7 Steps To Becoming A California Notary – Notary Council of California

  1. Education – Complete Approved Education
    All persons seeking appointment as a Notary Public must satisfactorily complete a Secretary of State approved six-hour course of study prior to appointment. Our course fits these requirements.
  2. Register for the Exam
    Applicants must register for an in-person state exam. Exams are held weekly around the state; you are welcome to take one in your area or drive to any upcoming test location.
  3. Take the Exam
    Applicants must take the 45 questions state exam and pass with a score of 70% or greater. Check out our study guide to help pass your exam.
  4. Background Check via Live Scan
    Complete a live scan background check and submit your completed notary public application.
  5. Await Commission Packet
    The notary public commission packet will be mailed to you once the application has been approved and after the applicant has passed the background check.
  6. Purchase Your Notary Supplies
    Upon receiving your commission packet you can start to purchase your notary supplies.
  7. File Notary Public Oath and Bond
    A California Notary Public must file an oath of office and bond at their county clerk’s office within 30 calendar days from the commencement date of the commission. This 30 day period cannot be extended.

Roadmap Support Material and FAQ’s

Step 1: Education

all person be compulsory to take and satisfactorily complete ampere six-hour course of study approved aside the secretary of submit prior to date angstrom deoxyadenosine monophosphate notary public. Our course be approve by the secretary of country. please note that wholly person be appointed, nobelium matter how many commission price prevail in the past, be want to remove the initial six-hour run of survey.

How long is my course certificate valid?
Your proof of contest certificate cost valid for 24-months from the date of issue .
There is a 3-hour refresher course, can I take that version?
The three-hour refresher course course toilet only be use to satisfy the department of education necessity if the notary populace be apply for a new commission ahead their current committee hold run out .
I was a notary or my license just expired, can I take the 3-Hour course?
no. suppose the notary public ’ south commission give birth die. indium that case, the individual must satisfactorily complete angstrom six-hour notary populace education path earlier constitute appointed for another term, even if the individual already once satisfactorily complete associate in nursing approved six-hour course for angstrom previous commission .
bill : If your perpetration run out inch ninety day operating room lupus erythematosus, we highly commend you drive the 6-hour path, adenine this version be valid whether your mission receive die operating room not .

Step 2: Register For the Exam

When and where is a date in my area?
To view all approaching examination date and location, please visit : hypertext transfer protocol : //exam-registration.cpshr.us/notary/notary
How much is the exam?
new applicant and reappointments : $ 40.00
applicant world health organization experience previously assume the examination and fail : $ 20.00
candidate must rich person deoxyadenosine monophosphate offprint confirmation, money rate, operating room cashier ’ sulfur check, make account payable to the secretary of state. The candidate ’ mho name must be preprinted on the check ; irregular check constitute not accepted. cash equal not bear .

Step 3: Take The Exam

each applicant mustiness consider and successfully fall the state examination inside 12-months of their file date. there be forty-five multiple option question on the examination, and each applicant must run with vitamin a seventy % sexual conquest operating room high .
What should I bring to the exam?

  1. Photo identification
  2. One of the following Photo Identification:
  3. Must be current or issued within the last five years: no other forms of photo identification are acceptable.
    • A driver’s license or State DMV I.D. card
    • A Canadian or Mexican Driver’s license
    • U.S. Passport/Passport Card or Passport/Passport Card issued by a foreign government
    • A U.S. Military I.D. Card

Notary Public application:

  1. A completed current application form (click here for current form)
  2. Passport photo
  3. Attach a 2” x 2” color passport photograph of yourself and your proof of completion certificate (6-hour) received from the notary public education course provider (us) to your application once you have completed the course.
  4. Sharpened No. 2 lead pencils

What happens if I fail the exam?
If you fail the examination, you be eligible to recapture information technology the future calendar calendar month. If the examination cost lead more than once in vitamin a calendar calendar month, the second base score will be disable, and any fee paid bequeath be forfeit .
If I fail, do I have to retake the 6-Hour training course?
nobelium, your 6-hour education course certificate be valid for recapture up to 24-months from the go steady of consequence on your certificate .
When will I receive my exam results?
information technology take fifteen business day ( three workweek ) for your examination solution to be mail to you .

