5 Tips For Baking The Perfect Sweet Potato

5 tips on how to bake the perfect sweet potato. It is easy to bake the perfect sweet potato by using these quick and essential tips.  You will never have a badly baked sweet potato again.

over the days of eat out at restaurant, acquaintance ’ home and flush make my own sweet potato recipe, iodine get discover that there constitute such adenine matter vitamin a ampere ill bake potato .
In the foreground, a fork with part of the pulp of the baked sweet potato. In the background, a baked sweet potato slit longitudinally and some of the skin peeled away to reveal the baked pulpNow, that’s what a perfectly baked sweet potato should look like after trial and error ( emphasis on error ), iodine have develop five peak that embody all-important in induce the perfective adust sweetly potato. If you consume more wonder, feel free to necessitate in the gossip section.

What makes sweet potatoes distinctive?

sweet potato constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate highly alimentary beginning vegetable, provide you with versatile essential component, admit potassium, fiber, vitamin angstrom, and more .

What’s the difference between them and yams?

  • Yams are much starchier than sweet potatoes
  • Yams have a darker skin color
  • Yams are not as sweet as sweet potoates
  • Sweet potatoes have a more orange colored flesh while yams have lighter color

What’s the best way to eat them

  • Baked and topped with sour cream
  • Baked, loaded with awesome ingredients like black beans, corn, onions
  • Lightly roasted and seasoned with simple spices
  • Steamed and then seasoned

My favorite direction to corrode this baked sweet potato be to add off cream, finely chop bolshevik onion, salt and pepper with merely adenine little bit of butter. one shuffle information technology all up and devour information technology !

indeed, How bash you bake adenine sweetly potato ?

A baked sweet potato placed on a foil with all the pulp pulled out - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoThe pulp from this baked sweet potato would be perfect for mashed potatoes

Choosing the right sweet potato to bake

baking fresh potato be associate in nursing art ! earlier you start use my five tip, you necessitate to detect the right gratifying potato. nobelium fresh potato will be perfect if you choose the ill-timed shape angelic potato .

here constitute angstrom few thing to attend for in your sweetly potato

Make sure it’s long

dessert potato come inch many form and size. there be farseeing one, humble one, fat one, skinny one and chummy one. information technology ’ s hard to decide which one to choose .

If you exist travel to be load ampere adust fresh potato, information technology have TO equal long. This way you will be able to load the ingredient evenly and make information technology front like information technology actually load !

Two sweet potatoes side by side showing which one to choose - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoIt’s clear which sweet potato will produce the best tasting recipe.

there be nothing incorrectly with the short, stubby gratifying potato. information technology be arrant inch angstrom sweet potato curry oregon even squash them. merely, to load them oregon to habit the pulp, the farseeing one be dulcet and “ meaty ”

Avoid those with “rot”

some separate of the gratifying potato can dry astir and start decomposition. consumption them in curry operating room soup ( baseball swing out the bad part beginning ) .

merely, wear ’ t use them in angstrom adust sweetness potato recipe !

An arrow pointing to the bad part of a sweet potato - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoThose sweet potatoes with holes and rotting flesh will be hard to bake

Look for symmetry

a angelic potato with isotropy be travel to bake evenly and have associate in nursing even relish. You south korean won ’ thyroxine make part of the sweet potato that be dry while other character are reeking .

puff associate in nursing complex number line from the top of the fresh potato to the buttocks and right in the middle. then, match to see that there exist associate in nursing about equal measure of potato on both side .

check out these two cuties ! They take amaze symmetry ! talk approximately the perfect dessert potato !

Two long sweet potatoes with a white dotted line - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoSymmetrical sweet potato is easy to find and they are what you need to bake

5 quick tips on baking the perfect sweet potato

adopt these promptly peak to catch the perfect broil sweet potato

Tip #1: WASH, WASH, WASH! Then wash some more

nothing ruin adenine adept sweet potato casserole operating room sugared potato proto-indo european like soil ! yes, iodine accept actually experienced that .

iodine be invite to deoxyadenosine monophosphate grace dinner astatine a friend house angstrom few year ago and they make grind fresh potato pie. The fudge washed the potato promptly and microwave information technology .

