How to Install a Printer on a Chromebook

Joining Zoom from your browser or a Chromebook How to request captions and transcripts for television from 3Play Media How to enable Chrome to download reports from Aspen How to add captions to a video

How to Use ASL Interpretation in Zoom entree to BAIS applications from off the network What is the BPS Acceptable use policy ? staff Passwords : How to reset/change I Am Getting “ You Have successfully Logged Out ” message When Signing into Peoplesoft Financials. How to request access to PeopleSoft How to enable/disable a Sponsored Account How to create a Sponsored Account How to change your final identify and BPS email cover How to access EdPlan How to Activate and Inactive Accounts in Naviance Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 Do I have a virus or malware on my calculator ? question By Grade Level and ELD Level How to use Modify List to Quickly Make Data Changes How to Use Mass Update to Quickly Make Data Changes How to Switch to the School View How to Remove Staff from your roll How to Create or Edit a Field Set How to Change Your Default View in Aspen How to Add the Tasks Widget to Your Home page How to Add a page to the Pages pill How to Add Parent Gender in Aspen How to Add My Classes to my Pages tab What are aspen Widgets ? How to Create an Aspen Announcment How to Run the Alpha List Report or Student Directory with AM and PM bus How to Assign T-Pass to a scholar Are my Grades Posted ? How to Import MEPIDs How to Import Locker Number and Lock Combinations How to Register a scholar to a Summer Credit Recovery Program How to add Courses to Summer Programs to Allow School Staff to Enroll Students ( BPS Central Office Summer Staff lone ) How to View your summer Students from the Student top-tab in your Summer School How to View Summer School Grades How to View Registered Summer School Students from your stream school How to Update the Details of an Existing summer Program ( Central Office Staff alone ) How to Take Summer School Attendance on the Daily Office in School View How to Take Summer School Attendance ( For credit bearing non-5th Quarter programs ) How to Select a School in the School View in Aspen How to See the Student list for your summer Program from your Summer School How to See a summer School Program Capacity How to Remove Students from Summer School How to Import Students Into Summer Programs ( For Central Office staff alone ) How to Import School Mint Students Into Summer Programs in Aspen ( For Central Office Staff entirely ) How to Filter Summer Students by Covid Test Consent and Generate a Report How to Enroll a scholar in a summer Program in the BPS View ( BPS Central Office Summer Staff lone ) How to Create a New Summer Program in Aspen ( Central Office Staff alone ) How to Add a schedule to a Summer Class to Allow Attendance Input How to Add Your current school Staff to your Summer School How to Access your Summer School How teachers can see their Summer School Schedule in Aspen How Teachers can see their Summer Classes in the Gradebook How can Students see their summer School Schedule in Aspen student Passwords : How to reset ( for existing users ) student Passwords : How to change ( for TCs/Teachers ) How to view your Grade Point Average ( GPA ) How to Register for Athletics – student view How toilet Students View their Report Card/Progress Report Grades in the Student Portal scholar Passwords : How to reset ( for 1st time users ) scholar Passwords : How to get verification codes Methods to enter in Student Next Year Homeroom How to view the change history for a commemorate How to view students who have opted out of the media release How to update data sharing opt-outs in Aspen How to see detail information about Pending Students Assigned to your school How to search for a student by diagnose or ID number How to search for a student by Address How to enter in Student Next Homeroom in School see from the Student crown yellow journalism How to add Journal Entries for one or more Students How to Withdraw or Discharge a scholar in Aspen How to View Low Income or Food Status ( For Principals Only ) How to Upload a Document in Aspen How to Upload Student Photos into Aspen How to Upload Individual student Photos How to Update Parent Emails and Phone Numbers How to See next Year scholar Assignments, Incoming Students, and Wait List Totals How to Run the Student Sibling Report How to Generate a Parent Email list How to Filter for a Specific Cohort of Students How to Enter a Single Student Journal Entry How to Create a Fieldset and Generate a Spreadsheet or Report How to Change Student Cell Phone Numbers in Aspen How to Assign Locker Numbers to Students in Aspen How to Assign Homerooms Based Upon the scholar Schedules How to Accept a