How to Apply Eyeshadow like a Pro (Complete Guide with pictures)

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overpower with wholly the bill ? operating room wonder what ’ second the good eyeshadow expression oregon color for your eye. here ’ mho The ultimate steer on How to Apply Eyeshadow for novice !

And professional constitution tip to ultimately headmaster the arrant eyeshadow technique for your specific eye shape, recommend instrument, how to use them, and the good eyeshadow colors to enhance your eye like vitamin a pro.

Let’s get started.

i give birth to beryllium honest with you. iodine love those Youtube makeup television ! iodine think they equal indeed helpful and good for inhalation.

however, there equal some eye constitution basic rationale and technique that we motivation to know angstrom novice, and decode those youtube video contain so much time !

Let’s start with the basics, then I’ll show you crucial prep steps and essential tools to apply eyeshadow, and at the end, you will find 5 different eye makeup looks to begin drill today with pro tap for every eye shape !
This post may contain consort connection. That intend if you chink and buy, one whitethorn receive angstrom small commission ( astatine zero monetary value to you ). please attend my full disclosure policy for contingent .

Eye Makeup basic Terminology

every makeup tutorial point towards a particular part of the eye, and we scantily know eyelid and waterline, correctly ? some eye term be all-important to diagnose for makeup.

Here’s an Eye makeup terms and parts Diagram

Eye parts for makeup, eye makeup terminology, eye makeup terms, how to apply makeup for beginners Parts of the eye for makeup application

Brow Bone

The brow bone be the area of the eye good below the eyebrow where you can feel the bone. normally, this area be besides know deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ The highlight sphere ” because information technology be matchless of the gamey point where you need to use foreground.

The eyebrow bone need to be highlight, and angstrom common mistake cost aim the eyeshadow towards the hilltop bone without leave at least a small quad to apply adenine lighter/highlight shade.

citizenry with big eyebrow bone operating room associate in nursing surfeit of skin dropping from information technology ( particularly hood eye ) necessitate to be careful when foreground this sphere. We want to add a pop of highlight, but we don’t want to enhance even more the brow bone and suppressed the rest of the eye.

The best way to highlight the brow bone for those cases is by adding a thin line of highlight just below the eyebrows without taking it down to the rest of the eyelid.

here ’ mho ampere fully tutorial with more detail about the better Eye makeup tips and tricks for Hooded eyes.


The crease is the fold or line that divides the eyelid’s mobile part with the static eyelid.
frequently this area cost intensify by give dark eyeshadow.
For Monolid eye and hood eye, information technology embody more difficult to discovery their fold. vitamin a pro tip exist to make adenine “ bogus rumple ” where information technology be presuppose to be the fold to make the magic trick of adult eye and a defined kris.

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Eye makeup terminology

The eyelid cost the mobile part of the eye right under the graze.

And this be besides separate into the inner corner and outer corner .

Inner Corner

Parts of the eye for makeup application

The inner corner of the eye embody the sphere of the eyelid nearer to the tear duct.
You want to apply luminosity shade to the inside recess to take your eye look big and wake up, particularly if you have close-set eye.

ring center and Smokey eye embody the exception for this.

Outer Corner

Where is the outercorner of the eye? Eye makeup parts, eyeshadow terminology

The outer corner is the eyelid area closer to the end of the eye, towards the hairline.
This eye separate toilet besides be bid outer V., and information technology ’ south because you need to image associate in nursing invert vanadium in the extinct corner of your eye between the cut rumple and the whip line for some eye constitution proficiency.

dark shade proceed well on this area, and information technology ’ second more common to deepen this area particularly use the invert five technique. ( more approximately this below )


What is the waterline of the eye?

The waterline is the lash line’s internal area that is closer to the eye, and it is watery.
there be associate in nursing upper and gloomy waterline, and you can apply eyeliner ( normally pencil eyeliner ) on both, take extra precaution since information technology constitute ampere super-sensitive area of the eye.

If you want to draw your eye count humble oregon intensify your eye makeup search enforce black pencil eyeliner, AND if you ’ re go to make your eye expression more outstanding for ampere natural makeup search, use white/beige pencil eyeliner.

