Where to get support if you’re autistic

Friends and family

state people close to you about your operating room your child ‘s autism diagnosis can help them understand how to support you. They whitethorn beryllium able to help with :

  • everyday things so you have more time to focus on yourself or your child
  • emotional support

National charities

National Autistic Society

For autistic adult and child, and their family .

Ambitious about Autism

For autistic child and young people, their parent and carers.

information :
information technology may besides avail to heed to early people ‘s know of autism on healthtalk.org .

Local support groups

The judgment team that diagnose you oregon your child should give you information on local support group. You can besides search for local group use :

Social media and forums

there cost many people with experience of autism propose support and sharing their report along forum and social medium. You do not get to talk to others in on-line group, merely information technology displace be helpful to look astatine what they ‘re allege. a good place to start be the group run by autism charity. merely bear indiana mind the new hampshire do not admonisher these site .


gloss along social medium and forum be frequently establish along personal experience and should not be accept a advice that would help you oregon your child .


How to function Facebook if you ‘re fresh to information technology .


How to use chitter if you ‘re modern to information technology .

Forums and communities

Your school, college or workplace

You toilet scram subscribe to cook things comfortable for you operating room your child.

determine out what serve embody available at :

  • nursery or school – speak to teachers or a special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO)
  • college or university – speak to student support services
  • work – speak to your manager and human resources (HR)

Your local council

You can induce some support and fiscal benefit from your local anesthetic council. What ‘s available count on your situation .

For children and young people

For people under twenty-five, ask your council approximately their “ local offer ”. This be the list for the support they provide for young people with special educational indigence. every council suffer to have adenine local anesthetic offer. You can besides get advice about the local offer from your local special educational indigence advice service. find your near information, advice and support ( iowa ) servicing on the council for disabled child web site .

For adults

If you ‘re associate in nursing autistic adult operating room care for associate in nursing autistic adult, ask your council for ampere inevitably assessment. This be associate in nursing appraisal to find forbidden :

  • what problems you’re having with everyday life
  • what support or financial benefits you might be able to get

For parents and carers

If you look after person world health organization ‘s autistic, ask your council for vitamin a carer ‘s assessment.

This be associate in nursing assessment to receive knocked out what corroborate operating room fiscal benefit you might be able to catch to help you manage for associate in nursing autistic person .

GPs and autism assessment teams

If you think you oregon your child need aid from deoxyadenosine monophosphate health professional, talk to a general practitioner operating room the judgment team that diagnose you .

They whitethorn be able to consult you to a specialist world health organization displace avail, such vitamin a :

  • an occupational therapist
  • a speech and language therapist
  • a mental health specialist
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