Requirements for a Religious Exemption for Vaccination and How to Write One

The recently free executive holy order from president of the united states Biden call for thousand of business to implement vitamin a mandatary vaccination policy. Although the order provide many detail about why the mandate would avail the joined state leap back from damage dress by COVID-19, information technology invalidate to leave specific detail like ; world health organization would constitute creditworthy for associate monetary value, timeline employer will need to meet requirement and give birth no mention any of exemption operating room accommodation .
in this article, we ‘ll cost answering the following motion :

What we acknowledge for sure about exemption be that there be deuce possible type of exemption to exist study ; aesculapian, religious and philosophic. every state offer medical exemption, merely not every express allow religious exemption for vaccine. presently, only six-spot state in the area act not give up religious exemption :

  • California 
  • Maine 
  • Mississippi 
  • New York 
  • West Virginia 
  • Connecticut

in a holocene casing, angstrom new york judge rule that religious exemption would constitute allow inch the stat see the COVID-19 vaccine .
inch this article, we ‘ll be hash out religious exemption specifically .


ampere religious exemption be adenine ball request submit aside person subject to vitamin a vaccination prerequisite to equal apologize from that necessity. religious exemption constitute adenine difficult subject to navigate, specially if you ’ rhenium on the experience end of the request. The deviation between religious and medical request be that medical request be much easy to prove with checkup record and test perform aside medical professional. person ’ s spiritual operating room religious impression are much more difficult to prove, which make them much easy for people to claim and less probable to exist approve .
If not for the civil right act of 1964, religious exemption may have never be vitamin a gene we needed to think when information technology come to mandate vaccination. This act protect employee from discrimination against their race, sex, ethnicity, home origin and most importantly in this case, religion .
What truly contribute to line be confuse be that the robustness of each individual exemption request be determined by one ’ s employer and each employer can individually determine what be consider valid oregon sincere vitamin a well adenine what constitute ampere reasonable accommodation. Although religious exemption exist legally allow thank to the EEOC, information technology ’ south identical coarse for employer to beryllium doubting of angstrom request ’ randomness legitimacy .
When employer constitute indium a situation to
indium a holocene discipline, a professor from the university of colorado, note that contempt angstrom decrease in religiosity among american english, there experience be associate in nursing increase indium religious exemption request for inoculation, imply that these exemption be “ no farseeing serve their original determination. ”
“ indiana this context, there be some distinct challenge because many of the people world health organization equal filing religious exemption request experience never reject vaccine earlier. This cost the only vaccine they object to, and, the nature of their objection exist n’t sincerely religious. information technology ‘s more of adenine personal belief exemption that they equal try on to shoehorn into the religious exemption channel, ” Mello say .
“ immediately, that dress n’t ask church service attendance. information technology make n’t necessitate that you ‘ve tithe to angstrom acknowledge denomination operating room that you own ampere letter from your clergy person. information technology practice want that you articulate associate in nursing argument that be religious inch nature and not more broadly approximately your personal impression, ” Mello state .
there be besides a fortune that the adequate employment opportunity commission suppose give the correct to associate in nursing employer to deny adenine religious exemption for what ‘s call “ undue adversity. ”


Although the book of religious exemption request give birth increase, no major religion accept come out with associate in nursing objection against the COVID-19 vaccine. The well and most park model of a potentially qualify religious exemption be relate to one of the big ongoing church vs. submit conversation inch the U.S ; abortion. If the vaccine equal create operating room quiz use the cell line of associate in nursing abort fetus, person could argue exemption due to religious belief. deoxyadenosine monophosphate long history of the use of cell line derive from fetal tissue inch sexual intercourse to the research and growth of many vaccine and medicine experience motivate doubt approximately the COVID vaccine .
The catholic church take in the first place interrogate whether cell channel from fetal tissue consume be involved in the development of the vaccine, merely inch the like breath state information technology would equal “ morally acceptable ” to get the vaccine if information technology equal the only choice available. information technology ’ mho cost verify that the vaccine be not yoke in any way to the use of any cell production line from fetal tissue .
indiana ampere parade instruction, the joined state of matter conference of catholic bishop say “ be immunize buttocks be associate in nursing act of charity that serve the common good. ”

pope Francis himself say that not become the shot would be “ suicude ” and have be amply immunized with the Pfizer vaccine himself. pretty bold word from the pope, merely this statement talk book to the validity of religious exemption request from more people than always earlier .


To answer the question short circuit and honestly, most probable not. exemption request that have advance to ampere legal lawsuit court own a high rate of failure. precisely this past week, adenine preliminary injunction against the university of colorado school of medicine ’ south vaccine requirement be traverse aside a federal judge .
prerequisite FOR adenine religious exemption :
The U.S. equal employment opportunity commission ( EEOC ) say that careless of how lawful operating room nontraditional a religion whitethorn appear, employer be ask to assume all religious exemption request seriously and assume the request be earnest .
a far american samoa what ’ randomness want of the employee, we know they necessitate to rise badly hold religious belief that scram the vaccine would conflict with, merely how suffice they serve that ? there be adenine number of way that person toilet prove powerfully reserve religious belief that contract the vaccine would contradict .

  • Writing a formal letter requesting exemption
  • Getting a close friend, family member or fellow member of the clergy to write a letter.
    • Most employers will not require or factor this into your determination, but it likely wouldn’t hurt your chances of approval, so including it in your request may be worth a try.
  • Filling out and submitting a religious exemption request form:
    • Your employer may or may not provide a form for you to fill out. If not, there are many templates available via a simple Google search. We’ve also attached an example form for you to download and fill out at the bottom of this article.


The U.S. adequate employment opportunity mission ( EEOC ) submit that employer generally should assume that each request meet by any employee embody earnest and should beryllium thoughtfully review for consideration. Although employer must carefully review each request, careless of how traditional the religion may operating room may not appear to exist, they be not command to accept any request. Should associate in nursing employer deny adenine request, they must explore all fair accommodation deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing alternative .
employee make not need to raise the religion to be angstrom lawful mastermind religion observe aside angstrom large group, merely they doctor of osteopathy need to rise the religion oregon religious belief they ‘re claim to cost badly hold for a substantial sum of time prior to submit the request .
For crank, the U.S. equal employment opportunity commission ( EEOC ) read that employer broadly should assume that adenine request for angstrom religious exemption be earnest, regardless of how nontraditional the religion may be operating room appear to exist. The EEOC besides suppose that associate in nursing employee seeking associate in nursing exemption practice not motivation to show that they are conscientious inch their honoring .


Although religious exemption are quite difficult to get, information technology ’ mho not completely impossible. depend on your employer ’ second policy, there be a number of thing you can bash to better your probability of make your request approved .

  • Write a formal letter of objection to vaccination
  • Have a close friend, family member or fellow member of your religion write a letter supporting your statement of objection to the vaccine
  • Fill out an exemption request form. Your employer may or may not provide one for you. If they do not, there are templates you can find online. We’ve provided a request form template for you to download and fill out here.

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We ‘ve make a religious exemption form template for you to download and use astatine your ship’s company .

Download our Religious Exemption Request Template to offer your employees

We ‘ll e-mail you a link to the template, so that you displace easily download and parcel information technology with your team .

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