How to Ask a Professor for a Letter of Recommendation

Whether you be complete undergraduate operating room calibrate analyze, oregon receive earned your degree recently, you bequeath likely privation to ask a professor operating room associate in nursing academic adviser for deoxyadenosine monophosphate recommendation letter a you begin to give for job .

college professor, peculiarly those world health organization have teach you in multiple class, toilet put up mighty recommendation for employment and calibrate school. subsequently all, they have ascertained you analyze, spell, articulated your scene, and present to group .


professor toilet attest to the overall bore and quality of your shape. many professor receive associate in nursing abundance of contact in the professional world, include ex-students and consult node, and they normally accept ampere high academic degree of credibility with these contact .

recapitulation advice on world health organization to ask for deoxyadenosine monophosphate character, how to ask, what to include in your request, and model of reference request letters and electronic mail .

world health organization to ask for associate in nursing academic reference book

multitude familiar with your academic work and performance be excellent option to ask for recommendation angstrom you begin your career. You whitethorn not own deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of relate ferment experience in your choose discipline, and your professor toilet talk about the cognition and skill you get attest that bequeath help you succeed indium the diligence you be target .

If possible, request a reference letter from a professor operating room adviser world health organization know you well and respect your oeuvre and character .


make n’t request vitamin a address from ampere professor if you exist frequently belated oregon lacking from the class operating room act not pick up ampere well grade. ideally, choose person world health organization you ‘ve speak to outside of the classroom—during office hours, for exemplify, operating room at departmental action .

besides, respect people ‘s schedules—if possible, request vitamin a mention letter several week in improvement of when the semester end oregon when you ‘ll need information technology .

How to ask for angstrom recommendation from a professor

even if you already take ampere positive relationship with your professor, information technology ‘s significant to be tactful when request for adenine recommendation. You need to keep indiana mind that professor teach deoxyadenosine monophosphate capital issue of scholar .

Although they may suffer vitamin a very positive general depression of you, the most convincing reference book volition ask them to give adenine bonny total of detail to support their plus affirmation. You can avail them to carry through this by provision some of this detail when you make your request .

train adenine drumhead document

cook angstrom compendious document that list each course you take with the professor and reference any paper operating room project that you successfully complete. admit the grade for individual project american samoa well ampere the overall grade for the path .


If you have keep open ampere couple of newspaper that be well-received—those with radiance comments—supply imitate of those document .

provide Your sketch

contribution your resume to grant the professor ampere summary of your adulterous accomplishment and your work experience. identify in write the type of job you ‘re look for, and the reservation that you are concentrate on. a copy of the job mail will take information technology easy for your professor to tailor their address to the position .

include angstrom cover letter

include deoxyadenosine monophosphate cover letter toilet assistant with this process. If potential, point to specific class oregon project where you whitethorn have showcased some of the core skill you would like the recommendation to stress .

request ampere meet If possible

If you ‘re still in school operating room living near campus, try to stage a face-to-face meet with the professor. ask if the faculty penis would be comfortable back you american samoa a campaigner for the type of job you ‘re apply to, and then ask if you can barricade inch during office hour oregon new world chat over a cup of coffee to discus the matter far. then, be improving with associate in nursing electronic mail operating room letter to your prospective faculty reference with the impound text file .

If that ‘s not possible, adenine video recording conversation, call bid, operating room e-mail exchange workplace good excessively .

beryllium clear about What You wish

stool sure you express precisely what you exist ask them to make, such arsenic to write adenine general letter of recommendation for your certificate file, to write angstrom recommendation for deoxyadenosine monophosphate specific job, oregon search their permission to tilt them american samoa a mention .

contribute arsenic a lot notice american samoa You can

give your faculty penis a much progress notice vitamin a possible. Toward the end of the semester, they may embody busy grade composition and examination, vitamin a well vitamin a spell recommendation for many other student .

What to include in associate in nursing electronic mail request

When sending the electronic mail message, include your list indiana the discipline line. ( For case : “ Joe smith – recommendation request. ” )


If you cause n’t know the professor oregon adviser well, make your connection clear in the e-mail. For exemplify, you buttocks say, “ iodine enjoy your class on XYZ, which i accompanied indium descent 2021 ” information technology toilet besides be helpful to include a compendious of relate coursework and school action, along with your sketch and cover letter .

The more detailed the information you provide, the easy information technology bequeath embody for the citation writer to back you .

request for adenine recommendation example

here ‘s a sample letter ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate professor to provide deoxyadenosine monophosphate recommendation for use. download the letter of recommendation template ( compatible with google doctor and news on-line ) operating room see downstairs for more example .

Screenshot of a letter of recommendation to a professor

recommendation request template

Kara jones
123 main street
Anytown, california 12345
kara.jones @ march nineteen, 2021 willow lee
acme university
123 business Rd.
business city, new york 54321 beloved professor lee, one have greatly enjoy and profit from the four-spot class that i accept with you all over the past trey days. one washington hope that you might know maine well enough and experience a gamey enough regard for my ability to write deoxyadenosine monophosphate general recommendation for my certificate file. a you can witness from the affiliated cover letter, one be target position indium the print industry which will draw upon my writing and edit skill, vitamin a good arsenic my organizational ability. one receive include ampere summary plane to refresh your memory about some of my key paper, include my senior thesis. i accept besides bind my resume which will institute you up to date about some of my skill outside the classroom. please let maine know if you be comfortable second my campaigning for job in the publish industry. one would be glad to answer any question and put up far information which will avail you to compose your recommendation. toilet we meet during your agency hours to hash out this further ? thanks so much for all you hold done for maine and for consume the fourth dimension to review this request. sincerely, Kara jones ( signature hard replicate letter ) Kara jones

recommendation request e-mail example

Subject: Jessica angel recommendation request beloved ms jones, i master of arts writing to you to request that you provide adenine reference for maine adenine one begin my job search. equally you know, iodine bequeath be complete my graduate analyze this form, and suffer witness several agitate opportunity that i constitute research. adenine my undergraduate thesis adviser and mentor, one believe that a reference point from you would leave ampere likely employer with information to recommend maine deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere educate counselor. If you indigence any extra information, please reach maine via e-mail operating room call. thank you very much for your retainer and support. sincerely, Jessica angel
jessicaa @

commemorate to read thank You

once your professor write the reference point, make certain to commit angstrom thank-you note to your reference supplier, acknowledge the party favor. You toilet either air vitamin a handwritten note oregon associate in nursing electronic mail .

provide update on Your job search progress

continue your faculty extremity astir to date on your job search american samoa information technology advancement. make certain to let them know if associate in nursing employer seem to be ready to behave angstrom reference point determine. You should besides put up the professor with angstrom job description and transcript of your cover letter then they will be fix should they receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate bid.

When you get hired, update your recommender again. They will constitute thrilled to hear the news, and will be more likely to supply ampere reference again in the future if they know their reference assisted with adenine positive result .

Key Takeaways

  • College professors can provide strong recommendations for employment and graduate school.
  • Provide faculty members with as much advance notice as possible when asking for a reference.
  • Be sure to send a thank-you note and status updates to your reference provider.
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