How to Answer “Is There Anything Else?”

sometimes you can tell when you ’ re making a actually good depression during an interview. But, let ’ s not get cocky. We both know that as you ’ re wrapping up, full of confidence and eager to move forward in the process, you ’ ll beget hit with something out of the blue, like, “ Is there anything else you ’ d like us to know ? ” “ alone that you should hire me—immediately ! ” is, unfortunately, not normally what interviewers are looking for. so, what are they seeking when they toss this your way ? A couple things, actually.

Really—Is There Anything Else?

beneficial news ! Interviewers aren ’ t actually out to get you with trick questions—or at least most of them aren ’ triiodothyronine. normally, they truly are interested in what you think your strengths are or how you handle failure. Given that, your interviewer very likely just wants to give you a prospect to mention anything that he or she has neglected to ask you. After all, most hire managers are not technical interviewers. They ’ rhenium experts at whatever their actual job is. This means that you should take this question as an invitation to mention anything relevant that you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get a find to. Try starting with, “ We ’ ve decidedly covered a batch already, but I do want to mention my feel with… ” This concluding thing might be a relevant experience that ’ s a morsel older or a skill that you ’ ve honed that was never brought up in conversation. If this goes into a longer discussion, that ’ south great. If not, conclude with something like, “ And, of course, I precisely want to reiterate how stimulate I am about the placement. ”

Can You Summarize Your Qualifications for Me?

Okay, your interviewers might not be consciously thinking this when they ask you if there ’ s anything else you want to plowshare, but they ’ ll decidedly appreciate it. Plus, summarizing your qualifications for your interviewer means you won ’ metric ton have to be that person who says, “ Nope, there ’ randomness nothing else to know. ”

Begin your reaction with, “ I think we ’ ve covered most of it, but barely to summarize, it sounds like you ’ rhenium looking for person who can truly hit the ground running. And with my previous feel [ count have here ], I think I ’ five hundred be a great fit. ” The key here is to not go into to a lot detail since, ideally, you ’ ve covered it all already. After you ’ ve made your case for being a full fit, finish up by pointing out your exuberance for the company—this is a great means to wrap up an interview, and it just never hurts.

Whether you do have something else to bring up or not, use the “ Is there anything else you ’ d like us to know ? ” motion as your invitation to finish strong. Either make that final examination period about your skills, or truly spell out how your experiences make you an excellent candidate for the side. Whatever you do, don ’ t let this opportunity go to waste.

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