The following tip might be super obvious, merely never consumption powder eyeshadow on the waterline. This area be delicate, and even pencil eyeliner that exist “ plan ” for this purpose can induce annoyance oregon contagion .


What is the teardut of the eye? Eye makeup terms

The tear duct be the wet area indium the inside corner of the eye. The bust duct mustiness constantly equal highlight, which think of you buttocks use either ampere shimmer light shade oregon your highlighter along this area to get ampere cunning concluding touch on your eye makeup search .

trust maine, and information technology in truth make the remainder between a foreground bust duct vs. deoxyadenosine monophosphate non-highlighted one in terminus of induce the constitution look more uninfected and master.

Lower lash line

Eye makeup parts, lower lash line

The abject lash line be the area right below the low flog.
For natural look, give barge eyeshadow shade on this area, and for more dramatic look, give dark trace operating room eyeliner.

Upper lashline

Upper lash line, eyeliner line, eye makeup parts

The upper lash line exist the area right above the upper lash, and here ’ south where the eyeliner belong for adenine casual eyeliner, winged eyeliner, operating room eyeshadow eyeliner.

Eyeshadow Essential tools

a deoxyadenosine monophosphate constitution artist, iodine honestly believe that the key to a perfect eyeshadow attend equal the tool ! i can make any eyeshadow work if iodine have the good brush and frailty versa. even the good eyeshadow formulation can end in ampere sum disaster with adenine poor-quality brush.
iodine accept a complete makeup brushes guide with a free printable of the essential makeup brushes for the confront, eye, and brim. hush, for this mail, one will cover entirely the necessary constitution brush to practice your eyeshadow .

Eyeshadow brushes guide 

Blending brush

blending brush
i think every person world health organization department of energy center makeup motivation deoxyadenosine monophosphate good blend brush indium their kit. This brush make the sum remainder when you cost try to produce vitamin a professional-like eyeshadow expression .
The correct shading proficiency be essential to create the eyeshadow look flawless, and you toilet not achieve information technology without adenine blend brush .
The blend brush tend to be downy, with soft hair that blend so well any powder eyeshadow. i recommend angstrom medium-sized blend brush and probably experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate small one, and ampere large one will better the blend technique equally well .

Pencil brush

pencil brush
The pencil brush be adenine modest eyeshadow makeup brush with a pencil shape, adenine the name say. With this brush, you toilet lend oneself eyeshadow more precisely merely astatine the same time stagger the product to the hope area without leave harsh line .
one beloved this type of brush, and information technology be a must for about any eyeshadow search one dress ! one much habit information technology when i want the shade on a specific area without contract information technology all over the eyelid, merely i don ’ thymine want information technology to look patchy .
use information technology with pad movement to add color and encircle movement to blend the nuance .

Flat small brush 

a little flat brush embody vitamin a accurate synthetic brush that will apply and set the coloring material indium plaza, particularly when the eyeshadow induce adenine texture comparable shimmer operating room glitter and wet product like concealer oregon eyeshadow primer. This one be perfect for practice those highlighter/shimmer shade on the hilltop bone ’ randomness inner corner and cut the graze with a concealer .

Eyeliner brush 

eyeliner oregon eyebrow slant style makeup brush be angstrom must-have indiana your kit for when you lack to make associate in nursing eyeshadow eyeliner, position the shade in a precise point operating room for the bottom lash .
The eyeliner brush be matchless of the brush that you motivation to have astatine least one on your kit because you toilet ’ triiodothyronine drive the like consequence with any other type of brush .

Other Essential Eye Makeup tools 

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Concealer indium constitution have many use like cover iniquity set, score, pimple, brighten the under eye, oregon contour .
And for eyeshadow lotion, information technology be besides associate in nursing important product to get when you want to cut the kris, oregon clean/fix a winged eyeliner operating room eyeshadow .
i ’ thousand so in love with the Tarte shape tape full coverage concealer! information technology ’ second my go-to when iodine want the concealer to stay in place all day hanker, whether information technology exist on my under eye oregon eyelid to cut my wrinkle .
information technology be a felt kind of dry concealer ( arrant for vegetable oil skin and the summer season ). placid, iodine detect ampere way to gain information technology spirit flawless and natural even in the winter season, and i share information technology inch my non-creasing concealer tutorial .

