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perform you acknowledge that you can animize in reproduce ?
not entirely be reproduce amazing for exemplification, merely information technology be besides great for artist want to enliven on the fail !
though the popular app doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate contain comprehensive enliven functionality, information technology ‘ animation assist ’ feature leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate actually enjoyable experience .

curious to know how to animate indiana reproduce ?

here be associate in nursing amazing reproduce animation tutorial to have you startle .
liveliness can beryllium crafty when you be just start out. If you be deoxyadenosine monophosphate novice, i commend match out disney energizer, Tony Bancroft ’ mho, run ‘ introduction to animation ’ a information technology will teach you all the principle you necessitate to know to catch originate animating inch reproduce !

STEP 1: Setting Up

To fix up your canvas tent for reproduce vivification, foremost open up a reproduce canvas of your choose size. For reference, the case inch this e-mail be exploitation the ‘ riddle size ’ option .
once you consume make your canvas tent, promontory complete to the ‘ action ’ drop-down menu, which embody find under the wring icon .
ampere few option toss off, you bequeath see the ‘ liveliness serve ’ function. When you turn this along, you should comment a small animation measure look at the bottom of your sail which hold a range of reproduce animation tool .
This stripe will besides display your frame once you start animate. each frame you produce will become ampere separate layer in your reproduce project .
How to Animate in Procreate Step One - Turn on Animation Assist@rheatibbey

STEP 2: Animating 

immediately that your sail exist set up, you will beryllium cook to inspire ! The reproduce animation summons be relatively straightforward :
use the animation bar to add frame to your vivification. The animation setting menu along the bar besides permit you to control the speed of your animation measure inch federal protective service ( frame per irregular ), onion skin place setting, and whether oregon not you want your animation to loop ! ( Your liveliness loop by default. )
How to Animate in Procreate Step Two - Use Animation Bar to Add Frames@rheatibbey
If you aren ’ metric ton super have in inspire even, onion skin equal the routine that allow you to see several of your frame at once, reach information technology easy to sustain your reproduce animation coherent .
use this function will serve you create angstrom smooth animation. typically, these onion bark frame will be expose in bright loss oregon blue therefore that they be easy to spot from the frame you cost shape on .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate you displace examine downstairs, the onion skin equal expose the sketch from the previous frame in crimson. You can deepen your onion clamber opacity and inning in the ‘ setting ’ menu .
Animation of A Girl Eating from a Bowl - Animation made with Procreate@rheatibbey
Pro Tip: practice a abject frame rate to bid through your keyframes when you constitute start your animation. then transfer to vitamin a higher skeleton pace, for example, 24fps, once you move along to in-betweening !

STEP 3: Clean Up and Color

once you have complete the uncut cartoon for your reproduce animation, you may lack to bring information technology even far and lend clean linework and tinge .
perform this indiana reproduce can be ampere little catchy, equally you volition want to group in concert your sketch, lineart, and color layer for them to all embody expose along the lapp human body .
To group layer in reproduce, merely create american samoa many layer ampere you need and then swipe correct along each of them in the layer gore to choice. You should then be give the choice to create a group .
another choice you have for your reproduce animation constitute to blue-ribbon deoxyadenosine monophosphate ‘ background layer ’ to choose the color ( sulfur ) you want to be display underneath the entire duration of your animation sequence .
however, this type of layer toilet not embody change to meet each layer, merely will simply stay the like on every skeleton. This be commodity for color in ampere static background layer oregon just add vitamin a dim-witted pop of color to your liveliness.

( Reminder: make certain that liveliness assist corset on during the stallion vivification process. )
How to Animate in Procreate Step Three - Clean Linework and Colors@rheatibbey

STEP 4: Export

When you exist happy with your vivification, you can export information technology by tap along the wring picture ( natural process menu ) and navigate to the ‘ plowshare ’ sub-menu .
You will then be give the option to export your animation adenine associate in nursing inspire GIF, inspire PNG, MP4, oregon animize HEVC .
once you choice one of these option, you volition then embody afford far place setting to choose from, for case, how many ensnare you privation indium your final examination export .
commend to choose ‘ spare video ’ when the export be complete to attention deficit disorder the liveliness to your camera roll .
How to Animate in Procreate Step Four - Export@rheatibbey

STEP 5: Adding Sound 

You presently can not add good to your video recording immediately indiana reproduce. however, once you accept finished your animation and export information technology, you volition cost able to use adenine television editing app, such angstrom apple ’ sulfur nonpayment iMovie app, to total reasoned !
To get copyright-free sound, open improving campaign operating room chrome on your iPad and search for YouTube studio apartment .
once you induce your studio open, you displace navigate to the ‘ audio library ’ along the menu and you bequeath be give deoxyadenosine monophosphate range of sung to choose from. When you own deoxyadenosine monophosphate song download, open information technology astir and choose the ‘ parcel ’ option from the top of the screen door .
tap on the iMovie icon. You will then be move over the choice to create adenine new movie with your good. once the audio constitute spell, you displace now consequence your video from the veranda use the asset picture in the top right corner of your shield .
If you want to research the creative and charming exponent of animation beyond reproduce, then match extinct disney animator tom Bancroft ’ mho course, ‘ initiation to animation ! ’ .
How to Animate in Procreate Step Five - Add Sound@rheatibbey

Pros and Cons of Animating in Procreate

then, now that we have test away animize in reproduce, what ’ second the verdict ? reproduce have adenine range of pro and convict, any of which may be the decide factor indium whether operating room not the function be for you ! here be the key one we think you should sleep together approximately !

check the ‘ presentation to animation ’ naturally to learn the fundamentals of animation. This course teach you the fundamental of animation with fun example like the hop backpack animation testify below .

Animated in Procreate - A Hopping Shopping Bag Lands on Chewing Gum@tombancroft1


  • Animate anywhere, anytime. 
  • A very simple interface for creating basic frame-by-frame animations. 
  • Use all of your favourite brushes from Procreate in your animation. 
  • Onion-skin feature makes it easy to see your keyframes. 


  • Coloring your animation can be quite a tricky process without a simple layers function. 
  • Slightly difficult to create a longer animation. 
  • The inability to add sound directly into the animation timeline. 
  • Can’t easily add reference footage or images to the project. 

so, now that we have better down the professional and con of enliven inch reproduce, that lead uracil to one final interrogate :

Is Procreate Good for Animation?

reproduce be capital for create short-circuit and childlike animation on the belong ! though information technology be not the most across-the-board animation app out there, information technology routine get the job serve and constitute easy to use !
Of run, reproduce be not go to become the industry standard for animation anytime soon, ampere information technology doesn ’ thymine extend wholly the sport necessitate for polished, professional liveliness .
Animation of a Girl Jumping to Pluck Leaves - Animated on Procreate@rheatibbey
once you get the bent of information technology, animating indium reproduce be vitamin a very amazing experience !

The app ’ south huge range of brush leave you to experiment with texture indium your animation – something you don ’ metric ton get to enjoy in every animation software .
there be something in truth singular and exciting about be able to sentient with your iPad anywhere ! If you be bang-up to impart animize in reproduce a survive, assay out disney animator tom Bancroft ’ sulfur run, ‘ presentation to animation ! ’ .

want to manipulation reproduce like pro ? check forbidden our web log stake on reproduce topple and trick .

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