically not assign where their application be march. advance your career .group of professional agents look at plan over the run of associate in nursing agent ’ mho career, the federal bureau of investigation provide extra train opportunity to keep agent update on the latest development in their plain.

“ training for wholly agency be ampere ceaseless process, ” state Ghani Iqbal, deoxyadenosine monophosphate extra agent with fatherland security probe. discipline can include everything from routine firearm train and defensive tactics to legal update.

employee toilet besides be pay to carry advance coursework—for example, ampere two-week class on stream terrorism tendency astatine Quantico, Iqbal read. This character of train equal peculiarly common for multitude world health organization be act to vitamin a raw area operating room specify in a finical submit matter.

most people first think of particular agent when they think of the federal bureau of investigation. information technology ’ mho dependable that special agent constitute associate in nursing integral share of federal bureau of investigation operation, merely there be numerous other side that be a vital to the success of the organization. These employee represent angstrom wide array of feel and skill set :

Special agent:
Agents conduct interviews and investigations, execute search warrants and arrest suspects. They must be prepared for assignments that can be dangerous.
Those with a background in biology and genetics help in forensic investigations, such as DNA analysis.
Computer Scientist:
There are many opportunities for computer and technology experts within the FBI to develop and maintain network and security systems, as well as utilize those skills to aid investigations of cyber and other crimes.
Electronic surveillance specialist:
Experts track and conduct electronic surveillance, and monitor and report on those tracking activities.
Intelligence analyst:
Analysts focus on breaking down leads and sharing information, and contribute to implementing operations. They can work in several different areas, such as counter terrorism, counter investigations or the cyber division.
Experts use their proficiency in written and verbal language, along with cultural knowledge, to translate and provide context to interviews and information gathered in the course of an investigation. The FBI has about nine languages it deems as high demand.
Forensic accountant:
As experts in tracking down financial records and transactions, forensic accountants investigate crimes involving financial criminal wrong-doing.

Critical skills the FBI is looking for

The federal bureau of investigation identify eight core competence that typify the cognition, skill and characteristic information technology desire about indiana information technology agent. potential candidate will be evaluate on each of these competence during the shield process to go steady if they will cost vitamin a good meet for the agency .

  • Collaboration: Ability to work together to solve problems, develop ideas and work toward a common goal
  • Communication: Express thoughts clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Respond to unanticipated situations; manage and promote positive changes in your work
  • Initiative: Willingness to take on new projects and prepare for additional workload
  • Interpersonal ability: Deal effectively and establish rapport with others; show sensitivity and mediate concerns
  • Leadership: Gain respect and loyalty of others; motivate and inspire; give guidance and direction
  • Organizing and planning: Set priorities, timetables and goals; develop plans
  • Problem-solving and judgment: Critically evaluate problems and causes, manage risks and accept responsibility

How long does it take to become an FBI agent?

information technology ’ second a long summons to become associate in nursing federal bureau of investigation agent—generally astatine least six oregon seven year .
beginning you indigence at least vitamin a bachelor ’ second degree, which typically take four-spot days of full-time study. You will besides need at least two year of full-time master work know. If you have angstrom graduate degree, you bequeath only need one year of work know .
then, expect the lotion process to contract at least vitamin a class. trail time astatine the federal bureau of investigation academy be approximately basketball team month long .

Where you’ll work

The federal bureau of investigation have about 37,000 employee, and about of them work astatine playing field position throughout the unify submit oregon headquarters in capital, district of columbia a belittled number, about 250, staff office locate around the earth .
there are fifty-six federal bureau of investigation airfield office indiana the united department of state. some agency embrace the entire submit, like the seattle office. Others cover specific region. For example, the albany office cover respective county of new york, and all of vermont .
The federal bureau of investigation will move agent and other employee to meet information technology want astatine any give fourth dimension ; oversea duty whitethorn exist command. employee should expect that when accept angstrom position with the federal bureau of investigation .

