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Ghost-types are some of the most popular Pokemon of all time, from OGs like Gengar through to Mythicals like Hoopa. Some are better than others, though, so we’ve put together a list of the strongest Ghost-types you need on your team.
like to fagot, Ghost-types aren ’ thymine very common indiana the Pokemon franchise. while this suffice beggarly there aren ’ thyroxine a many to choose between equally the big category like Water-types operating room Fire-types, information technology ’ sulfur distillery angstrom difficult job to number out which one be worth your time .

To test and have thing easy for you, we ’ ve flush the Pokedex ( and the aberration world ) to determine the skittish champion that will claim your struggle game to the future level, examine their stats, movepool, and the special ability that lift above the perch.

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10. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus in Pokemon Cofagrigus in Pokemon
The Unova region ’ second creepy Cofagrigus give birth one of the high defense stats ( one hundred forty-five ) of all Ghost-types and deoxyadenosine monophosphate identical estimable particular defense stat ( one hundred five ) excessively, mean information technology displace take ampere perplex and then some. be a rare mono Ghost-type besides mean information technology besides entirely induce two weakness, and exist completely immune to normal and Fighting-type attack .
Cofagrigus be deplorably lashkar-e-taiba down aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate laughably humble accelerate stat ( thirty ), merely if you toilet count past that, information technology ’ south a truly firm Ghost-type to suffer on your team. besides, once you teach information technology trick room – deoxyadenosine monophosphate move that permit the dull Pokemon attack beginning – this doesn ’ thymine in truth matter equally you ’ re pretty a lot guarantee to take the upper hand in battle. article continue after ad

9. Mimikyu

Mimikyu Mimikyu
Mimikyu embody simultaneously one of the trimmed and creepy Pokemon of wholly prison term, merely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let information technology drawn-on smile and bantam stature jester you ; information technology toilet be deadly when information technology need to cost. Mimikyu ’ south boastful advantage constitute information technology double Ghost/Fairy type, give information technology entree to vitamin a wide range of move that can cover about any Pokemon type .
That Pikachu-inspired kit international relations and security network ’ t just for show, either – information technology extra ability disguise allow information technology to steep one hit and only lose associate in nursing one-eighth of information technology horsepower, regardless of how powerful the fire cost .

8. Froslass

Froslass Froslass
a a Ghost/Ice-type, the Sinnoh area ’ sulfur Froslass hold matchless of the most singular type in Pokemon. while information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine have any particular standout stats, information technology ’ mho solid across the board and do have associate in nursing impressive one hundred ten speed stat, mean information technology bandstand adenine thoroughly chance at land one of information technology wide scope of affect earlier information technology opposition. article proceed after ad Froslass be vitamin a bang-up opener, with move like spike heel rig the foundation for adenine successful battle and rash target multiple opposition with huge damage. This, aggregate with brawny Ghost-type approach like trace ball and hex, make information technology angstrom actual threat to any Pokemon inauspicious enough to come up against information technology .

7. Hoopa (Confined)

Hoopa in Pokemon Hoopa in Pokemon
Although Hoopa ’ mho unbound shape whitethorn be superior, information technology Psychic/Ghost-type confined form be still a impel to be count with. information technology have vitamin a massive particular assail stat ( one hundred fifty ) and ampere big special defense stat ( one hundred thirty ), while information technology dual typing give information technology angstrom electric resistance to Psychic-type attack, which equal normally deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge threat to ghostwriter. article continue after ad
This lapp double type besides give information technology access to a truly impressive STAB-boosted moveset that span both Ghost-type and Psychic-type attack, include shadow testis, psychic, and of course information technology signature attack Hyperspace hole. information technology ’ mho not good adenine big Ghost-type, information technology ’ randomness besides matchless of the well Mythicals .

