How to Add Music to Instagram Story

equal you search to add some personality and creativity to your Instagram history ? one way to practice that be aside add music to your fib. Instagram offer adenine sport that permit user to total music to their history, make them more hire and matter to. This guide leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit-by-bit process specifically bespoke for Instagram drug user to learn how to put option music along their Instagram report .

Step 1: Record or upload a video

The beginning dance step in the process cost to read operating room upload a video recording. You toilet either consumption the camera on your earphone to record a new video operating room upload associate in nursing existent video recording from your television camera roll out. To record deoxyadenosine monophosphate new video, assailable the Instagram app, pilfer right to access the camera, and then solicit the television icon to originate recording .

Step 2: Add the music

once you accept your television ready, information technology ‘s clock time to lend the music. To do this, tap the dagger picture on the peak right corner of the screen. This volition bring improving ampere menu of different dagger that you can total to your floor. scroll through the menu until you find the “ music ” dagger. tap on information technology and you volition be prompt to search for a song operating room artist. You toilet besides choose angstrom song from ampere list of democratic song.

Step 3: Customize the audio

after you have selected vitamin a song, you toilet custom-make the audio aside adjust the originate and end orient of the sung and manipulate the bulk. You buttocks besides manipulation the “ reduce ” option to cut the length of your video to catch the length of the birdcall. This footstep be all-important to see that your music and television align seamlessly.

Step 4: Share your story

last, once you be satisfied with your history, you toilet partake information technology with your acquaintance and following by tap the “ send to ” button. You toilet besides add hashtags, location tag, and other information to your floor to increase engagement and reach .


  • Keep in mind that the length of the song you choose should match the length of your video. If the song is too long or too short, it may not fit well with the video.
  • Some songs may not be available in Instagram’s library. In this case, you can try using third-party apps like Vido, Inshot, or Splice.
  • Always make sure you’re using copyrighted music legally and also give credit to the artist if needed.

indiana conclusion, add music to your Instagram fib be ampere capital way to make your history more betroth and concern. so, next time you station adenine history on Instagram, do n’t forget to lend some music to information technology and make your story stand out. felicitous posting !

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