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Thank you for making the kind and generous decision to serve as an egg donor ! You have the electric potential to change the naturally of a match ’ second life in an incredibly positive way through egg contribution. One of the requirements for egg donors is to meet with a psychologist or a mental health advocate for an evaluation. This may sound intimidating. In actuality, the interview can be interest and educational. Egg donation program at The Reproductive Medicine Group When a prolific copulate decides to have a child, they are frequently aware of their family penis ’ south positive and negative health history a well as personality traits including disorders such as learning problems, dipsomania and psychiatric illnesses that may be ancestral. When recipient/Intended Parents ( IP ’ mho, the couple who hope to become parents with your giving ) indigence donated eggs to conceive, unless a professional gathers a complete history about the donor for them, they will become parents without important information. Most information science ’ s have spent years trying to conceive and want to be the best parents potential. If IP ’ randomness have data about their donor ’ s health history and that of her carry family, they can be good prepared to address their child ’ south needs. The more information you are able to share with the psychologist or mental health professional, the more you can potentially help the IP ’ sulfur be prepared, good parents. Each of us has had both incontrovertible and negative experiences during our lives. In summation, about everyone has at least one member in their family tree who has experienced a mental health topic. Mental health professionals are mindful of this and are concern in being supportive rather than judgmental. just be yourself. It is better to be open and admit to imperfections than to present with inconsistencies. There is no perfect person, so there is no arrant donor.

Another concern part of the consultation involves preparing you for the psychological aspects of being a donor. This is a intrigue helping of the interview, as different perspectives can be discussed. You are not expected to know the answers to all the questions asked of you. In fact, this is a good time for you to ask questions and express any concerns you might have. We want you to feel in full informed, comfortable and confident about your decisiveness to participate as a donor. Your health and emotional well being are of farthermost importance to us. If you are married, your spouse may be invited to the interview or may be brought into the interview via telephone.

You will be asked to take a personality test. It is crucial to know that personality tests are not designed to judge you. Most questions do not have right or incorrect answers. If a question does not pertain to you, please indicate that information. The trial may help determine if you are experiencing issues that might interfere or conflict with you at the stream time. additionally, the questions are designed to be medium to test-taking style. It is best to be open and to try your best to present yourself equally honestly as potential. Life, relationships and work can be complicated. It is completely normal to have flaws and experience challenges rather than be perfect. A defensive position while taking the personality test may invalidate your results. An open style is appealing and credible. Your examination results are not based on how you answer any one item. The psychologist or genial health counselor will not read each of your responses. rather, items are grouped and the quiz is interpreted in terms of personality stylus.

Helping a couple who might not otherwise have the opportunity to reach their dream of becoming parents is a beautiful endow. openly and honestly communicating your history a well as your personal and alone style will help the professional team match you with the appropriate IP. Your openness will help the IP ’ sulfur be the best parents they can be. Thank you for your time and generosity. We look forward to working with you ! Barbara Feinberg, Psy.D with Sandy B. Goodman, M.D. Dr. Barbara Feinberg is a accredited psychologist who has been in secret practice for over 25 years. Please visit her at her web site, ( 813 ) 264-7314 .

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