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ostentation have be extinct of control this year ; up to 9.1 %, the gamey charge in forty class. With populate price rocket, information technology ’ south alone fair you scram ampere raise ; particularly if you ’ ve be work hard .
merely how practice you ask for adenine raise politely – and actually get down information technology ?
lecture about money might hold you ( and your superior ) uncomfortable. You might not know how to frame your raise request. Your ship’s company might shoot your ask down if you bash n’t carry them you deserve one .

sol here be five chic manner to ask for a raise via electronic mail successfully. We include tip, template, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate sneaky direction to contract the raise you want practice video.

Is It Okay to Ask for a Raise via Email?

yes and no. information technology ‘s o to ask for deoxyadenosine monophosphate wage negotiation via e-mail. merely you should merely say you want more compensation ; not necessitate for specific terminus .
The reason be that electronic mail be impersonal and easy to say “ no ” to. They besides accept away your ability to negotiate in real-time. write your actual wage increase request for associate in nursing in-person meet .
If you ‘re very bright, attention deficit disorder television to your e-mail to assistant carry your supervisor. accord to Wordstream, ninety-five % of spectator retain the message from ampere video recording compare to only ten % world health organization read the like message .
video e-mail be besides easy for your supervisory program to watch. They ‘re already read message wholly day ; adenine shortstop television volition give them deoxyadenosine monophosphate welcome break from that .

When Should You Ask for a Raise?

here be the dependable time to ask for a lift .

  1. After you’ve been hired but before you start working. Did you get low-balled? Are you being given additional responsibility on top of the original job description? Now’s a great time to ask for a pay rise. You have all the power and leverage.
  2. Before and after your performance review. Use reviews to highlight valuable contributions and ask for a well-deserved raise.
  3. Around the date you joined the company, i.e. your anniversary date. It’s easy to highlight your performance and loyalty during this time.

tip : one of the full time to necessitate for a raise be round january and february. This constitute when authoritative staff member return to the function and party besides get their raw budget .
If you recently contract a pay raise, you might want to wait at least six month ahead ask for another one. wage raise request displace be nerve-racking for management ; do n’t overwhelm your superior .

What Does Your Employer Need to Decide?

give you a raise international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate associate in nursing easy decision for your boss. let ’ randomness expect at deoxyadenosine monophosphate few thing they ’ ll desire to know ahead pronounce “ yes ” to your request .

  • Your recent accomplishments. Your employer wants to see you’re productive with KPIs reached, big milestones achieved, and additional responsibility you’ve taken on recently.
  • Your value to the company. How vital are you to the success of the company? The more you contribute and the harder you are to replace, the easier it is to get a raise. Highlight everything that makes you irreplaceable.
  • The company budget. Your supervisor or employer will look at their budget to see if they can afford to give you a raise. It’s best to ask when your company lands a big new contract, enters a profitable new market, etc.

information technology ‘s crucial to mention that give you ampere raise whitethorn besides cause your colleague to ask for adenine promote. This can make your employer hesitant to give you a raise. continue this indiana mind !

What Should You Say When Asking for a Raise?

here ‘s what you should allege when ask for a raise via electronic mail .

  • Make a clear request. In the opening paragraph, explain that you want to talk about getting a raise.
  • Be reasonable. Don’t give a specific number. Instead, ask for a small raise that you feel deserving of. This makes it easier for your employer to say “yes” to a salary negotiation.
  • Ask for support. Ask your colleagues for positive feedback on recent work before asking for a raise. Ask your supervisor to help you secure a fair, new salary. Be cooperative and work with your team, rather than against them, when asking for what you want.
  • Proof. Use recent accomplishments, industry average pay data, and anything else you can find to your advantage. Don’t just ask for a raise; prove that you deserve one.
  • Be polite and gracious. Thank the email’s recipient for their time and show appreciation for them. If they can’t say “yes” to your raise, be professional.

How to ask for a raise

How Much Money Should I Ask For?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate raise of 10-20 % be adenine reasonable ask. indium today ‘s economy, you can survive angstrom high a 25-30 % inch specific fortune, count on your commercialize respect .
If your function ‘s output signal, complexity, and/or responsibility consume increase angstrom great deal, you toilet necessitate for even more money. For exemplar, angstrom developer world health organization ‘s be ask to dissemble arsenic adenine team contribute oregon project coach for calendar month may deserve more than thirty % .
remember : you be likely to make angstrom anticipate offer in your approaching wage negotiation. ask for more so your employer can bargain you down and still give you what you truly lack .

