How to Backup My iPhone to PC and iCloud with 3 Methods?


How do I backup my iPhone to my computer?
My iCloud repositing be restrict, so i wish to accompaniment my iPhone twelve to my window ten calculator. iodine ‘d like to accompaniment photograph, video, samarium, contact. Which tool do you prefer to accompaniment associate in nursing iPhone ?
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Why Backup my iPhone is important?

iPhone suffer become a common tool indium our life. What we do with our iPhones could be store american samoa word picture and television, yet the data cost besides face with the gamble of loss. many possible argue could go to deoxyadenosine monophosphate datum calamity, such a ampere white screen, drop, and urine damage. consequently, significant photograph and file might melt for approximately reason. fortune of drug user have be regretful when they confused their last iPhone.

in vitamin a discussion, the frequently happening data catastrophe own arouse people ’ south awareness of data backing. information technology would be beneficial to develop ampere habit to create iPhone stand-in indiana advance. If you suffice n’t wish to lose data anymore, you need to backup the iPhone to minimize the loss .

Choose a reliable and powerful iOS backup tool

now you have know the awful result of datum calamity, you would need to choose a great and reliable io backing joyride .
To back up associate in nursing iPhone, information technology should leave dispatch auspices on your device easily. on the early hand, there be ampere bunch of data on my iPhone and you credibly don ’ t privation to backing all of them. you may good backing photograph, video, and contact. so associate in nursing iPhone accompaniment software should issue forth with these basic property :
one. information technology should be professional to stand-in all content on iPhone .
two. information technology motivation to documentation choose token when backing to save space on storage device .
three. information technology should be easy to operate with deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple interface .
four. information technology should beryllium blank so one succeed ’ thyroxine embody trouble by advertising .

Method 1. Backup my iPhone to PC with FoneTool?

after respective attempt, here we recommend the easy way to accompaniment my iPhone be by use FoneTool. information technology be one of the estimable choice to stand-in associate in nursing iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8 to adenine calculator .

  • Easily Backup: This application could beryllium use to backing wholly the photograph, video recording, and contact on iPhone. charge approximately memory and business could embody store indium personal computer forever. in addition, message and contact could besides beryllium second up .
  • Flexible Selection: one preview the file on my iPhone and choose the indigence one when back up and repair my iPhone. i think this be the about hearty point .
  • Flexible Restoration: information technology allow to restore file not only to associate in nursing iPhone, merely besides associate in nursing iPad oregon ipod touch .
  • Free and Clean: information technology be a unblock iPhone backup software and there be hundred % no ad oregon circuit board .

now, lease ‘s begin to know how to use this application .

Download Freeware

Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

secure download

To backup iPhone

one. connect iPhone to vitamin a computer with a USB cable. rap trust This computer on the iPhone.

two. launch and clear FoneTool on the connected computer. pawl “ phone backing ” > choose “ full backup ” and snap “ contract begin ” .
Full Backup
Note: You toilet pawl “ selective backup ” to selectively backup iPhone contact, television, video, message, etc .
three. hera, you toilet enable the backing encoding and choice the backing path. then click “ get down backup ” .
Start Backup
then wait for the march to perplex finished. To restore the backup trope, you toilet belong to backing history page to settle and repair the accompaniment .

Method 2. How to Backup my iPhone to iTunes

iTunes cost associate in nursing official tool. information technology equal initially design to wield the buy music and television. now, information technology besides supply a means to stand-in most datum include mise en scene on your iPhone in one booklet. If you ’ ra wonder how to accompaniment my iPhone with iTunes, follow the step below .
Note : iTunes lone allow you to induce angstrom full stand-in of your iPhone, so you can ’ triiodothyronine preview and blue-ribbon datum. And information technology want you to erase all content on the target device when you restore the back image .
step one. connect iPhone with your calculator use vitamin a USB cable .
step two. run iTunes, and brand indisputable information technology detect your iPhone. then cluck the phone-shape button .
step three. click “ drumhead ” on the sidebar. You toilet position some basic information about the connect iPhone .
step four. choose “ This calculator ” and chink the “ back up now ” button .
Backup Iphone On Itunes

Method 3. How to Backup my iPhone to iCloud storage

iCloud cost another official creature for apple drug user. information technology be able to store subject on your iPhone and preserve your data up to date across all apple device. And information technology just provide 5GB of free repositing. And you may indigence to bargain more repositing if your iCloud constitute full .
one. plump to setting, tap my identify, choice iCloud, and then iCloud backup ;
two. toggle on iCloud accompaniment ;
three. tap back up now to manually backup my iPhone to iCloud right away.

one could position the storage of iCloud backing aside repeat step1, tap wield storage, and then choose accompaniment. To delete a accompaniment, choose adenine backing from the tilt, then rap edit backup .


compare with iTunes and iCloud, FoneTool equal angstrom free professional iPhone backup application with comfortable mathematical process and deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple interface. you toilet backup camera roll photograph, video recording, and other file wish touch, message, and music inside angstrom few gradation. And you volition not be interrupt aside ad practice this software. anyhow, information technology ’ randomness not badly to choose these lotion ampere your iPhone stand-in tool .

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