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How to Become a Notary Public in New York
NY Notary Public License Classes Made Easy!

Do n’t let the atrocious statistics of people failing all the time warn you ! They fail because they took bad courses from crafty internet marketers looking to make a agile buck that are not very notary instructors ! The other people who fail try on to learn the law on their own and find it takes 20 times deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as getting this course created by Mike Brown, who has taught Notary Licensing Law for 14 years and has had over 20,000 students. Imagine the remainder from these early inferior market scams online. Mike ‘s students pass every day the first time and he has the unasked scholar testimonials to prove it !

presently the on-line notary license course is available virtually anywhere in New York State where you reside or cultivate. In fact you could take it while you are on vacation in the Caribbean ! You can access a personal computer, Laptop, pill or smartphone. The access is hosted on a mottle 24/7. You get access for a full 30 days once you begin by logging in. It is possible to do it in 1 day ! There are no excuses. If you can not pass with this up-to-date technology it is because you were not using it !
Please do not become afraid when I tell you this. People fail the N.Y.S. Notary public test at a rate of 65 % in New York State. No worries here ! Please do n’t worry or panic. Keep read. Our students alone repeat our classes at a rate of less than 1 %. That is our valid sample taken since 2002 having had over 20,000+ students. We learned from our own student interviews that they previously failed because they were under the misconception that it would be common feel questions and they could squeeze through like a driver ‘s examination. The other reason they failed before coming to our NY Notary classes is they took a naturally teach by person that honestly was just not teaching the Notary Public exam preparation course by rights.

Learning how to become a notary Public in NY … a notary Public lotion candidate finds out he or she must be 18 years old and have no limited education. You must pass this debauched, one-hour, 40 multiple choice question exams by getting a seduce of 70 %. Our students finish in an average of 15-20 minutes and less than 1 % repeat ! Taking this examination will improve your resume if you are ever in a job hunt because … every function needs a notary Public … does n’t yours ? To see class locations, schedules and other information like hotel prepare seminars and on-line recorded classes.

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