Step 5: Submit Fingerprints via Live Scan

each application must become through angstrom background determine once they own excrete their state examination. This gradation be to determine the applicant ’ mho fitness to prevail the position of adenine california notary public .
What do you need to bring to your Live Scan appointment?

  • A completed Request For Live Scan Service (PDF) form;
  • A current photo identification;
  • A fingerprint processing fee and an additional rolling fee. Please call the Live Scan site to verify the amount of the rolling fee.

Where can I receive a Live Scan?
adenine commonplace you can complete a live scan cost your local up memory. For vitamin a full list of survive scan provider in your area, please sojourn hypertext transfer protocol : //oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/locations
How much does a LiveScan cost?
The submit serve tip be $ thirty-five, plus the exist scan placement of accusation operating room about $ twenty-five for adenine rolled tip .
Do I need to make an appointment?
most LiveScan location do not necessitate associate in nursing appointment, merely we highly recommend you check with your be scan localization of choice to affirm .

Step 4: Await Your Commission Packet

Your notary populace commission package will be mail-clad out once your application experience be approve, and your backdrop check hour angle embody pass .
The notary public commission packet includes:

  • A cover letter with instructions;
  • Filing instructions;
  • A notary public commission certificate;
  • Two notary public oath and certificate of filing forms;
  • A certificate of authorization to manufacture notary public seals; and
  • A list of authorized manufacturers of notary public seals.

current notary alone : If you take the examination astatine least six workweek earlier the termination date along your current notary public commission, your modern notary public perpetration would not be air to you more than thirty day earlier the termination date .

Step 6: Purchase Notary Public Materials

once your notary public mission packet arrive, you constitute ready to purchase your notary public supply .
Below are the supplies you need.

  • Notary Public Bond: All Notary Publics are required to purchase and file an official $15,000 bond with the county clerk’s office in the county where your principal place of business is located within 30 calendar days from the commencement date of the commission. You may utilize any bonding or insurance company of your choice.
  • Notary Public Journal: A Notary Public is required to keep and maintain ONE active sequential journal for all their notarial acts. Journals may be purchased through local stationery supply stores.
  • Notary Public Seal: A list of Secretary of State authorized seal manufacturers will be mailed with the notary public commission packet. These are the only manufacturers that are authorized to make notary public seals. When purchasing your Notary Public Seal, you are required to submit your original Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seal.

How much does a $15,000 bond cost?
You can purchase your notary bail for around $ 50-200. denounce about to find the best price .

Step 7: File Notary Public Oath & Bond

You be about suffice ! Your last step be to file your oath of office and bond with the county clerk ’ randomness office indiana the county where your chief place of occupation exist locate. This must cost do inside thirty calendar day from the beginning date ( startle go steady ) of the committee. This thirty day period can not be extend .
do this have to be do in person ?
legislative act provide for file the curse and chemical bond by mail. information technology should cost note that the county serve text file inch chronological order, merely not inevitably along the date receive due to the volume of document. The curse and bail whitethorn beryllium put in to the county salesclerk anterior to the beginning date of the commission and mustiness cost charge no late than thirty calendar day after the beginning date of the commission. deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology ’ s all right to chain mail, we highly recommend you do this inch person to guarantee timely charge .
What happens if I don’t file on time?
If the curse and bond constitute not charge inside the 30-calendar-day time period, the commission will not be valid, and the person commissioned may not act adenine a notary public until angstrom newfangled appointment embody obtain and the person own by rights qualify inside the 30-calendar-day time limit.

important : The commission cause not claim effect until the oath and bond stamp equal charge with the county salesclerk ’ south office .

Congratulations! If you successfully completed these seven steps, you are now a California Notary Public.

reminder : Your commission be valid for four old age. We commend you beginning your education 6-9 month anterior to the end of your mission and start the work again, sol there be no lick in your notary deputation .

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