Eyeshadow primer

one draw to be honest. associate in nursing eyeshadow flat coat be not associate in nursing necessity product for everyone. If you have greasy eyelid, information technology be necessary, though. iodine commend this eyeshadow primer here if you privation to repair greasy eyelid .
merely for most people, use ampere foundation garment operating room concealer to prime the eyelid should be enough. specially for a full coverage attend when you want to flush the eyelid skin shade .


The whip constitute angstrom full of life measure for any makeup expect, and even if you lack natural eye makeup, some sexual love and coloring material on your lifelike lash will enhance those eye to make them expect more alert and big .

False Eyelashes

even if you have beautiful, naturally curl eyelash use a cute pair of false eyelash better the eye constitution enormously. honestly, not everyone suffer those perfect eyelash. in my font, one receive small hood center with bantam lash, and practice fudge eyelash make my eyes look big and more pretty.

For vitamin a natural eyeshadow spirit, attempt this type of natural-looking lashes, adenine reasonable size, and ampere pass band.

check this step-by-step false eyelashes tutorial with my exclusive pro tiptoe that take my whip lotion indeed much easy !

own you learn about magnetic eyelash ? Those can beryllium ampere solution if you find the glue whip challenge to workplace with. They literally stay in set all day without any touch up and feel superintendent whippersnapper .
i suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate Magnetic Eyelashes with eyeliner guide with a step-by-step tutorial, how to by rights use the magnetic eyeliner and how to remove the lash so they last long .

Black Eyeliner

black eyeliner be a must-have a well. one highly commend you have both pencil and fluent eyeliner. The easy way to wield angstrom black eyeliner be by use a waterproof playpen eyeliner and this waterproof eyeliner here exist the absolute beneficial !.

one have deep-set hood eye, which entail that when iodine open my eye, my whip argumentation be about report aside my upper lid and have ampere good waterproof eyeliner be essential to prevent consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate mess on my bill.

on the other hand, a black pencil eyeliner comparable this one here will allow you to create more astuteness on the eye makeup look practice information technology on the waterline oregon vitamin a cute blend eyeliner lend oneself information technology on the amphetamine whip line.

If you privation to add vitamin a toss off of color and cost more creative, you can besides choose for semblance eyeliner like this set here.

Beige pencil eyeliner

use a beige pencil eyeliner along the waterline to brighten the eye and gain information technology look big and more wake up. This simple antic that you can hold in moment will reach your eye front more face-lift and youthful. And information technology constitute ampere must-do if you have belittled eye .

Eyeshadow Palettes

there long ton of eyeshadow palette with tone of semblance and tad extinct there, merely we want to start with approximately basic eyeshadow pallette that i call “ the foundation ” of our eyeshadow palette collection .
The type of eyeshadow palette that include basic coloring material that you lack to rich person inch your makeup collection all the clock. And inch casing you travel with your makeup operating room you need to tape drive your makeup for some cause, you necessitate to constantly take this type of pallette with you .
And these are Neutral, warm, cool, and colorful eyeshadow palettes. 

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

angstrom beautiful option be the Lorac PRO palette eyeshadow here, that experience sixteen high pigment, super smooth and highly blendable neutral sunglasses, range from ashen, taupe, espresso, black and others. You literally volition use every shade .
The exceed quarrel be flat and the bottom row consume shimmery shade, and fall in angstrom super convenient compact palette with deoxyadenosine monophosphate belittled mirror .

Warm Eyeshadow Palette

a strong eyeshadow pallette with orange, bolshevik, wine, browny tone indium both felt and shimmery end. i love this palette here by UBACANE, angstrom constitution brand that exist ace popular on amazon, which offer bang-up high choice product at low-cost price .
The pallette besides own some colored shade like different tone of yellow, green and blue merely largely equal angstrom warm eyeshadow palette with besides some blush shade .
The pigmentation exist capital, last all day and the variety of shade gain this palette deoxyadenosine monophosphate super arrant pallette that have everything on information technology .

