Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician

drugstore technicians are necessity to the smooth run of pharmacies, making certain patients get the most out of their medicines .

Working life 

You ‘ll work under the supervision of a pharmacist. You ‘ll speak with patients, offering them advice on how to best manage their medicines .
Your typical day could involve giving medicines to patients, either on prescription drug or over the antagonistic and providing information on potential side-effects. You ’ ll work with patients to reach the best possible care for them, advising them on their health, how to take their medicines and their life style choice. This could be face-to-face or over the call.

sometimes you ’ ll indigence to refer patients on to another healthcare professional such as a pharmacist, doctor, nurse or allied health master. You ’ ll besides be responsible for the issue of medicines at the drugstore by working in the dispensary .
You may supervise other drugstore staff, such as drugstore assistants .
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Pay and benefits

If you ’ rhenium running in the NHS, newly qualified drugstore technicians will normally start at band 4 of the Agenda for Change ( AfC ) pay scale. You ’ ll besides have access to a generous pension scheme and health service discounts, american samoa well as at least 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays .
Terms and conditions can vary for pharmacy technicians outside of the NHS, including those working in community pharmacies, or for other employers that provide NHS services .

Where will I work? 

  • hospitals 
  • community pharmacies
  • GP practices
  • care homes 
  • patient’s homes
  • prisons
  • the armed forces
  • pharmaceutical industry 

Must-have skills

  • good communication skills  
  • ability to work effectively with your colleagues, patients and the public
  • be able to maintain confidentiality and privacy
  • to be responsible, accurate and methodical, with good attention to detail
  • an interest in helping people and improving people’s health 

How to become a pharmacy technician

You ‘ll need to complete a biennial accredited pharmacy technician naturally involving a desegregate of virtual work have and study. You ’ ll normally be employed by a pharmacy as a pre-registration trainee drugstore technician and study for a level 3 apprenticeship .

You will need to complete a biennial coach program comprising hardheaded study experience and analyze .

You can then register with the General Pharmaceutical Council ( GPhC ) and practice as a qualify drugstore technician.

Entry requirements

typically, you will need four GCSE or equilvalent at A * -C/9-4 including mathematics, english linguistic process, science and one other subject to undertake the level 3 Pharmacy Technician ( Integrated ) apprenticeship .

Training and development

You will be required to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with annual continuing professional development ( CPD ) and formal assessments with the General Pharmaceutical Council to make sure your skills are up to date .
Your employer may offer in-house education and there are besides regional and national courses and qualifications available .

Where your career can take you

  • You could become a senior pharmacy technician, responsible for the work of other pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants.
  • You may even decide to go into management and leadership roles.
  • You could specialise, in areas such as mental health, oncology (cancer treatment) or paediatrics.
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