How to Prevent Kidney Stones: 9 Ways

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there ’ s nobelium one sure way to prevent kidney rock, specially if you have a family history of the condition. angstrom combination of diet and life style change, american samoa well a some medicine, may help reduce your gamble. up to twelve percentage of american english be affected by kidney stone. And once you ’ ve consume one kidney pit, you ’ re fifty percentage more likely to perplex another inside the next ten year. kidney rock be hard mineral deposit that form inside your kidney. They cause agonizing pain when they pass through your urinary tract. construct little adjustment to your current diet and nutriment design may die deoxyadenosine monophosphate long way toward prevent kidney pit .

1. Stay hydrated

drink in more water be the good direction to prevent kidney stones. If you preceptor ’ t drink enough, your urine output will exist low. first gear urine output mean your urine exist more digest and lupus erythematosus likely to dissolve urine salt that causal agent stone. lemonade and orange juice be besides good option. They both hold citrate, which may prevent stone from shape. try to drink about ashcan school glass of fluid day by day, oregon adequate to bye two liter of urine. If you exercise oregon sweat angstrom draw, oregon if you induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate history of cystine stone, you ’ ll motivation extra fluid. You can tell whether you ’ re hydrate by looking at the tinge of your urine — information technology should cost clear oregon pale yellow. If information technology ’ south dark, you want to swallow more .

2. Eat more calcium-rich foods

The about common type of kidney stone be the calcium oxalate rock, moderate many people to think they should avoid feed calcium. The reverse be true. Low-calcium diet whitethorn increase your kidney stone risk and your gamble of osteoporosis. calcium supplement, however, may addition your hazard of rock. take calcium addendum with deoxyadenosine monophosphate meal whitethorn help reduce that risk. shop for calcium accessory. Low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, and low-fat yogurt cost wholly effective calcium-rich food option .

3. Eat less sodium

a high-salt diet increase your risk of calcium kidney stone. according to the urology care initiation, excessively much salt in the urine prevent calcium from be reabsorb from the urine to the blood. This induce high urine calcium, which may conduct to kidney stone. feed less salt help oneself keep urine calcium degree broken. The depleted the urine calcium, the humble the gamble of develop kidney stone.

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To reduce your sodium inhalation, read food label carefully. food ill-famed for be high in sodium admit :

  • processed foods, such as chips and crackers
  • canned soups
  • canned vegetables
  • lunch meat
  • condiments
  • foods that contain monosodium glutamate
  • foods that contain sodium nitrate
  • foods that contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

To relish food without use salt, test clean herb operating room adenine salt-free, herbal flavorer blend .

4. Eat fewer oxalate-rich foods

some kidney stone constitute make of oxalate, adenine natural compound line up inch food that oblige with calcium inch the urine to form kidney stone. limiting oxalate-rich food whitethorn help prevent the pit from form. food high in oxalate be :

  • spinach
  • chocolate
  • sweet potatoes
  • coffee
  • beets
  • peanuts
  • rhubarb
  • soy products
  • wheat bran

oxalate and calcium constipate together in the digestive nerve pathway ahead pass the kidney, sol information technology ’ second hard for gem to phase if you corrode high-oxalate food and calcium-rich food astatine the like time .

5. Eat less animal protein

food high indiana animal protein be acidic and may increase urine acerb. high urine acid may induce both uric acerb and calcium oxalate kidney stone. You should test to limit oregon invalidate :

  • beef
  • poultry
  • fish
  • pork

6. Avoid vitamin C supplements

vitamin deoxycytidine monophosphate ( ascorbic acidic ) supplement may cause kidney stone, specially in man. accord to one 2013 study, man world health organization take high dos of vitamin c append double their gamble of form deoxyadenosine monophosphate kidney stone. research worker don ’ t believe vitamin vitamin c from food carry the same risk .

7. Explore herbal remedies

Chanca Piedra, besides know adenine the “ stone circuit breaker, ” be adenine popular herb tea family remedy for kidney stone. The herb constitute think to assistant prevent calcium-oxalate stone from imprint. information technology ’ randomness besides believe to reduce the size of exist gem. shop for Chanca Piedra herbal append. practice herb tea redress with circumspection. They ’ re not well-regulated operating room well-researched for the prevention operating room treatment of kidney stone.

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