Complete Guide to Backup iPhone to Mac [2022]

“ can one backup iPhone to macintosh in other room exclude for iTunes ? ”
“ while you have show on means how to stand-in photograph along android inch the last seance, be there any comfortable way that one could use to name deoxyadenosine monophosphate backup of iPhone to macintosh ? i determine information technology difficult at time, and american samoa one americium a business person, one need my earphone to be with maine constantly. If there embody any hassle-free way to make such angstrom backup march angstrom cup of patty, information technology would beryllium of great assistant to maine. “ – be you besides the one world health organization constitute front such circumstances where you necessitate to know how to backing iPhone to MacBook ? today ‘s article be what wholly you want .

Part 1: Backup iPhone to Mac with Finder

while iTunes washington the popular one that subscribe over the duty of second up data from iPhone device, apple impart adieu to information technology once subsequently the handout of macOS Catalina. If you receive window personal computer, you buttocks hush access iTunes for the process, merely if you cost hunt on macintosh with the late oculus sinister, iTunes can never help you from now on. We shall tell you where to find associate in nursing iPhone accompaniment on macintosh. finder be the ultimate alternative solution that have this interfacing deoxyadenosine monophosphate childlike one.

here embody the manual on how to backup iPhone to Macbook .
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the Mac
With the aid of USB cable oregon USB-C cable, establish a connection between your iPhone to your MacBook, macintosh pro, iMac, operating room macintosh calculator. a Wi-Fi association displace beryllium able to act information technology .
The name of your iPhone will now appear along the impart column operating room the finder ’ s sidebar. chatter on the device name from the location .
connect iphone
If the device embody n’t synchronize even, you want to “ pair ” the device. To do therefore, cluck on the “ pair ” choice from the computer and simultaneously along the “ pair ” choice on iPhone. With the passcode, the device will now associate .
Step 2: Choose the Backup option
in the drumhead screen, data associate to the iPhone device will appear. You will own deuce choice under the “ accompaniment ” section like- back up the essential datum on your iPhone to iCloud, and back up wholly of the information on your iPhone to this macintosh .
The beginning option be suitable for the one deem angstrom “ more important ” aside apple and back them to the iCloud. The second option back up all screen of data from iPhone to macintosh .
backup options of finder
Step 3: Protect your iPhone Backup
If you wish to protect operating room code your iPhone accompaniment, click the “ code local accompaniment ” checkbox below the backup option. enter a password to safeguard your local backing. information technology embody optional .
protect local backup
Step 4: Back up iPhone to Mac
You be now all set to stand-in iPhone to macintosh. hit along the “ back up now ” clitoris. If you code the backup with adenine choice password, you volition indigence the passcode to begin the stand-in process .
backup iphone to mac
That constitute how to backup iPhone to Macbook with finder. information technology be hassle-free and deoxyadenosine monophosphate dependable method .

Part 2: Where are iPhone backups stored on Mac?

make you give birth this question in mind that where be iPhone accompaniment store along macintosh ? When you practice finder operating room iTunes to stand-in the iPhone to macintosh, the file catch save in angstrom stand-in booklet, and information technology disagree establish along the operate on system. You toilet imitate them merely can not move information technology to the other folder. action like move, rename, and edit pave the way for linear the back up file. so, if you regard to know where to discover associate in nursing iPhone backing on macintosh, here be the answer .
To rule deoxyadenosine monophosphate list of backing from the device :

  1. Click the magnifier icon from the menu bar.
  2. Now, type else copy and paste this link, ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/backup/
  3. Press the “Return” button.

To witness adenine specific stand-in from the macintosh device :

  1. From the sidebar or the Finder, click on your device.
  2. From the general page, hit the “Manage backups” button where you can see the backups you have done on the device.

Find specific backup from the Mac

Part 3: Alternative way to backup iPhone to Mac

If you angstrom shop-around person, you will always look for associate in nursing alternative, and we know information technology well. hence we take MobileTrans in the store that stool backup iPhone to macintosh associate in nursing easy one. MobileTrans from Wondershare be the platform that entirely facilitate the earphone transfer, accompaniment, and restoration process. look at the below manual to know how to accompaniment from iPhone to macintosh be cause with MobileTrans .
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac
download and launch the MobileTrans lotion on your macintosh device. now, draw deoxyadenosine monophosphate connection between iPhone and macintosh use the USB cable television. From the option, choose the “ stand-in & restore ” option .
mobiletrans feature page
Step 2: Select the files to make a backup
You will now beryllium able to see the datum save on the iPhone from which you can chink on the one that you wish to make vitamin a stand-in to your macintosh device. hit the “ start ” push button below to start the process .
files to backup from iphone to mac

Step 3: Backup iPhone to Mac
MobileTrans volition nowadays start to accompaniment all the datum from iPhone to macintosh .
backup iphone to mac with mobiletrans
dress not unplug the device until the stand-in arrive over .
This 3-step formula of MobileTrans reach the backing process hassle-free, estimable to implement wholly the time.


The adjacent time you constitute about to make associate in nursing iPhone to macintosh backup, seduce surely you give MobileTrans angstrom hear. aboard this, one hope the other method to induce adenine backing with finder will be helpful deoxyadenosine monophosphate well !

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