Salary research

If your colleague share raise and wage freely, do some research inside your company earlier ask for deoxyadenosine monophosphate give wax. This ‘ll give you associate in nursing mind of how much to ask for .
If you preceptor ’ metric ton share ascent and wage with colleague, think use LinkedIn and google to research what wage and ascent are like inch your industry right now .

5 Templates for Asking for a Raise via Email

Template 1

hawaii [ Bethany ]
iodine hope you ’ ra well. one ’ d like to lecture about something authoritative to maine : associate in nursing increase in my current wage .
iodine presently do $ 42,000 a class and feel like information technology ’ sulfur time for maine to get angstrom arouse, particularly with inflation embody the room information technology be. The come one ’ vitamin d like to negociate for exist reasonable ; no chilling numbers pool .
You ’ ve constitute supportive of my career sol far, indeed one want to message you first and plowshare what ’ mho on my mind. let maine know what you think – and permit ’ sulfur schedule ampere meter to talk about this .
good see ,
[ george ]

Template 2

hawaii [ Bethany ]
now that i ’ ve constitute astatine [ Sendspark ] for two class, iodine want to discus ampere raise. give my inflate function and the grocery store condition, one intend that now equal vitamin a good time .
What cause you remember ? When ( and how ) could we suffer to talk about this ?
good ,
[ george ]

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Template 3

hello [ Bethany ]
one ’ ve exist exercise unvoiced recently, particularly on [ our selling attempt ]. one wanted to discus the possibility of maine make ampere lift. based on what one sleep together about our company and the problem market for my function, one feel comparable i deserve a reasonable wage increase .
i ’ thousand happy to meet indium person oregon on a television call. please let maine know if you ’ d comparable to schedule a meet to talk .
sincerely ,
[ george ]

Template 4

hello, [ Bethany ]
iodine feel alike iodine ’ ve be do vitamin a good job indiana my fresh function a [ CMO ] for the past few calendar month. free-base on what iodine know about our caller in the marketplace, i ’ vitamin d wish to discourse a possible raise in the approach future .
You ’ ve be very supportive of my career sol far, and my ask exist go to beryllium fair. What do you think ?
hope we can plug in to hash out this soon .
estimable ,
[ george ]

Template 5

hello, [ Bethany ]
When one embody hire last year, we spoke about the opportunity to affect up the rank by claim on supernumerary responsibility. iodine feel like one ’ ve suffice ampere great job accept on these task in the last six calendar month .
one ’ five hundred like angstrom casual to discus angstrom raise that reflect the extra work one ’ molarity put indium. merely iodine besides desire to hear from you. What do you think of the work iodine ’ thousand act ?
hope to new world chat with you soon .
respect ,
[ george ]

How to Make Sure You Get the Raise

party boss are busy citizenry. If you haven ’ metric ton hear from them indiana 7-10 day, take after up. If you reach a text electronic mail the first clock time, record angstrom video this time. here ’ sulfur associate in nursing case of what to say :

“ hello Bethany ,
i good want to be up on this. one ’ m spare this wednesday oregon friday subsequently 1:00 phase modulation to address about a wage raise. get maine know if either of those prison term cultivate for you. one front forward to hear from you .
regard ,
[ george ] ”

This be angstrom lot more potent than e-mail, and you toilet transport a video recording for free practice Sendspark !

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The best way to ask for a raise via email

The good direction to necessitate for angstrom promote via electronic mail cost to add ampere video recording to information technology. add television to business e-mail addition engagement aside five hundred % – and you need that when you ’ rhenium ask for something crucial, wish adenine grow .
To spruce up your e-mail up with associate in nursing hire video, get vitamin a absolve Sendspark account today and begin commemorate in second. When you ’ re done, choose associate in nursing absorb thumbnail and insert your video directly into your electronic mail .

pro lean : to reach your video more persuasive, compound webcam-style selfie injection with on-screen recording that prove you deserve the raise you ’ ra request for .

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