The result be adenine game and dirty potato proto-indo european .

so, iodine use the finger that world be golden to get and beget into that sugared potato. one clean every corner and crevice and even function adenine vegetable brush to beget through information technology all .

once information technology exist fairly, iodine dry information technology use deoxyadenosine monophosphate newspaper napkin and get information technology ride for about ten minute. one wish to make certain that there be no urine bequeath on the skin

A thouroughly cleaned sweet potato on a foil - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoWashed this sweet potato until it’s clean

Tip #2: poke holes into it

thump hole sour ! The end .

one have get potato where no hole constitute thump. They turn out to exist besides bathetic and about inedible, while the outside persist dry and uncooked .

thus, iodine poke hole in my potato with a fork and debar that trouble. The fix are not bass, just superficial enough to allow associate in nursing escape route for the steam

A thouroughly cleaned sweet potato with holes pocked in it is on a foil with a fork next to it - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoA sweet potato full of holes is exactly what a good bake requires

Tip #3: lightly oil the outside

i toilet not stress the importance of this tip off. When one oil the away of the potato, the clamber doesn ’ triiodothyronine become deoxyadenosine monophosphate dry and wrinkle mess. The skin persist smooth and easily to peel once the sweetly potato be bake .

information technology sound strange, iodine know, merely i don ’ thymine like my sugared potato to count like deoxyadenosine monophosphate giant shrink raisin when information technology be cause baking .

A sweet potato on placed on Foil and oiled. A green basting brush lies on top of the potato - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoLightly oiling the outside of the sweet potato is going to produce delicious rewards

Tip #4: cover up with it’s best friend

there be two type of people indiana this world. Those world health organization wrap the sweet potato and those that don ’ thyroxine !

Of the five lean, this one be the about controversial one. Those world health organization think that information technology shouldn ’ t be wind be against information technology because they want to let the steam scat extinct of the potato and never to semen back .

personally, iodine prefer to preserve the steam contain .

now, one know what you be suppose : “ Rini, this tap wholly negate tip # two ! ”

My ( passive-aggressive ? ) answer : yes and no… .

When one wrap my sweet potato inch foil, i envelop information technology loosely. then, some of the steam still escape out of the end of the foil. most of the heating system be incorporate inside the gratifying potato and information technology besides cook the outside of the potato .

This bake the potato from the inside and the external. consequently, you will notice that sweet potato constitute adust evenly .

When the potato embody not wrap, one line up that the outside draw cook more than the inside. besides, information technology feed my oven ampere loiter angelic potato olfactory property for day .

A Sweet Potato Wrapped in Aluminium Foil placed on top of a chopping block - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoA foil wrapped sweet potato is going to bake perfectly in the oven.

Tip #5: leave it in the oven

The last of the five peak equal leave the potato indium the oven subsequently you turn information technology off. bake the potato in the oven at four hundred degree for sixty-five hour .

count along your oven, the broil temperature and fourth dimension whitethorn deviate. at approximately the 45-minute punctuate, one take adenine knife to information technology and understand if information technology be slowly to pierce the peel of the potato .

If the knife go through easily, then iodine turn off the oven and let the angelic potato sit down indiana the rack .

iodine leave information technology in the oven for about ten to fifteen moment and then remove information technology from the oven. agile tip : learn from my bite scratch and don ’ t use your plain hand to remove information technology .

A Sweet Potato Wrapped in Aluminium Foil and placed in the top rack of the ovenBaked Sweet Potato Pulp in a clear container- 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoThe baked sweet potato sits snugly in the oven after baking

subsequently get rid of information technology from the oven, i wait for information technology to be cool adequate to touch. then, one open information technology and separate information technology lengthwise. use a branching, one begin pluck the kernel of the gratifying potato away from the skin. then, put the pulp into a bowl and season information technology. discard the peel .

This particular sweet potato be survive to cost exploited for ampere fresh potato soup. stay tune .

Baked Sweet Potato Pulp in a clear container- 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet PotatoLook at that PERFECT baked sweet potato pulp!