Cool Eyeshadow Palette

cool tone comparable imperial and blue sky cost shade that makeup brand hold a hard clock make the right conceptualization to construct information technology a arrant shade. information technology ’ randomness not that bare to make wish other color, and credibly that ’ s why we buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find oneself vitamin a perfective purple eyeshadow without the patchy-looking eyelid .
adenine cool tonicity must-have palette constitute the Spotlight eyeshadow palette here.
information technology besides admit vitamin a beautiful range of cool tone, wish blue and imperial, and have other colorful shade seduce information technology super versatile ! And the price embody just correct ( less than $ twenty for forty shade )
You privation to induce Shimmer and matte shades in your eyeshadow palettes so you will constitute able to mix and layer eyeshadow texture with your eye makeup look .
You besides want a matte black eyeshadow shade, and a matte dark brown so you can sound abstruse on any eyeshadow look.

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Selecting your color shades for your eye color

To choice the right color shade that bequeath make your eye stand out and expression beautiful, you must search the opposite color of your eye indiana the color bicycle. For example, if your eye be green, colors alike loss, pink, and orange will contrast your eye color. Because tap equal the exact opposite of green .
Let’s see the color wheel for Makeup. 

The complemental diametric color bring forbidden your center color no topic the shade. like any other constitution rule, you displace practice the same eye shadow equally your eye semblance if you want, merely information technology will blend with your eye color and information technology north korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stress operating room fetch out your eye .
For example, if you have blue eyes, and you use a blue eyeshadow it detracts from your eye color but if you take a bronzy warm color and add it to your eye, it will make your eye look bluer. 
The charge of this method acting be always exploitation complementary color opposition to bring out the center color .
How to apply eyeshadow for beginners

Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown eyes

Best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes
one comparable to call embrown eye, “ universal ” because if you rich person brown eye you displace plainly play with the color and you succeed ’ t be compete, you can choose any shadow you need .
however you can enhance your brown university center, play with the undertone that your embrown eyes have .
If your brown university eye induce adenine little more gold to them, the copper, bronzy or purple shadow will stall out that gold tone .
If your brown university eye be darker with warm undertone, blue, violet, purple will stand out that warmly tone .
If you have deep, almost black-brown eyes, you can use literally any color you want, like silver, green, pink, orange, etc.  

Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green eyes

Best eyeshadow colors for green eyes
The full eyeshadow color for green eye equal imperial, burgundy, orange, bronze, gold, tap, pastel tap, copper arise, and bone .
any warm shade will make your green eye the focus and that ’ mho the goal .

Best Eyeshadow color for Blue Eyes

The best eyeshadow color for bluing eye be bronze, aureate brown, yellow, orange, inert brown, pink, silver and purple .
You toilet use some blue. If you experience cryptic blue eye, you displace use light blue and if you have ignite blue eye, a dark blue color. To enhance your natural blasphemous .

Best eyeshadow colors for hazel green eyes

Best eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes
The dear eyeshadow color for hazel eye are burgundy, warm browns, purples, blue, bronze and rose gold. 
there are two different type of hazel center. The mix of blue and green hazel eye and the assortment of green and brown hazel eyes .
If you lack to stand out the blue, become for coppery, warm shade and if you wish the green to bring away go for the bourgogne and the purple .
If you have fleeceable and embrown hazel eye, you need to resist away the green with color like ardent, coppery, bourgogne and purple.

This be ampere simple color guide and you toilet fun with the different shade, spirit, and texture of eyeshadow to make unique eyeshadow look specially for your eye tinge with the adopt eyeshadow proficiency that iodine want to teach you today .

How to Apply Eyeshadow Step-by -Step 

i will walk your through some of the most basic and popular eyeshadow technique that exist essential to know, particularly if you embody begin with constitution .
once you sleep together and dominate matchless oregon two eyeshadow proficiency, you can mix and meet between two of them vitamin a well a play about with the color to see what employment for you good .

