Pokemon GO Cliff counters for Rocket Takeover (November 2022)

November 13, 2022: A surprise Rocket Takeover event has changed Cliff ‘s team. here ‘s how to beat it. You ‘ll need to know the best Pokemon GO Cliff counters for September 2022 if you ‘re to have any opportunity of bagging this big world ‘s new Shadow Pokémon. Lucky for you, we ‘ve updated our trusty template with some of the best and most normally used Pokémon that will see you through the fight


Following on from the Power Plant consequence that changed his batting order the last time around, an event coinciding with this class ‘s Pokémon GO Fest has switched up the team Rocket plan of action so far again .Pokemon GAME

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See More board of contents Pokémon GO Cliff Counters and team for November 2022 first Cliff Pokémon counters second Cliff Pokémon counters Third Cliff Pokémon counters How do I conflict Cliff in Pokémon GO ? Looking for more Pokémon GO guides ? We have Sierra counters a well as Arlo counters if you need to fight the other two Team GO Rocket Leaders. Likewise, we have Giovanni counters if he ‘s inactive approximately. And if you just need to flesh out your team, check out our Pokémon GO Legendary Pokémon tilt for the lowdown on which of those are available good now .

Pokémon GO Cliff Counters and team for November 2022

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
Machop Crobat, Amoongus, Pinsir Tyranitar, Aerodactly, Camerupt

This time around, Cliff is rocking a team with plenty of starter Pokémon. He constantly kicks things off with a Bulbasaur in rate of his retire Cubone. After that, you ‘ll find two fresh Pokémon in his second time slot, making it a tossup between Crobat, Venusaur, and returning Omastar. last, you ‘ll go up against either Tyranitar, Torterra, or Swampert in the final bout. He equitable ca n’t let his dinos go.


First Cliff Pokémon counters

Machop Counters

Machop, who ‘ll prove to be a identical mighty Shadow Machamp on your side, is weak to Flying and Psychic-type moves. Latios, Espeon, Dragonite, Alakazam, Ho-Oh, Charizard, Mewtwo : that sort of matter

Second Cliff Pokémon counters

Crobat Counters

Pokémon Fast Move Charged Move
Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psystrike
Alakazam Psycho Cut Psychic
Glaceon Ice Shard Ice Blast
Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche

For Crobot, you barely need to watch out for its accelerate. therefore hanker as you have a charged attack ready from key Bulbasaur counters like Alakazam or Mewtwo, you should have an easy time with this one. Likewise, Ice-type Pokémon will pitch in barely fine, freezing its wings.



Pinsir brings high attack to the contend, but it wo n’t be using many moves to upset the types you ‘ll want to bring to this fight. Those Flying-type moves used against Machop will work wonders, but its likely Bug-type moves will hurt your psychic attackers. In their locate, knock-down Rock-type Pokemon like Rhyperior, or Fire-type Pokemon like Charizard will work .


Pokémon Fast Move Charged Move
Torterra Razor Leaf Frenzy Plant
Bellossom Bullet Seed Leaf Blade
Sceptile Bullet Seed Leaf Blade
Leafeon Bullet Seed Leaf Blade
Vileplume Razor Leaf Moonblast

Like Pinsir, Amoongus will likely hurt your Psychic-type attackers with Dark or Poison-type moves. alternatively, stick to Fire/Flying-types like Moltres, Charizard, and Ho-Oh to keep it at alcove .

Third Cliff Pokémon counters

Tyranitar Counters

Pokémon Fast Move Charged Move
Lucario Counter Power-Up Punch, Aura Sphere
Conkeldurr Counter Dynamic Punch
Machamp Counter Cross Chop, Dynamic Punch
Swampert Mudshot Hydro Cannon, Earthquake
Kyogre Waterfall Surf

Shadow Tyranitar is faint to Fighting, Fairy, Ground, Bug, Steel, Water and Grass-type moves. here ‘s a number of Pokémon and their moves that rejoinder Tyranitar.


Tyranitar is specially weak to Fighting-type Pokémon, making a bunch together of classical raid bosses perfect Pokémon GO Cliff counters. Lucario stands out as a way to burn Cliff ‘s shields. Despite being shielded, Power-up Punches will buff your Counter and shred through Tyranitar ‘s defences in no clock time. Tyranitar has a batch of other weaknesses, but we ‘d target Fighting-types for the add wrong promote .

Aerodactyl Counters

Aerodactyl may pack a serious bunch together against your Psychic-type attackers again, making Ice Beam Mewtwo a liability. Assuming its using that Bite/Crunch moveset, Ice-type attackers like Mamoswine will deal deadly wrong to it. Glaceon works a well, but it could succumb to any Rock or Ground-type attacks is decides to pull out. then there ‘s Fire Fang .

Camerupt Counters

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Galarian Darmanitan Ice Fang Ice Punch
Glaceon Frost Breath Icy Wind
Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche
Tyranitar Smack Down Stone Edge
Froslass Powder Snow Avalanche

Camerupt will fall over with a single use of Earthquake in most cases. If you ‘re bringing a Tyranitar, Rhyperior, or Mamoswine with that particularly potent charged approach, you ‘ll be laughing away with your Shadow Machop a soon as you see cliff perpetrate this one come out of the closet .Pokémon GO Cliff counters are worth researching just for the rewards.


How do I battle Cliff in Pokémon GO?

To encounter any Team Rocket Leader, you have to defeat six Rocket Grunts. Grunts can be found by interacting with black PokéStops or hot air balloons floating above you on the function.

Defeat six of them to earn cryptic Components, then combine them into a Rocket Radar. The radar will lead you to one of the elusive Rocket Leaders .

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