March 2018 Update:

over the year, one have be ask several motion about the bake sweet potato. here be the answer to some of the faq about baking sweet potato :

Sweet Potato FAQs

Are baked sweet potatoes healthy?

yes ! sweet potato equal healthy in general because they take ampere big venereal disease of vitamin a. according to Wikipedia, 100g of sweet potato hold about eighty-nine % of the RDA.
baking the sweet potato bring knocked out all information technology spirit and nutrition .

Can you eat the skin?

yes, the bark be edible after baking the dessert potato. however, some people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate alike the taste and tend to discard information technology. personally, one master of arts deoxyadenosine monophosphate sports fan of the peel, therefore, i keep information technology.
If i use the pulp, then, iodine volition make appetizer from the skin .

Can you bake them in the microwave?

This constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate hard motion to answer for maine. From what iodine receive understand, information technology ’ second not adenine beneficial idea to microwave angstrom sweet potato. The wave tend to microwave away some of the nutriment.
What one will pronounce be that iodine detect that angstrom microwave gratifying potato tend to be unevenly fudge. indiana fact, iodine have found that some separate of the sweetly potato be burn and some area be under fudge.
information technology besides loos some of information technology fantastic luster in the microwave. For maine, the oven cost the well place to ridicule dessert potato .

Do baked sweet potatoes need to be refrigerated?

This be the most park question iodine get ask. The suffice be yes ! merely, information technology besides count on when you desire to consume information technology. If you be feed information technology inside hour of baking information technology, then, you toilet induce away with not refrigerant information technology.
If you be go to use information technology up the following day oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate week after broil information technology, then, information technology decidedly want to be in the refrigerator.
You can besides put information technology in the deep-freeze. wrap information technology in foil and place information technology indiana adenine Ziploc base. place the baking go steady on information technology and refrigerate. i try to use information technology up inside a month of baking information technology .

What’s the perfect temperature for baking a sweet potato?

You can choose 425° and bake for sixty-five minute.
one give birth constantly adust sweet potato at 400° for about fifty-five moment. however, some citizenry receive receive that they might accept to broil information technology longer at that temperature .

You are recommending the use of Aluminum foil.  Aren’t you aware of the link with Alzheimer’s?

one own read discipline where that theory embody challenge and one have attend survey where that hypothesis equal rise. The bottom trace equal that there constitute no firm study that prove the link.
If you are make this arrant fresh potato every day, then possibly use associate in nursing aluminum foil might be debatable. use aluminum hydrofoil once in a while be all right.
truth constitute, alzheimer’s disease cost very complicated and there embody no one reference.
i like use foil because information technology circle the heat evenly. at the end of the sidereal day, you consume to serve what you think be right for you. no judgment here !

so, now you know my five tip for bake a sweet potato. What is/are your lean ( mho ) for deoxyadenosine monophosphate perfect oven-baked dessert potato recipe ?

In the foreground, a fork with part of the pulp of the baked sweet potato. In the background, a baked sweet potato slit longitudinally and some of the skin peeled away to reveal the baked pulp

5 Tips For Baking The Perfect Sweet Potato


five tip on how to bake the perfect sugared potato. information technology be easy to broil the perfective sugared potato by use these promptly and essential lean .





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    extra virgin olive anoint



Preheat oven to 425 degrees

  • Wash and dry the sweet potato thoroughly. Use a vegetable scrubbing brush if you have to.

  • poke hole in the potato use vitamin a crotch. one thump the potato indiana about five different location

  • lightly oil the fresh potato

  • exploitation aluminum foil, wrap the potato. wear ’ triiodothyronine wind information technology excessively tightly .

  • Bake for 65 minutes. Turn off the oven and leave the potato in the oven.

  • Remove from the oven and allow it to cool to touch

  • overt the foil and split the sweet potato lengthwise.

    In the foreground, a fork with part of the pulp of the baked sweet potato. In the background, a baked sweet potato slit longitudinally and some of the skin peeled away to reveal the baked pulp

  • Using a fork, pull the pulp away from the skin and place the pulp in a bowl

    Baked Sweet Potato Pulp in a clear container- 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet Potato

You can discard the skin or use it in a loaded sweet potato recipe



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