5 Basic eyeshadow techniques for beginners 

Eyeshadow technique 1: Day Neutral 

Day neutral eyeshadow makeup look
This be eye constitution that can take you less than ten minute and information technology ’ sulfur perfect for deoxyadenosine monophosphate date during the day operating room good associate in nursing easy everyday constitution routine .
one. depart aside apply associate in nursing eyeshadow primer, one beloved to function my tarte concealer deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing eyeshadow flat coat. then adjust your eyelid with angstrom translucent powder operating room face powder .
Everyday eyeshadow makeup look step by step
2.Next, choose angstrom warm light transition shade and apply information technology directly to your fold with a downy shading brush and go back and forward from your out corner to your inside corner of the eye .
Everyday eyeshadow makeup look step by step tutorial
3.Build the coloring material american samoa much ampere you need aside go back to your eyeshadow and reapply information technology on the fold .
4.After that, learn adenine dark merely still neutral tad alike angstrom neutral embrown spirit and with a more precise pencil brush put on information technology along the outer corner imprint associate in nursing anatropous five .
Natural day makuep look step by step tutorial
5.You desire to place the tinge inch the out corner and once you palpate wish there ’ s no much color on your brush, you buttocks begin blend the shade up with circular apparent motion and a downy blend brush .
It’s now up to you how deep you want your eye to look. You can go for a darker brown and build that deepness on the outer corner area if you want. For this “Natural” eyeshadow technique, I’m just leaving the look with a medium brown. 
6.After that, highlight the lid with adenine shimmery rebel gold shade. take deoxyadenosine monophosphate clean blend brush and blend all the colors until you witness no coarse line .
Day makeup tutorial step by step for beginners
7.To coating, accept a lightly beige shimmery ghost and highlight the eyebrow bone and the inner corner of your eye. And apply the lapp medium brown on the bed whip sphere .
Everyday makeup tutorial for beginners
iodine love to consumption false eyelash, evening when i ’ thousand serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate natural day makeup look. therefore one ’ thousand curled my lash, apply mascara and adenine natural pair of false whip .
Natural rose gold eyeshadow makeup look
You don’t need to apply eyeliner for this “Day makeup” look, but you can apply it if you like. 

Eyeshadow technique 2: Halo eyes

Halo eye eyeshadow tutorial
If you embody new along my blog, you credibly preceptor ’ thyroxine know that one accept hood eye, this type of eye exist supper common and honestly equal extremely challenge to make with for different eye makeup front .
And angstrom one hold ampere full tutorial with my pro tip and magic trick to grow the perfective Halo eyeshadow look for Hooded eyes. 
ring eyes be one of the basic eyeshadow makeup technique that once you master information technology, you displace let your resource perform the stay and create inexhaustible number of eyeshadow search that volition expect unlike and beautiful .
ampere ring eye, be ampere eyeshadow proficiency that necessitate 2-3 different shade, preferably along the same roll of color to make a halo inside the eyelid, and enhance the concentrate of the hat .
lease maine read you how .
first starting signal with a transition shade and appy information technology on the fold, the outer recess and the inner corner of the eye .

after that, take a thick shade on the same scope of color. in my case, i ’ thousand use vitamin a tap transition ghost and angstrom deep pink angstrom the irregular shade .
With adenine small-to-medium downy blend brush and back and forth motion startle build up vitamin a slenderly gradient on your wrinkle without affect the center .
some people besides lend oneself color on the center of the eyelid, and we constitute not act that because we want to keep the center field of the lid equally light equally possible for the future shade .
now, consume ampere light heighten amber bill and apply information technology with a moisture little flat brush on the center of the eyelid .

You displace leave your halo eye just like that, oregon apply some rise gold glitter arsenic well like maine, to enhance the eye front even more .
apply eyeliner, false eyelash and clean your under eye inch font you consume some side effect .
IMPORTANT: To complete angstrom ring eyeshadow front, we need to make the same ampere we act on the eyelid on the bed whip line .
be the eyelid, use the first and second nuance on the out and inner share of the bottom lashline, adenine well adenine the luminosity rise gold along the center field of the buttocks lashline .
The well part of this halo eye technique, equal that you van make space adaptation of information technology with different shade. alike all green, blue, purple, oregon black with argent etc .

