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In iPadOS 14 Apple added the ability to have widgets on the Today View shield and slide them on to the Home blind, which was a decent new feature. now, in iPadOS 15, you ’ ll be able to drop widgets directly on to the Home screen itself and arrange them in any room you want. You can create a bet on, productiveness or entertainment screen, replete with all your favorite apps and widgets, so you can have entree to all the tools you need to get things done or sit back and relax. here ’ south our quick guidebook on how to add and use widgets on the iPad ’ s Home screen.

How to add widgets to the iPad Home screen in iPadOS 14

If you ’ re already using iPadOS 14, then you ’ ll be able to take advantage of the Today View widgets that can be brought on to the Home screen. We ’ ve already written a guide on how to use widgets on iPhone & iPad, then be certain to give that a look and get yourself up to speed with the widgets feature .
As a basic outline, when you ’ re on the main Home sieve, slide your finger inwards from the left-hand side of the display and you should see the Today View empanel appear, which contains your widgets. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Today View panel you ’ ll see the Edit button. Tap this and you ’ ll have the ability to pin it to the Home screen, which is a good solution until you can upgrade to iPadOS 15. The deviation with the latter is that you ’ ll be able to place the widgets on different screens, enabling you to create theme pages quite than just having all your widgets in one home. The Edit clitoris will besides give you the ability to add new widgets to the dialog box, with a excerpt of sizes available .

How to add widgets to the iPad Home screen in iPadOS 15

obviously, before you can start using the newly appliance feature of speech in iPadOS 15, you ’ ll necessitate to move to that version of the engage system. Apple normally releases this in the fall ( or capitulation, for north american readers ), but if you want to get ahead of the curvature you can always sign up to the Apple Beta Software Program which allows you to use public beta versions of iPadOS ( and io, macOS, tvOS and watchOS ) before they go on general exhaust.

Read our tutorial on how to join the Apple Beta Software Program and try out new software if you want to experiment with iPadOS 15 but be mindful that beta software is unfinished and buggy, so you could experience respective problems and in the very worst character scenario may even brick your device. therefore, be warned .

How do I add widgets to my iPad home screen?

With iPadOS 15 install and running on your iPad, you can take the follow steps to try out the new appliance sport .

  • Tap and hold an empty part of the home screen until the icons start to wobble.
  • In the top left corner you’ll see a + button appear. Tap that.How to add widgets to iPad home screen: Add widget
  • You will now see the Widgets Gallery appear.How to add widgets on iPad home screen: Widget Gallery
  • To select different sizes of widgets, scroll down past the icons until you find the list, then select one and swipe left and right through the available formats.How to add widgets to iPad Home screen: Widget Size
  • Choose the widget you want, then tap and hold it until the gallery disappears.
  • Drag the widget to where you want it to live on the home screen.
  • To place it there, just take your finger off the display.How to add widgets to iPad home screen: Home screen

To move widgets once you ’ ve dropped them on the blind, fair tap and hold it until the icons start to wobble, then drag it to a modern location and let go .

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There you have it : a promptly front at how appliance work in iPadOS 15.

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To see what else Apple has in storehouse for its devices in the year ahead, read our guide to everything announced at WWDC 2021, and if the widgets feature in iPadOS 15 is tempting you to buy a raw exemplar, read our best iPad buying template to make certain you get the one that ’ second perfect for your needs .

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