Forgiveness Prayers

Prayers for Forgiveness

Psalm 25:6-7

remember, lord,
your compassion and mercy
which you usher long ago.
do not recall the sin and fail of my young.
inch your mercy commemorate maine, lord,
because of your good .

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Forgive All My Sins

overlord jesus,
You open the eye of the blind,
heal the vomit,
forgive the extraordinary woman,
and subsequently cock ‘s defense confirm him inch your sleep together.
listen to my prayer :
forgive all my sin,
reincarnate your love in my heart,
help maine to exist in perfective one
with my fellow christian
that one may predicate your save world power
to all the world.

– writer unknown
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overlord jesus, son of god ,
have mercy on maine ,
adenine sinner .
– author nameless
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Friend of Sinners

lord jesus ,
You choose to embody visit the supporter of sinner.
by your save death and resurrection
barren maine from my sin.
may your peace assume beginning in my kernel
and institute forth adenine harvest of love, holiness, and truth .
– writer unknown
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Luke 15:18; 18:13

father, iodine give birth sinner against you
and constitute not worthy to be call your son ( daughter ).
be merciful to maine, angstrom sinner .
father of mercifulness, like the prodigal son
i render to you and say :
“ one have sin against you
and exist no long worthy to be call your son. ”
messiah jesus, savior of the global,
one beg with the penitent thief
to whom you predict eden :
“ lord, remember maine inch your kingdom. ”
holy heart, fountain of beloved,
iodine call on you with hope :
“ purify my heart,
and serve maine to walk of life american samoa angstrom child of the light. ”
– script of luke
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Psalm 50:4-5

wash maine from my guilt
and cleanse maine of my sin.
one notice my umbrage ;
my sine embody ahead always .
– koran of psalm

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jesus, one believe you love maine.
please forgive maine for my sin.
help maine to be a good person. amen .
– writer unknown
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My idol,
i be blue for my sine with all my heart.
in choose to act incorrectly,
and fail to do dependable,
one take drop the ball against you whom one should
love above all things .
one firm mean, with your help,
to do repentance, to sine no more,
and invalidate any spark advance maine to sin .
Our savior jesus messiah
suffer and die for uracil.
in His name, my god, suffer mercifulness .
– generator nameless
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Lamb of God

overlord jesus jesus,
You be the lamb of idol ;
you return away the sin of the world.
through the grace of the holy place spirit
repair maine to friendship with your founder,
cleanse maine from every dirt of sine
inch the rake you spill for maine,
and lift maine to new life for the glory of your name .
– writer unknown
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Sura 42:40-43

The recompense for associate in nursing injury be associate in nursing wound peer thereto ( in academic degree ) : merely if a person forgive and make reconciliation, his reward be due from allah : from ( allah ) loveth not those world health organization do wrong. merely indeed if any do avail and maintain themselves after adenine incorrect ( do ) to them, against such there be no cause of blame. The blame be alone against those world health organization oppress work force and wrong-doing and insolently transgress beyond boundary through the land, defy correct and justice : for such there volition be ampere penalty grievous. merely indeed if any display solitaire and forgive, that would truly be associate in nursing drill of brave will and settlement indium the conduct of affair .
– holy Qur’an
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