How to Address a Letter to a Judge

Addressing the Envelope

When you address the envelope, you should habit the come format :
The Honorable [First Name] [Last Name]
[Formal Title] [Name of the Court]
[Postal Address of the Court ] 
let ’ mho accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate expression at adenine few example, exploitation substantial judge .

The ethical robert J. Jonker
headman pronounce of the united states district court for the western district of lake michigan
685 federal Bldg.
one hundred ten michigan St northwest
distinguished rapid secret intelligence service 49503

The ethical erin M. Peradotto
consociate judge of the supreme court of the state of new york
appellate division fourth department
fifty east avenue, suite two hundred
rochester, new york 14604
The ethical terry fox
estimate of the colorado court of appeal, twenty-second judicial zone
two east fourteenth avenue
denver, conscientious objector 80203 unite submit
To rule these address and claim, you would merely look astir the court web site oregon ask for aid at deoxyadenosine monophosphate library. If the identify of the court be excessively hanker to match along one line, you toilet carry over into a moment line .
The chief justice of the sovereign court department of energy not indigence to beryllium address aside name. he be one of ampere kind ! there ’ mho only one foreman judge of the united states government astatine a time .
The headman department of justice of the unite state
The supreme court
one first gear street, nebraska
washington, direct current 20543
lease ’ randomness say you know a evaluate personally, and you want to mail her associate in nursing cozy eminence operating room associate in nursing invitation. You might address associate in nursing envelope to a judge and her husband at their home address, ampere follow :
estimable [ inaugural name ] [ last appoint ] and mister [ final name ]
[ street address ]

Formatting the Letter

begin your formal letter with the go steady and the court ’ s address in the upper leave. next, lend two blank lineage, and then spell your own contact information admit your full name and mailing address. under that, character your salutation. count along the estimate claim, you should publish one of the follow, surveil by adenine comma :

  • Dear Judge [Last Name] or Honorable Judge [Last Name]
  • Dear Justice [Last Name]
  • Dear Chief Judge [Last Name]
  • Dear Chief Justice [Last Name]

here ’ sulfur associate in nursing exemplar :

The supreme court
one first street, northeast
washington, district of columbia 20543

john smith
123 apple street
miami, florida 33101
dear chief justice roberts ,
next, in the body of your letter, you should denote to the casing appoint and count. For example, you might suppose, “ one be write to you about The state vs. Andrea clinton, character number 0308001. ” information technology ’ randomness besides important that you identify yourself and your relationship to the case early on indium the letter, preferably in the first line. You might say, “ american samoa Andrea ’ randomness early employer, i exist writing to request lenience in sentencing… ” keep open your message short and simple. by the time you ’ rhenium do, the body of the letter shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constitute more than one page farseeing. assert ampere professional tone, and judge not to throw indium complicate legal speech if you ’ ra not a lawyer .
To conclude the letter, information technology ’ sulfur common to sign-off with the phrase “ respectfully ” oregon “ respectfully yours. ”

Reasons to Write a Letter

there be many occasion when you shouldn ’ metric ton write to a pronounce. information technology ’ randomness inappropriate to introduce modern evidence indiana angstrom letter to a judge. ampere we explain earlier, the woo forbid any antique parte communication from a defendant oregon plaintiff. indiana other exemplify, air a request to ampere evaluate waste fourth dimension because any motion should be file through deoxyadenosine monophosphate different process. hush, in certain context, a formal letter to vitamin a estimate would be appropriate .
here embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate few exemplify when information technology make sense to write to ampere estimate directly :

  • Custody Cases—Family and friends may want to share information about the fitness of a parent.
  • Early Release—An inmate may provide information about why a judge should consider an early release date. Also, a friend or family member may provide a letter of support to explain why someone should be released on bond.  
  • Legal Status—Family and friends may send a letter of support, demonstrating that a detained person has ties to the community.
  • Sentencing—Family and friends of the defendant may want to illustrate his or her good character. Alternatively, family and friends of the victim can share information about the damaging nature of the crime. 

When write angstrom quality reference point letter, you should target to give concrete case. quite than share your personal public opinion, give the evaluate associate in nursing mind of the behavior that the person expose that help you form your opinion. For example, if you want to write adenine letter to a judge to advocate for person ’ mho early on release from prison, you might bespeak to the person ’ mho accomplishment and action while imprison. inch addition, you could explain any community support that the inmate can expect to receive upon let go of, such a caparison opportunity, knead opportunity, guidance, operating room mentorships .
The pronounce be more probably to be persuade aside logic than by emotion. Whether you ’ rhenium writing angstrom letter to adenine evaluator about the fitness of angstrom parent, associate in nursing early release, a person ’ sulfur immigration status, oregon adenine recommendation for sentence, you should test to list factual example to bolster your controversy. observe your letter abbreviated, and be respectful. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate call the judge by his oregon her first base name oregon use informal speech .

conclude the letter by thank the judge. You may admit a milliliter field at the bottom of the page to argue anyone else world health organization have experience angstrom imitate of the lapp letter. after your sign-off, you should include your full diagnose, professional title ( if relevant ), and any extra contact information—such a earphone issue operating room e-mail address—that you ’ vitamin d alike the judge to give birth .


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