New Student to Your School in Aspen Accessing Services entirely Students in At Home School How to input early College and Innovation Pathway engagement in Aspen for SIMS Graduation Rate Reports and Dropout Data Summary Report in Security Portal Using Pando for EPIMS Creating an import file for EPIMS Staff WA07 Role and WA08 Import strive Program set up and Schedule How to add a Student Secondary School Association How to add a Co-Teacher to a class How to Create a Report for Students Registered in Online Courses entirely How to Create Platoon Codes How to Balance Sections by Student Cohort Code How to Add Schedule to a class How to Add A Schedule to a Middle School or ESL Class to Allow Class Attendance Input How to Find unscheduled Student Course Requests How to change a chief Teacher in Aspen How to Transfer Students From one section to Another and Keep the Grades How to Remove a Co-Teacher from a class in Aspen How to Create a New Course segment How to Change Course Section Details How to Add a Teacher to Multiple Course Sections How to add a Course to Your School Course Catalog How to create a Clever Sync Block How to Enter Next Year School to be able to See Returning Students in the Build View How to Create a scenario or Copy the current class schedule to the Build View How to Copy the Course Catalog to the Build year How to Run Group Scheduling based on platoon Create and Assign Platoon Codes for Elementary Scheduling Change a student ‘s Homeroom and Reschedule into New Sections How to Schedule Dual Enrollment How to Schedule a New scholar or Make Changes to a student ‘s Current Schedule ( Grades 6-12 ) How to Schedule a New Student in Aspen ( Grades K0-5 ) How to Commit a schedule How to see schools with CVTE courses How to see Students Scheduled into CVTE Sections How to see School Course Sections of CVTE Courses How to See District Level CVTE Courses aspen Tables and Fields with CVTE Data How to setup and run the Out of District Official School Transcript report How to Run the Class Office Period Attendance Report How to Run The Official Student Transcript Report Absence Letter ( Nudge Attendance Letter ) Report and sending through School Messenger How to Run Report to Check MCAS Status How to view MFG and Empty Transcript Records – District View How to run the Grade Post Verification Report in Aspen How to find specific or miss Term Grades – School View How to find specific or miss Term Grades – District View How to Update the Grade Cover Term Map and Reassign Calendar Dates for Attendance Input How to See Students Grades by Class and Grade Level How to Re-Open Grading Window How to Post Grades for the Entire School How to Find NC Grades for the Past or Current year How to Correct MFG and Empty Transcript Records ( School View ) How to Calculate Credits – Populate Credit on Transcript Records How to Calculate Averages – Final Grades How to run a unify drop/add transcript records How to Update the Gradebooks with the Transcript Grades How to See a list of Failing Students in One or More Terms How to Run Qualification Lists ( Honor Roll, D & Fs, Eligibility Lists ) How to Find Missing Final Grades How to Enter and Post Elementary Grades in Aspen How to Enter Transfer-in Transcript Records How to Change an elementary transcript read How to Run Report Cards in Aspen How to Print a Report Card for One scholar Where are the Grade Scales in Aspen ? What is the MFG Grade ? What are the item values of a grade ? What are the different types of GPAs and GPA Reports ? How to view an Individual Student ‘s Grade Point Average ( GPA ) How to see Student GPAs from the Student Tab Setting up your Gradebook Preferences Locking Scores in your Gradebook How to create and post a classify Announcement – Staff View How to add resources to a gradebook assignment How to add a Class Announcement with Zoom Link How to Fix Expanding Columns Issue in Chrome How to Create Your own Grade Scale How to Auto Calculate and Post Grades in the Gradebook How to Attach Your own Grade Scale to Sections or Assignments How the Final Grade is Calculated Creating special Codes in your Gradebook Beginning of the Year Gradebook Checklist How to Post Term 4 and Final Grades How to Enter Teacher Course Recommendations for the adjacent School year What is the Rating Scale for My Class ? What are the Reporting Standards for My Class ? How to Post Remote Learning K0-K2 Grades rear Passwords : How to Reset your SIS Family Portal Account Password rear Passwords : How to Reset a Parent Portal Account/Password ( For School Staff ) How to see Your Child ‘s GPA – Family Portal View How to Update Contact Portal Login with electronic mail address How to See your Child ‘s TerraNova Score on Family Portal How to Publish Reports to the parent and Student Portal

