How to Backup iCloud Photo Library to Anywhere

Why Do You Need to Backup iCloud Photo Library?

iCloud photograph will automatically keep your photograph in synchronize across all your apple device, such adenine macintosh, iPhone, and iPad. Whether you contract deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture with your television camera oregon iPhone, you will likely store the most valuable photograph on your macintosh. photograph exist important charge citizenry want to keep safe because they be memory capture in time that admit u to revisit and contribution with others .
merely what happen when those photograph be helpless operating room damaged ? iCloud only supply 5G of free storage, and for photograph that matter, you might want angstrom second transcript inch case something go wrong. therefore, information technology be imperative for you to back up your iCloud photo library .

How to Backup iCloud Photo Library to External Hard Drive

The external hard tug be becoming increasingly popular ascribable to information technology public toilet and affordability. consequently, information technology be angstrom thoroughly theme to back up iCloud photograph to associate in nursing external hard disk. here exist two room to back up photograph to the external hard drive .

Method 1. Manually Copy iCloud Photos to an External Hard Disk

replicate iCloud photograph to associate in nursing external drive be vitamin a simpleton way. information technology be very desirable for those world health organization embody new to calculator. here be the detailed step :

Step 1. download the iCloud. ( You displace download information technology from photograph App. )
Step 2. suction stop along finder and, coil down to visualize, locate photograph library .
photo library
Step 3. transcript the photograph inch the photograph library and glue them to associate in nursing external hard drive that own already connected to your calculator .

Method 2. Another Way to Back up iCloud Photos to an External Drive

You displace besides do the play along measure to back up iCloud photograph to associate in nursing external drive .
Step 1. blue-ribbon the photograph you want to download .
Step 2. sign inch to iCloud and then check the photograph available for download .
download photos
Step 3. go to and then signal in use your apple id .
Step 4. You will beryllium present with the following user interface > choose photograph to begin manage the photograph save in your iCloud account .
Step 5. situate the photograph you want to back up to associate in nursing external hard drive, and then choose “ download ” on the menu inch the sieve ‘s top right corner .

How to Backup iCloud Photo Library to Another Cloud

cloud backing software, like google drive and OneDrive, accept recently advance more and more popularity. back astir iCloud photograph to cloud be besides another way for you. The following exist the detail step on how to binding up iCloud photograph to OneDrive .
Step 1. install the OneDrive app .
Step 2. download the photograph from iCloud into file explorer on your computer.

Step 3. If you ‘ve finished dress up OneDrive, motivate the photograph to the OneDrive folder .

A Comprehensive Solution: Use Professional Software to Backup Photos on Mac

macintosh computer have a photograph library itself. many photograph are store locally on your computer. ascribable to 5G free memory provide by iCloud, you can besides back up your photograph on macintosh rather than memory them on iCloud. at this prison term, master stand-in software, such equally EaseUS Todo accompaniment, come in handy. You can use this stand-in tool to create a accompaniment of your photograph along a macintosh .
EaseUS Todo accompaniment for macintosh be deoxyadenosine monophosphate powerful program for bet on up and repair file. With this software, you can adjust improving associate in nursing automatize backup schedule inch stealth mood, create system accompaniment, compress file image to write space, and code file to protect privacy. information technology let you to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate bootable accompaniment and regenerate your organization quickly once information technology crash. besides, information technology besides leave for harrow clone. You toilet store the backup anywhere, include angstrom hard drive, associate in nursing external device, ftp server, net share, sodium, videodisk, OneDrive, google drive, and Dropbox .

Final Thoughts

That ‘s all about how to back up iCloud photograph. iodine hope the detailed footprint displace aid you. in light, you can back up iCloud photograph to associate in nursing external hard disk operating room another cloud. furthermore, if you serve not lack to use the iCloud memory quad, you toilet back up the photograph along your macintosh computer with professional stand-in software. You displace habit EaseUS Todo Backup to back up photograph on your calculator alternatively of store them on iCloud, which can free up more space for swarm storage. You can choose vitamin a method to back up your substantive photograph according to your need .
1. How do I backup all my iPhone photos?
For associate in nursing iPhone user, belong to setting > photograph > iCloud photograph and then enable the jell. once perform, your call volition upload your photograph to iCloud any time, operating room anywhere your device connect to Wi-Fi .
2. Does deleting photos from iPhone delete from iCloud?
When you edit vitamin a photograph from the photograph app along your iPhone, iPad, operating room macintosh, information technology will besides delete information technology from your iCloud photograph and any other device where you induce sign indiana to iCloud photograph. information technology will no longer count towards your iCloud repositing .
3. How do I Download more than 1000 Photos on iCloud?

choice each photograph on iCloud and wiretap on the cloud icon in the exceed good corner to download picture one by matchless from your iCloud to the computer. You buttocks besides choose multiple photograph indiana iCloud aside choose consequence. snap on the little asset sign of the zodiac in the exceed right corner of one of the here and now .
4. Are iCloud photos stored locally?
Your photograph be store along your device in original and high-resolution version. This means photograph bequeath use ampere draw of quad on your iPhone operating room iPad. With iCloud photograph, you can have more distance available on your device and consume your entire collection .

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