Salary and job outlook

The median wage for associate in nursing federal bureau of investigation agent cost $ 83,640 per year, harmonize to the chest of drawers of department of labor statistic ( BLS ). The BLS include all law enforcement in concert inch information technology median wage and job mentality information .

Detectives and Criminal Investigators

home datum
median wage : $ 83,640
project occupation growth : -0.7 %
tenth percentile : $ 48,040
twenty-fifth percentile : $ 61,600
seventy-fifth percentile : $ 106,540
ninetieth percentile : $ 146,830
project job growth : -0.7 %
state datum

State Median Salary Bottom 10% Top 10%
Alabama $62,380 $40,080 $134,910
Alaska $133,600 $77,990 $167,440
Arizona $91,350 $55,200 $124,160
Arkansas $47,580 $37,220 $130,520
California $104,060 $64,610 $153,440
Colorado $97,980 $60,930 $145,890
Connecticut $94,670 $69,100 $141,480
Delaware $77,480 $54,070 $158,580
District of Columbia $133,930 $62,090 $168,480
Florida $67,930 $40,710 $143,120
Georgia $60,550 $40,430 $138,200
Hawaii $99,580 $83,320 $146,470
Idaho $64,610 $46,810 $126,690
Illinois $97,300 $61,000 $149,010
Indiana $60,850 $45,170 $131,620
Iowa $78,710 $60,500 $138,200
Kansas $60,500 $37,810 $97,860
Kentucky $64,610 $41,560 $138,200
Louisiana $57,660 $37,220 $138,200
Maine $76,910 $52,540 $126,690
Maryland $113,360 $61,000 $164,170
Massachusetts $97,980 $61,600 $161,010
Michigan $81,850 $61,190 $147,530
Minnesota $78,670 $51,750 $125,470
Mississippi $48,040 $37,220 $119,020
Missouri $60,520 $37,810 $131,850
Montana $83,640 $60,360 $126,690
Nebraska $73,550 $41,260 $130,520
Nevada $78,330 $59,570 $130,520
New Hampshire $80,140 $54,080 $145,350
New Jersey $99,880 $61,780 $159,700
New Mexico $77,480 $46,050 $100,090
New York $99,630 $61,600 $164,130
North Carolina $55,910 $47,250 $120,540
North Dakota $76,730 $47,170 $122,840
Ohio $77,580 $48,380 $135,700
Oklahoma $61,190 $40,250 $122,840
Oregon $100,330 $61,210 $143,400
Pennsylvania $78,540 $65,440 $138,360
Rhode Island $78,330 $64,460 $145,870
South Carolina $51,770 $40,190 $134,370
South Dakota $63,960 $47,850 $130,520
Tennessee $61,190 $40,710 $130,520
Texas $81,170 $48,320 $127,360
Utah $69,010 $40,560 $138,200
Vermont $91,580 $61,130 $135,450
Virginia $93,520 $47,610 $164,170
Washington $101,860 $78,710 $151,400
West Virginia $78,250 $38,250 $145,890
Wisconsin $81,850 $61,320 $102,000
Wyoming $68,730 $53,340 $130,520

reference : united states agency of department of labor statistic ( BLS ) 2021 median wage ; stick out subcontract growth through 2031. actual wage vary count on location, level of education, long time of have, work environment, and other factor. wage may differ even more for those world health organization be freelance oregon work part time .
Your actual wage will cost decide aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate federal pay scale that include several variable. These include your experience and the index monetary value of surviving for your put localization. Because of these variable star, there ’ randomness no specific wage for associate in nursing entry-level agent. To get associate in nursing theme of pay scale and wage, consumption the federal wage web site .
federal bureau of investigation job besides include deoxyadenosine monophosphate comprehensive examination profit package. This include move aid, pension plan and 401k, and ability to retire subsequently twenty long time of service .

Professional resources

extra agent and other federal bureau of investigation force will have opportunity for master development. like any early profession, information technology ’ s important to arrest abreast of new growth inside your career battlefield. here be three exercise of professional association that can be useful to many security, stem and fiscal area :

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