How to Navigate the Parent Portal ( In English and other Languages ) How to Generate Parent Letters with Security Code How to Find the Password Verification Code in a Family Aspen Account. How do I create a parent/family portal vein report in Aspen ? How to Set Promotion Status for Seniors How to Promote or Retain Non-Senior Students How to Enter a scholar ‘s adjacent class Homeroom in School View How to Enter Student Homerooms After the End-of-Year Rollover How to Submit a Conduct Referral in Aspen How to Submit a Conduct Referral – For Teachers How to Run Student Journal and Conduct Reports How to Generate a Conduct Letter in Aspen How to Enter Emergency Conduct Removal How to Assign Students to Administrators for Conduct Referrals How to Add a Student Conduct Incident ( For Conduct Managers ) Using the CK Editor – Announcements, Emails, Banners How to Download and Activate the Follett Notifications App ( Mobile ) How to Create and Send Administrator Notifications ( Computer & Mobile ) Recommending an attendance design for Court overview of Attendance Intervention Plans in Aspen ( video ) How to use the Principal ‘s Attendance Report in Aspen How to update Withdrawal Codes for DNR Students How to run the Perfect Attendance Report in Aspen How to add a Tardy and Dismissal for a student in Aspen How to Update Student Calendars to Make Students In-Session for Attendance Input How to Take day by day Attendance in Aspen ( Teachers ) How to Take class Attendance ( Teachers ) How to Take attendance in the Daily Office in School View ( For Attendance Managers ) How to Run Daily Attendance Post Verification How to Run Class Attendance Post Verification Report How to Run Attendance History for a Specific Code How to Reconcile Daily and Class Attendance How to Reassign Calendar Days in Aspen How to Make constructively Present or any other Attendance Input Buttons Available to Your School How to Filter Attendance Data by Learning Model ? How to Change Daily Attendance Preferences to Period How to Change Attendance Records How to Automatically Create Journal Entries by Running Attendance Letters How to Add Attendance for One or More Students for Multiple-Dates How to “ Push ” Daily Attendance to all Classes How to view and print student acrobatic Program records How to view Student Sports Registration Information – Coaches How to Update Student Athletic Information – scholar tab key How to Update Student Athletic Information – program pill How to Update Physical Exam Information for Athletics – Nurses How to Schedule Students into athletic Sections How to Remove Students from acrobatic Sections How to Manually Enroll Students in the Athletics Program How Students are Enrolled in the Athletics Program How to view an individual scholar ‘s assessment scores How to entree Panorama Student Success How to See Assessment Scores for Multiple Students Zoom vs. Google Meet : When Should I Use Each Tool ? How to maintain scholar privacy on-line How to access the Custodial Asbestos Awareness Training How to View a Contact ’ s Call Record in School Messenger How to Setup your BPS Email ( on a mobile device ) How do I send or receive a fax ? Blocking or Unblocking a Phone Number in School Messenger Zoom Meeting Pro vs. Zoom Webinar : What Are the Differences ? Zoom Basic vs. Zoom Edu Pro : What Are the Differences ? How to enable know transcript CC in Zoom How to Set Up and Use Spoken Language Interpretation in Zoom How to Set Up Zoom Meetings as a Sub How to Run a Successful Video Conference How to Live Stream Using Zoom How to Help Students Who Are ineffective to Join Zoom Meetings with User Authentication How to Add Authentication Exceptions in Zoom How do I get started with Zoom ? How do I get started with Google Meet ? Fixing hanging in video chat apps like Zoom and Hangouts How to view contact data by call or electronic mail in School Messenger How to use the Safe Mode Templates in SchoolMessenger How to Send a Text message in School Messenger How to Send Report Cards or Progress Reports through School Messenger How to Enable/Modify Absence/Tardy Broadcast in School Messenger How to Email Students with School Messenger How do I get started with School Messenger ? How to use PermissionClick for a Field Trip How to submit a form on behalf of the parent in PermissionClick How to restart or reset a parent submission in PermissionClick How to remind parents to fill out a phase in PermissionClick How to edit a rear ‘s electronic mail address in PermissionClick How to add users to PermissionClick My wireless keeps disconnecting or changing networks ! How to find a web address for an iPad App/IOS Request form How to Activate a New iPad How to fix a wink chicken easy on the Polycom Studio How to Pair the Polycom Studio Remote How to Install a FollowYou Printer on a personal computer How to Connect a personal computer to BpsStaff/Student staff Passwords : How to sync with your Macbook My Mac wo n’t let me install a program. How to remove Malware from your Macbook How to receive an L4L ( Teacher Macbook ) How to enable screen door recording in macOS How to downgrade your Airtame app on your Mac How to back-up your data on a Mac How to Install the Tap Card Printers on your Mac How to Connect a Mac to BpsStaff/Student How do I install GarageBand or iMovie ? “ MacOS Could not be installed on your computer ” shield after begin up What does it mean when a Chromebook is “ end of support ” ? How to use Kiosk Apps ( aka locked browsers ) on Chromebooks How to Install a Printer on a Chromebook How to Factory Reset a BPS Chromebook How to Block Youtube on your Child ‘s Chromebook How do I take a screenshot of my Chromebook screen ? How do I configure Chromebooks that I received from Donor ‘s Choose ? How Do I Update the Chrome OS Version on a Chromebook ? Getting Chromebook IP address and WiFi MAC address Create an Incident in One2One Manager Connecting a Chromebook or Android to BpsStaff/Student What are some free/low monetary value internet options ? How to enroll with Comcast Internet Essentials Close an incident in One2One Manager How to enable Airtame with MacOSX Catalina How to stay SAFE when patronize on-line How Does the BPS Filter work ? How to remove Extensions from Chrome How does the Google Classroom roll synchronize work ? Adding/subscribing to another Google Calendar How to upload documents in Aspen ( For Nurses and Paras ) How to View Immunization Records
Clever – New Features for Fall 2022

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What is a apt School Tech Lead and what can they do ?

When I log in to Clever, I get an “ Uh oh ! ” ( sad automaton ) error message .

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