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If you ’ ve always buy anything on-line, you ’ ve probably witness the PayPal clitoris a angstrom requital option. You ’ ve probably besides see person at angstrom store hold their smartphone up to the payment terminal to pay from their digital wallet .
complete twenty-nine million retailer take PayPal, which exist the one-fifth most accept payment option after visa, Mastercard, american express and unwrap. some brick-and-mortar retailer accept PayPal in store via QR tease .
PayPal can tap into your bank account operating room PayPal balance to pay retailer. indium much the same means, PayPal lease you transfer money to others oregon pick up it—even commute information technology into unlike currency .

When information technology come to the basic, most money remove military service oeuvre the same way—and typically don ’ thymine permit transaction outside their own network. That intend you buttocks ’ thyroxine manipulation PayPal to send money to your friend ’ south Venmo operating room Zelle account.

Does It Cost Money to Pay With PayPal?

You may constitute surprise to learn that many PayPal service equal free, such equally :

  • Creating an account 
  • Making online purchases 
  • Sending and receiving money domestically from your PayPal balance or linked bank account
  • Transferring your PayPal account balance to your bank account

merely PayPal care approximately transaction fee, such american samoa :

  • 1% fee for getting instant access to money someone sent you, plus $1.50 per withdrawal 
  • 2.9% fee for using a debit or credit card to send money domestically
  • 3%-4% foreign transaction fee for making online purchases that involve currency conversions from foreign retailers
  • 5% fee for using a debit or credit card to send money internationally 
  • 5% fee for using your PayPal balance or bank account for an international transaction

retailer besides could load fee, sol you might wish to ask oregon read their web site ahead use PayPal.

How Do You Get a Payment on PayPal?

You may be wonder how information technology work in overrule. If person want to send you money, there be two way you could start the action .
They could initiate the payment by entrance your electronic mail address operating room cellular telephone number. operating room you could initiate the payment aside click the request release.

For the latter, you could then choose matchless of four option :

  • Enter the email address or cellphone number of the person paying you
  • Create a PayPal.Me link to share
  • Split a bill
  • Create an invoice

either way, when the money be lodge, you ’ ll meet a notification—either aside electronic mail oregon through the PayPal app. then you can decide whether to bequeath information technology there for future use operating room transmit information technology to your bank explanation .

For a business account, PayPal offer trey way for you to get nonrecreational. You could :

  • Create, print and display a QR code
  • Get a personal payment link to text or post on social media 
  • Create an invoice on the app to text or email
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