NYS Land Surveying:License Requirements

earlier you can cost accredited, you must authorize :

  • Part 1 – NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) exam;
  • Part 2 – NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) exam; and
  • Part 3 – New York State Specific Land Surveying exam.

part one and two be developed by the home council of examiner for engineer and surveil ( NCEES ). region three cost develop aside the modern york state board for engineering and land survey. ( witness cosmopolitan prerequisite for information about law and regulation regulate licensure angstrom a land surveyor in modern york state which may constitute incorporate in the separate three of the examination. )
all examination applicant are command to read the “ NCEES testee template ” prior to be give up to cash register for the examination. please manipulation this link to access the “ NCEES testee guide ” at : ncees.org/exams/cbt/examinee-guide/

part one – fundamental of surveying ( farad ) examination

This examination be deliver year round via adenine computer based testing service. see the NCEES web site for extra information. www.ncees.org
For candidate from vitamin a baccalaureate EAC operating room ETAC abet accredit program indiana survey operating room survey engineering :
If you constitute inside twenty accredit of calibrate oregon own already graduate from adenine bachelor’s degree level EAC oregon ETAC abet accredit program in survey, you constitute eligible to use directly to NCEES to take the fundamentals of surveil ( fluorine ) examination .
To discover come out of the closet if your program exist EAC oregon ETAC – abet accredited you whitethorn move to the abet world wide web web site here
For candidate not from angstrom bachelor’s degree abet accredit broadcast :
If you have not calibrated from either associate in nursing EAC operating room ETAC abet accredited bachelor platform in survey, you must download and submit the new york state state survey application form and $ seventy fee so that your qualification can be review for approval aside the department. once approved, you will exist make eligible to sit for the f examination via adenine letter send to you from the new york board for mastermind and land survey ( board ) that bequeath admit instruction manual for how to schedule and give the examination administrative tip with NCEES. perform not undertake to agenda the examination until you give birth received your letter of eligibility from the board .

separate two – principal and practice of survey ( phosphorus ) land survey examination :
begin in october 2016, this examination will be rescue year round via a calculator free-base test service. The department bequeath advise you when you be eligible to remove the professional license examination and will admit direction along how to schedule and pay associate in nursing extra tip to sit for the examination with NCEES. doctor of osteopathy not undertake to schedule the examen until you welcome your notice of eligibility. learn the NCEES web site for extra information www.ncees.org .
depart three – The new york state particular

The part three – the newfangled york state of matter specific land survey interrogation be administer twice deoxyadenosine monophosphate year, in april and october, at diverse sit throughout new york department of state. You mustiness meet two different deadline : the deadline for put in your licensure application to the fresh york country education department and the deadline for scheduling the examination with our examen administrator Meazure teach .
The deadline for submit deoxyadenosine monophosphate new york licensure application for these examination be :

Exam Month Deadline for Licensure Applications
April November 1 of previous year
October June 1 of same year

wholly want licensure application form must be postmark by the filing deadline ; there embody no exception .
The department will advise you when you be eligible to take the professional license interrogation and bequeath include direction along how to schedule and give associate in nursing extra tip to model for the interrogation with castle global our interrogation administrator. do not try to schedule the examen until you receive your notice of eligibility .
Part 3 – New York State Specific Examination

New York State Specific Land Surveying Examination
Test Blueprint valid April 2017 forward
Test Category NYS Specific Domain Number of questions Percentage of Test
Survey Analysis Computations/Analysis
8 16%
Survey Project Practices Documentation/Land Information Systems
Land Planning/Design
Project Management
16 32%
Survey Legal & Ethical Practices Ethics/Professional Responsibility
Legal Principles
26 52%
Exam Item Totals 50 100%

Suggested Bibliography for the New York State Specific Land Surveyor Examination
The character listed indiana the suggest bibliography for the new york department of state l examination may be locate through operating room receive from local library and their Inter-Library loanword service ; from the country library ; from professional colleague and local and state master society ( for example, modern york state affiliation of professional land surveyor ). please be advised that the suggest bibliography be deoxyadenosine monophosphate partial derivative list and do not defend deoxyadenosine monophosphate entire list of information that whitethorn equal included on the examination .
NCEES limits calculators allowed in examination room
NCEES consume retool the interrogation policy refer fabric allow in the examination board .
For far information see NCEES examination please inflict the NCEES web site astatine www.ncees.org oregon birdcall 1-800-250-3196.

Individuals with Disabilities/Sabbath Observers/Military

after your licensure/examination application material give birth be review and approve aside the department, you will be transport associate in nursing eligibility letter. This letter bequeath include teaching on how to schedule and pay the examination fee ( randomness ). The work to request ampere reasonable accommodation oregon alternate test date will constitute share of the registration/scheduling process with NCEES and Meazure learn through their on-line system. If you exist request accommodation, we suggest you begin the march deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon vitamin a the NCEES adjustment process open for the examination you design to take, deoxyadenosine monophosphate this will assist indium the seasonably process of your request .

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