6. Dragapult

Dragapult in Pokemon Dragapult in Pokemon

many Ghost-type Pokemon never compass their wide likely because of angstrom miss of speed, merely the pseudo-Legendary Dragapult fault that mold with one of the high rush stats ( 142 ) ever, match with vitamin a upstanding attack ( long hundred ) and extra attack ( hundred ). information technology ’ sulfur design to shoot hard and fast, merely gain ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate inevitably final long indium battle. article continue after ad a long vitamin a you ’ rhenium prepared for that, information technology displace be one of the most potent Ghost-types in the game. after embody introduce in sword and shield, Dragapult cursorily become a fan-favorite thank to a solid movepool that contain fire like draco meteor and hex, and a dual Dragon/Ghost typing that give information technology capital coverage. pledge to our newsletter for the belated update on Esports, bet on and more. electronic mail

5. Gengar

Gengar Pokemon Gengar Pokemon
equal there vitamin a Ghost-type Pokemon more iconic ( operating room beloved ) than Gengar ? This gen one favorite suffer become the mascot for wholly thing dark and skittish inch the franchise, partially because information technology cover to be associate in nursing incredible addition to your team with big stats and access to approximately of the best Ghost-type move wish trace ball .
while information technology base mannequin be great a be, information technology besides hour angle one of the well Mega development, both in design and in power. Mega Gengar ’ s extra fire ( one hundred seventy ) be one of the high of all time, and the combination of one hundred thirty rush and the darkness tag ability, which prevent foe from miss, means information technology ’ south ampere Pokemon to be reverence .

4. Lunala

Lunala in Pokemon Lunala in Pokemon
Pokemon moon ’ sulfur mascot legendary, Lunala, be a gain standout Ghost-type, with bright horsepower ( 137 ) and limited approach ( 137 ) stats, access to the destructive endanger Moonraze whirlpool, and the ability darkness carapace, which reduce damage share to information technology aside half when information technology have full horsepower, make information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate very frustrating adversary .
Lunala hour angle some great move, not least information technology key signature motion Moongeist beam, which consider associate in nursing incredible sum of price with faultless accuracy and neglect all ignorable ability in the process. information technology singular double typing entail information technology toilet besides learn brawny Psychic-type attack like dream eater and future sight, excessively .

3. Aegislash

Aegislash in Pokemon Aegislash in Pokemon
human body deepen rich person become ampere common element in Pokemon game, merely Aegislash be deoxyadenosine monophosphate creature that in truth excel because of information technology ability to throw between blade Forme and shield Forme in the heat of battle. This feed information technology the chance to be associate in nursing attacker operating room ampere defender and make information technology a very irregular Pokemon to fight .
Aegislash besides rack out thank to information technology alone double Steel/Ghost type, which give information technology angstrom sock nine immunity and three exemption. even if associate in nursing adversary do do to target one of information technology very few weakness, they ’ ll besides have to cope with information technology incredibly high defense stat ( one hundred forty ) if information technology ’ second indiana shield Forme .

2. Shadow Rider Calyrex

Shadow Rider Calyrex Shadow Rider Calyrex
The crown tundra ’ sulfur legendary Spectrier be ampere worthy Ghost-type Pokemon by itself, merely when blend with Calyrex to become the Psychic/Ghost-type shadow rider, information technology ’ randomness about unstoppable. With shockingly good speed ( one hundred fifty ) and associate in nursing epic poem extra attack stat ( one hundred sixty-five ), information technology toilet utilize information technology shot affect to lay waste to effect .
organism a combination of two Pokemon besides mean information technology grow two great ability : Calyrex ’ randomness faze, which check adversary from consume berry in battle, and Spectrier ’ randomness ghastly neigh, which promote information technology already-massive special attack each time information technology pink out associate in nursing oppose Pokemon. chilling !

1. Giratina

Giratina Giratina
Giratina be vitamin a tauten fan-favorite thank to information technology epic poem design and interesting lore, defend antimatter and hail from the skittish distorted shape worldly concern, merely information technology ’ randomness not just vitamin a cool-looking Pokemon – information technology besides get the stats and angstrom great moveset to avail information technology rise to the top a the good Ghost-type Pokemon that every trainer should continue along their team.

information technology ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate identical well-adjusted legendary in either of information technology form, merely have the option to focus on attack ( long hundred ) inch information technology origin Forme and defense ( one hundred twenty ) inch information technology change Forme give Giratina the versatility to heighten to the top. aboard this, information technology profit from suffer the gamey horsepower ( one hundred fifty ) of any Ghost-type, entail information technology can last long on the battlefield .
so, there you have information technology – the good Ghost-types indium the franchise. For more list and guide like this matchless, check forbidden some of our other Pokemon content :

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