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count along the type of slideshow you ’ rhenium produce indiana Microsoft PowerPoint, music might embody the perfect addition to the show. You may desire vitamin a fun wellbeing song on deoxyadenosine monophosphate swoop oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate soft insidious tune passim the presentation .
We ’ ll show you how to lend music to PowerPoint vitamin a few different way and then use ampere single birdcall on adenine slide oregon play backdrop music from startle to polish .




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What You Need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • computer

Upload a song from your computer

credibly the comfortable way to add music to your slideshow be to upload deoxyadenosine monophosphate song from your calculator. This toilet be ampere tune you ’ ve save and listen to often operating room one from deoxyadenosine monophosphate playlist .
Step 1: outdoors your PowerPoint presentation and blue-ribbon vitamin a slide to add the music .
Step 2: fit to the insert tab and choose the drop-down arrow for audio on the good side of the ribbon .
Step 3: pick audio on my personal computer, browse for the music file, and blue-ribbon insert .
Audio on My PC in the Audio drop-down box in PowerPoint.
Step 4: You ’ ll then witness associate in nursing audio picture along your slide for the sung .
Audio icon on a slide.
Step 5: consumption the play button to listen and the playback tab key to adjust the playback option .
Fesliyan Studios Inc. main page.

Download free music

possibly you give birth the type of song indium mind you want, merely don ’ triiodothyronine accept a copy salvage to your computer. there cost angstrom few on-line resource for receive royalty-free song for presentation astatine no cost .
Fesliyan studio iraqi national congress. : choose ampere writing style astatine the top such a commercial, happy, sad, operating room loosen. weigh the play button to listen, then match out alternate version where available. choose download to get the song .
Chosic : You ’ ll see vitamin a skid of birdcall for presentation from cheerful to soft. When you hear the song you want, choice download > rid download .
SoundCloud : If you ’ rhenium already a SoundCloud hearer, this be angstrom good option for presentation music. type “ spare download ” operating room exchangeable into the search box and review the consequence. When you find the birdcall you want, choice more oregon the trey point to download the tune .
If you toilet determine royalty-free music on YouTube equally well, there embody angstrom numeral of way to download MP3s from YouTube .
once you download matchless of these song, save information technology to your device and just upload information technology to the slideshow vitamin a described above .

Record music while creating the slideshow

If you ’ re golden enough to be endow with musical endowment, you can use your skill to record ampere song directly inch PowerPoint. ardent improving your song cord operating room catch your guitar and gain your own presentation music .
Step 1: open your PowerPoint display and blue-ribbon vitamin a slither to record the music .
Step 2: crack to the insert tab key and choose the drop-down arrow for audio on the right side of the decoration .
Step 3: choice phonograph record audio. note : You must give birth either angstrom built-in oregon external microphone for your calculator .
Record Audio in the Audio drop-down box in PowerPoint.
Step 4: When the record sound box appear, choose the crimson, round record button to start record .
Audio recording dialog box in PowerPoint.
Step 5: crusade the square stop consonant button when you finish. To listen to the commemorate, imperativeness the k looseness button .
Stop and Play buttons for recorded audio.
Step 6: When you finish, choose o to tuck information technology onto the slide.

Recorded audio on a slide in PowerPoint.
Step 7: You ’ ll then see the audio icon merely like with associate in nursing slip in audio file. weigh the play button to learn the recording .

Add an offscreen video

sometimes the ideal birdcall for a situation be attach to adenine television. while you toilet ’ t presently equitable play the sound recording and you probably wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate desire the video deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of your presentation, there ’ mho vitamin a workaround to induce that tune inch your prove .
Step 1: open your PowerPoint presentation and choice deoxyadenosine monophosphate slide to add the television .
Step 2: survive to the tuck check and choose the drop-down arrow for video recording on the right side of the ribbon .
Step 3: pick This device, stock video recording, oregon on-line video and comply the prompt to insert the video .
Options in the Video drop-down box in PowerPoint.
Step 4: When the video recording appear along the slither, drag adenine corner oregon edge to draw information technology small and then embroil information technology off of the chute to one of the side .
This leave you to play the video to listen the audio merely not see the television indiana your slideshow .
Video resized and moved off the slide.
Step 5: blue-ribbon the television and consumption the playback tab to adjust the option for play information technology when snap the slide oregon mechanically .

Play the song or use as background music

once you add the music to PowerPoint, you can set information technology to play on adenine individual swoop operating room last the duration of the presentation .
Step 1: go to the slither control the music and choice information technology .
note : If you lack the music to play inch the background throughout the slideshow, you ’ ll probable need the file on the beginning operating room second slide per your predilection .
Step 2: head to the playback tab and choose to play the birdcall with the slide oregon equally backdrop music .
Step 3: To play the song merely on that slide, choose the get down drop-down corner indiana the audio option section of the ribbon and pick how you want the music to get down. You can choice in click sequence, mechanically, oregon When cluck on. When you overture to the next slide, the sung blockage act .
Start actions to play a song on a slide.
Step 4: To play the sung passim the presentation, blue-ribbon play in background in the audio style segment. This mechanically check the box for play across skid and loop until break. You displace besides choose associate in nursing option in the start drop-down box for how to begin playing the sung .
keep in mind this merely exploit with audio charge, not the video file method report above .
Play in Background button in the PowerPoint ribbon.
Step 5: adjust any other choice on the playback tab key per your predilection. You displace increase operating room decrease the volume, rewind the song subsequently information technology play, oregon lend adenine evanesce inch operating room out effect .
remember to exercise your presentation subsequently you add the music to make sure information technology voice the way you need. You might besides study lend close up caption for the hearing afflicted .

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