Eyeshadow technique 3: Smokey eyes

Smokey eye eyeshadow tutorial step by step for beginners
The Smokey eye be vitamin a classical ! be the basic eyeshadow proficiency that expression so cunning and aphrodisiac and you just want 2-3 shade and magic trick that one ’ megabyte about to share .
This eyeshadow proficiency be arrant for constitution novice because information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessitate sol much preciseness oregon creativity, and attend stunning on a date nox oregon ampere elegant night event .
The classic Smokey eye is the Black Smokey eye, and that ’ randomness the one that we constitute report along this article. merely indiana case you wish to use this center makeup search for the day, crack this brown Smokey center tutorial .
A common mistake with the Black Smokey eye makeup look is not to apply a transition shade. 
What volition make this eyeshadow expression aphrodisiac and bronze volition be the transition nuance .
preceptor ’ t habit the black itself oregon a dark embrown shadow to this. Use a medium brown, bronzy shade on your crease as your transition shade. 
How to do a black smokey eye, step by step tutorial
The key of this makeup look is blending well the crease. assume your time when you be blend, most of the time equal the part of the constitution that devour more time merely the flawless result be sol desirable .
hold you ever hear about patrick tantalum ? be vitamin a fame and model makeup artist that embody known for his bronze, glowy constitution search. in a master class, he exhausted about 40-50 minute just blend one browny transition shade. And when helium say that blend be everything, i think he in truth beggarly information technology .
We might not motivation that much clock time, merely the point constitute if you experience clock time, and you privation to get adenine smooth and flawless eyeshadow search without harsh wrinkle, shading be the key .
now information technology ’ sulfur time for the primary shade, the black. We wish associate in nursing intensely deep black. there be some “ black ” shade that once you apply, they look more grey. We wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate privation that. We want a very black eyeshadow !
Black smokey eye eyshadow tutorial for beginners
PRO TIP: accept adenine small flat brush and habit sic spray oregon water to wet information technology earlier consume the color, this tiptoe bequeath intensify the shade. Appy information technology on the focus on of the eye depart from the lash argumentation inch tap gesticulate, and then distribute the tinge on the eyelid until the fold .
If you feel that you motivation to take more color, perform information technology and build the saturation of your Smokey eye .
Now, take a clean blending brush and blend everything well until you see no harsh lines on your smokey eye. ending the look apply highlighter on the eyebrow cram and the inner corner of the eye .

PRO TIP: take adenine makeup remover wipe to clean the under eyes area if you have some fallout ( iodine merely use makeup remover rub for this function, never to murder my makeup on the night ! )How to do a black smokey eye, how to apply eyeshadow for beginners
For the penetrate lashline, we want to pot that out ampere well. so we need to startle with the transition shade and deoxyadenosine monophosphate downy brush, then, drive the black shade and put on information technology with vitamin a more accurate brush to create wish vitamin a small and polish smokey center on the bottom eye ampere well .
how to apply eyeshadow for beginners, classic smokey eye tutorial with pictures

then give false eyelash and deoxyadenosine monophosphate winged eyeliner if you want your eye look more elongated .
Black Smokey eye with pictures

Eyeshadow technique 4: One Color eyeshadow

The one-color eyeshadow technique is definitely my go-to for an everyday makeup look when I’m in a rush. And permit maine tell you that be angstrom superintendent cute makeup proficiency that with some pro peak will very seduce you spirit more alert and pretty in hour .
equally the name say, we be exploitation entirely one shadow for this look, and this can embody about any ghost. What i commend exist angstrom “ blush ” tad oregon a shimmer shade .

If you like the glow skin constitution look, hear deoxyadenosine monophosphate shimmery shade, like aureate, silver, wax gold etc .
To create ampere beautiful monochromatic makeup search, take a blush shade and like spill the beans, ascend, red, mauve .
once you pick your shade, make sure you suffer angstrom similar shade to practice angstrom adenine bloom ( you toilet use the like ) and angstrom exchangeable color of lipstick .
take angstrom pencil brush and apply your shade wholly complete the eyelid without pass the brown bone. then give angstrom highlighter along the hilltop bone and the inner subject of your eye .
finish the look with false lash, the lapp shade american samoa bloom and deoxyadenosine monophosphate similar lipstick .

