Install AutoCAD | Step by Step Process to Install AutoCAD on Windows

Install AutoCAD

Introduction to Installation of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a Computer-Aided Drafting ( CAD ) software application built by Autodesk. It helps to create both 2D ( Two dimensional ) and 3D ( Three-Dimensional ) models of solid equally well as net surfaces which helps engineers, architects, drafters, and other designing professionals to design the models alternatively of using manual hand drafting tools like pencils, rulers, compasses, drafting boards, etc. These conventional methods are time-consuming equally well as not accurate. AutoCAD released in 1982 ; since then, it is used widely because of its accuracy, robust features, and automated drafting tools. AutoCAD helps you purpose and create the models, translate that model into 3D model renderings, and create animize presentations .
AutoCAD provides many built-in layouts for users. This built-in layout contains diverse types of templates that are used for architecture design and construct buildings. In this article, we are going to see the steps to install AutoCAD on the windows system indeed that we can use that to create designs.

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How to Install AutoCAD on Windows?

Steps to Install AutoCAD on windows arrangement are given as follows : Step 1: Access the Autodesk web site
Use web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. then Go to the AutoCAD official web site by using this connection : hypertext transfer protocol : // .
Access AUTODESK website
Step 2: choice Students and Educators from Drop down list of the Menu .
It will give you three options, i.e. absolve trials, students and educators, and worldwide sites. here I am selecting the students and educators option .
Select Students and Educators from Drop down list of Menu
Step 3: then, you will see Get set up for career achiever with the Autodesk check. From that tab key, chatter on Start now under Download complimentary software option .
Get set up for career success with Autodesk
Step 4: It will give a list of Autodesk products like 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCAD, etc. Under that, click on the AutoCAD choice from the list .
list of autodesk product
Step 5: If you have already registered, then click on Sign in, and you will be forwarded to your Autodesk Login data. Otherwise, snap on Create Account and create a newfangled explanation using your e-mail ID .
create a new account using your email ID
Step 6: Select version
After signing in, you can select the translation of AutoCAD you want to download and install and Operating system : 32 spot or 64 spot .
Note: To check whether your operate system is 32 bit or 64 bit go to Control Panel > System and Security > System. It will display whether you are running a 32 bits system or 64 bits system .
32 bits system or 64 bits system
then choose a lyric which is preferable for you .
The Serial number and product samara will be displayed. Copy this data as it is required for activation purposes after installing the software to authenticate the download .
now click on download. You will see a prompt with a security warn from the download. In that prompt, cluck “ Run ” or “ Ok ” ( which is applicable to continue the download process ) as Autodesk products are relatively secure .
applicable to continue the download process
Step 7: License and Services Agreement
After that, you will see the “ License and Services Agreement ” Prompt. Read it carefully, and then click on the “ I Accept ” choice, then click the next button to install AutoCAD on your Windows System .
License and Services Agreement
The AutoCAD Download Manager will be displayed. This can take some time .
Step 8:  After the facility of the director, you will see an “ Autodesk Download Manager ” windowpane. Specify the hope path where you want to save that file and chatter on OK .
Autodesk Download Manager
The Autodesk Download coach will be loading. This may take some time .
manager will be loading
Step 9: After that, you will see a windowpane where you can configure the Autocad facility process. here give the path where you want to save the files .
configure Autocad installation process

Step 10: In the adjacent windowpane, select the Custom Option. Make certain all the features under the drop-down are checked .
Make sure all the features under drop down are checked
Step 11: then, you will be prompted to the following windowpane. then cluck on the Install option .
Click on Install option
This will take some time .
This will take some time
Step 12: After installing all the products and tools related to AutoCAD, Click on Finish .
Click on Finish(Install AutoCAD)
Step 13:  After finishing the initiation, you have to provide a Product Key to further the use of AutoCAD .
In event you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate copied the Product Key previously, Sign in to AutoDesk account on the web site – > Click on your username – > Click on AutoDesk Account .
provide Product Key to further use of AutoCAD(Install AutoCAD)
Step 14:  Click on the “ All Products and Services ” choice. This will show the products you have downloaded .
All Products and Services option(Install AutoCAD)
Step 15:  Under AutoCAD option, Click on the “ More actions ” drop-down – > snap “ Serial numbers ” .
Under AutoCAD option(Install AutoCAD)
now you can see consecutive Numbers and the Product Keys of all the products which you have downloaded. Copy this information and activate your Autodesk intersection .
nowadays you can use AutoCAD software and design your own models well .

Conclusion – Install AutoCAD

In this article, we have seen the definition of Autocad and some brief with that we besides have seen the facility process of Autocad in the step by step method acting .

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