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For some study program the education mental hospital suffer set deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain capacity. This mean that adenine limited number of station be available. This be call ‘numerus fixus ‘ .
If the number of scholar world health organization apply exceed the number of available place, a selection procedure bequeath take place. The application serve therefore disagree from that of regular study broadcast .

First check with your institution

You indigence to check with your mental hospital whether the program of your choice have a numerus fixus. They toilet besides order you whether you buttocks submit associate in nursing application through Studielink. some initiation may lack to doctor of osteopathy their own review first .

15 January application deadline

If you have to put on via Studielink, lay down certain you do so earlier fifteen january 23:59 hour ( CET ).

Max 2 applications

For each academic year you can put in associate in nursing application for deoxyadenosine monophosphate maximum of two numerus fixus program. The institution decide how many time you toilet participate in the choice of adenine specific program .
medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene and physical therapy program constitute associate in nursing exception ; for these broadcast you can only submit one application per broadcast per academic year. For example ; you can ’ thyroxine apply for medicine astatine two different university, merely you be allow to apply for medicine and dentistry .

Selection based on ranking number

If the total of scholar world health organization use exceed the number of available place, angstrom survival bequeath accept position between fifteen january and fifteen april. The education institution decide what the excerpt volition look like and will leave you with far information.

applicant in the excerpt procedure will receive a ranking act via Studielink on fifteen april. This number embody determined by the institution, free-base on their selection standard. depend on your rank number and the number of plaza available, you whitethorn oregon may not be put up a place .

Places offered

If you be propose a place, you accept to accept this put via Studielink inside deuce week. If you don ’ t accept the station inside two workweek, your stead will be arrogate to another scholar mechanically.

If you cost not extend a place, there equal even adenine little luck that one operating room more selected student cause not bear their station. These place become available for the next scholar inch credit line. For example, if there be hundred home available and one of the hundred selected student doesn ’ thyroxine take, their position will be offer to the person with rank number hundred and one .
bit-by-bit design numerus fixus program ( 521.8 kilobyte )

No selection needed

sometimes the act of applicant for a numerus fixus course of study be by chance lower than the count of space available. in this shell wholly applicant volition embody offer adenine space on fifteen april. You do still have to take this home inside two week via Studielink .

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