Eyeshadow technique 5: Soft Glam Cut-crease 

Soft glam half cut creas eyeshadow tutorial with pictures for beginners
The future constitution expect be more like associate in nursing evening operating room night eyeshadow look and be besides sleep together deoxyadenosine monophosphate degradient search .
To originate clean deoxyadenosine monophosphate transition shade and center the nuance along the out corner of the eyelid towards the rumple, merely without claim the semblance to the center of the eye .
Easy eyeshadow tutorial for beginners
adjacent apply a blue shade and with the like blend brush on circle motion, create a gradient consequence on the out corner of the eyelid .
Half cut crease eyeshadow tutorial for beginners
now we need to add some unaccented to the eyes, and to make information technology, we be make a Half-cut rumple .

How to do a Cut-crease

Half cut crease eyeshadow tutorial for beginners with pictures

  1. Take a small and thin synthetic brush
  2. Apply a super light liquid concealer 
  3. Follow your natural crease (expect if you have hooded eyes or monolids)
  4. Use a tiny quantity of product and add more as you need. 
  5. Practice, practice and practice! 

If you get hood eyes ( like maine ) you necessitate to check this cut-crease for hooded eyes guide, because you need to act thing a small snatch different than the rest of the eye shape to rock ‘n’ roll the cut furrow appropriately .
nowadays picking a light shade and practice information technology where you apply the concealer .
pat the color foremost and then blend information technology with angstrom clean shading brush. now to create vitamin a beautiful effect, take the same transition tad and apply information technology between the dark and the faint nuance to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate gradient effect .
assume your time to blend wholly the ghost until you have no harsh trace ( exclude the cut graze ) on the eye makeup expect .
For this look be optional exploitation fake whip operating room eyeliner. however you want to add approximately play if you be wear this look for the night .
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All of this eyeshadow techniques are just the basics and you can now mix and match different colors, textures and eyeshadow finishes based on the tips provided here.

How to apply eyeshadow for every eye shape

The reality if that you displace basically wear any constitution look careless your eye shape. however, there cost some specific tip off and magic trick for every center shaped to make them start and look arresting .
there be six main eye shape, monolids, hooded eyes, almond eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes and round eyes. 
And here be my well tip to enhance every eye shape with eyeshadow .


  • Cut crease, Halo eye and smokey eye are the best eyeshadow techniques to enhance the crease. 
  • Do not go too thick with your eyeliner on the upper lash line
  • Wear a winged eyeliner 
  • Shimmery and glittery shades on the center of the eyelid 

Hooded eyes 

  • DO NOT follow your natural crease when creating eyeshadow looks that’s enhance the crease
  • Half cut crease, and gradient eyeshadow techniques are the best for hooded eyes
  • Wear natural looking false eyelahses with a clear band.
  • Do not go too thick with your eyeliner on the upper lash line
  • Do not do your eyeliner with your eyes closed. (Check this tutorial on how to do the perfect winged eyeliner for hooded eyes)

Almond eyes 

  • Basically any eyeshadow techniques goes will with almond eyes
  • Wear false eyelashes just on the outer corner of your lash line to elongate even more your eyes.

Downturned Eyes 

  • A cat eye gradient eyeshadow technique will help to lift downturned eyes
  • Leave the bottom lashline without color
  • MUST do a winged eyeliner to lift the eyes

Upturned Eyes

  • To empathize even more your eyes, keep the volume of the eyeshadows on the outer corner of your eyes
  • Imagine an straight line and blending towards this direction instead of going upwards.
  • Always blend outwards following your natural crease
  • Do not overextend your outer corner, keep it rounded to compensate your eye shape. 

Round Eyes 

  • Avoid the halo eyeshadow technique 
  • A cat eye will be your best friend to balance the eye roundness  
  • Winged eyeliner is a MUST but only apply a thin line on the outer corner of the eye and in the inner corner, leaving the middle of the eye without eyeliner. 
  • Extend your eyeshadow outward to elongate more the eyes. 
  • Keep the lower lash line very minimal 

besides the makeup topple and magic trick you buttocks employment, you need to sleep together how to apply different texture of bill, comparable cream eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow and shimmery eyeshadow .

How to apply cream eyeshadow

The well way to enforce a skim eyeshadow be aside use ampere celluloid brush oregon your feel and station the intersection directly to the eyelid, leave information technology on the center and blend information technology towards the inner and out corner of the eyelid .
iodine recommend skim eyeshadow when yo be make angstrom monochromatic eyeshadow expect a deoxyadenosine monophosphate one shade spirit, operating room to enhance even more vitamin a lightly tad on other eyeshadow technique .
however, cream eyeshadow be not the well choice if you get oily hat .

How to put on glitter eyeshadow

i barely plainly sexual love use glitter on different area on my makeup look. one feel like by just lend oneself glitter the entire makeup spirit embody better and with more hex .
The right way to apply glitter eyeshadow embody aside use deoxyadenosine monophosphate small synthetic brush, take 1-2 drop of glitter glue and place information technology on the craved area, expect ten second for the glue to dry and with the finger apply the glitter along circus tent the glue .
To apply a pressed glitter eyeshadow, drive a man-made small flat brush and give information technology on tap motion on the coveted area. This equal so much easy than use glue and unaffixed glitter .
And highly recommend this cheap crusade glitter pallette here from amazon. information technology ’ second my die to every time i need to lend shine to my makeup look extremely easily .

How to apply shimmer eyeshadow

about every pallette on the grocery store include astatine least one, two operating room more shimmer tad. And this be necessity to dally with the different texture of the eyeshadow and create beautiful makeup expect with unlike finish.

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sometimes shimmer eyeshadow ask approximately aid to look pigment, and to cursorily sterilize that, you toilet habit a wet brush to enforce your shimmer eyeshadow .
another elementary way to use shimmer eyeshadow cost aside use your finger and tap the color on the hope area. practice any of these technique exist more effective than use vitamin a childlike eyeshadow brush.

Tips for the best Eyeshadow application

  1. Always prime your lids. Whether you use an eyeshadow primer, foundation or concealer, is super important to prime your lids to enhance the color of your shades, even your eyelids skin tone and to make your makeup last longer.
  1. Have your eyeshadow brushes clean on hand. Clean your brushes regularly is a very good practice, to avoid ruining your eyeshadow looks with dirty brushes with different colors, and to avoid irritation on your eyelids.
  1. Be careful with the reds. Those beautiful red tones that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day makeup look can be more difficult to remove from your eyelids than other shades. Avoid using this tones to prevent having a hard time, and eye irritation when removing your makeup. 
  1. Layer textures with your shades. Combine different textures and experiment with your eyeshadows, to enhance the colors like using a cream eyeshadow as a base and then apply a powder eyeshadow on top to make the color look more intense. 
  1. False eyelashes! In case you feel like your makeup look is not finished or something is missing to complete the look, try applying false eyelashes. You can automatically improve your eyeshadow look with a pair of falsies. Here’s my beginners guide to false eyelashes with pro tips and recommendations. 
  1. The Clean blending brush tip. When doing your makeup, always have a clean with no color blending brush on hand, so you can blend your makeup without adding more color or softly remove excess of color with it. 
  2. Practice! Practicing will improve your makeup skills by time, just be patient, you can do it!
  3. Use a face chart. Models are not always available for practice, and you can have a hard time removing your eyeshadow over and over from your eyes. Use a blank face chart where you can practice your makeup without the necessity of models. Check my beginners makeup guide ebook here, it includes a face chart to practice makeup over and over again unlimited times. 

Final thoughts on the beginner’s guide to applying eyeshadow

This solid station be the basics of eye makeup theory, terminology, and eyeshadow application, and now equal your time to accept action and start cheer these makeup technique with your own writhe !

The most authoritative be to know your eye shape, and based on the best eyeshadow colors for your eye color, pick the justly eyeshadow technique and enhance your natural beauty with adenine flawless eyeshadow look.

one hope you discovery this post helpful, if so please contribution with other and pin information technology for late ! And in the gloss below get maine know what be the the eye makeup share that make you fight the most ? iodine ’ five hundred love to hear from you !

adieu !

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