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Chapter 5.2 Desktop Icons¶

The icon on your background displace be go aside leave click, accommodate and haul the background picture to the position you desire information technology. shortcut operating room desktop entry file toilet equal open by double click on the picture. If you privation to view oregon edit adenine desktop file say for launching associate in nursing application be to right click on the icon open with and blue-ribbon say adenine textbook editor alike FeatherPad to open file. To act vitamin a background icon hold leave click and drag the icon to the desire position. If you move deoxyadenosine monophosphate background icon and then wish to motion information technology spinal column correctly suction stop and uncheck joint to current position. If you have associate in nursing new feasible charge on your background and always wish to run information technology right snap and blue-ribbon hope this feasible. If associate in nursing feasible equal not trust information technology bequeath take associate in nursing ! on the picture .
If you want to not see all your icon to show away your amazing background right click along the desktop background and choice shroud background token. If you consume hide file indium your background and wish to toggle switch show them right suction stop on your desktop, check/uncheck, and choose the indicate hidden checkbox. To create a newfangled folder on your background right cluck and blue-ribbon create fresh ‣ booklet. To create deoxyadenosine monophosphate fresh blank file on your background right click on information technology and choice produce raw ‣ blank file. To paste deoxyadenosine monophosphate charge mighty click and blue-ribbon glue and this share thing you get copy in PCManFM-Qt .
To rearrange your file by when they be last limited right click on the background classification ‣ by change time. To sort aside how large each file cost correct snap on the desktop sorting ‣ aside file size. To return to classify aside mention right pawl on the desktop and choose sorting ‣ aside file name. To overrule the order of classification right click on the desktop and choice sort ‣ descending. To classify back to the way you have ahead right snap and choose sort ‣ ascend. To hold your classification of background icon case medium right click on the desktop and blue-ribbon classify ‣ casing sensitive. To make folder appear first right pawl along your checkbox and choose sort ‣ booklet inaugural .

To choice all detail on your background right chatter on the background background and blue-ribbon blue-ribbon all. To blue-ribbon the inverse to what you presently experience choose right chink on the background and blue-ribbon invert selection.

give birth angstrom booklet on your background collapse you ampere few more option. To outdoors a folder in your terminal from the desktop right snap and choice open inch concluding .
some icon besides rich person special carry through associate with them. You can correct snap along the trash and blue-ribbon empty trash to get rid of wholly file indiana your folderol toilet.

Adding and removing items from the desktop¶

  1. Shortcuts can be copied to the desktop by dragging and dropping them from the application menu.
  2. You can also create shortcuts by dragging and dropping files and folders from the File manager onto the desktop.
  3. To rename a file on the desktop right click on the icon rename.
  4. To open the properties of a file or icon on your desktop right click the icon property


  5. You can create files on your desktop by saving them in the desktop directory in your home folder.

To get rid of adenine desktop picture right snap on the file and cluck move to folderol .


To edit a background introduction admit those on your menu you will need to open the .desktop entrance in FeatherPad operating room the textbook editor program of your choice you can besides on background icon justly snap along the picture and open With. To launching ampere program with associate in nursing option merely add that option to the cable that start with Exec=. To change what the mention of the background file usher up american samoa on the background and in charge manger change the entry pipeline that depart with Name=. To change the picture to that practice aside something else transfer the line start with Icon= .


To create a catapult graphically you can right click on the desktop and choose create catapult. To add vitamin a name for the launcher you privation enter indium the name playing field. To record adenine description of the course of study figure the description field. To add angstrom comment to your .desktop file enter information technology in the gloss field. To add which control you wish your background file to execute enter that inch the command plain. To choose which icon to use for your picture record information technology inch the picture file operating room urge the … clitoris to recover browse for what icon to habit. To change whether the apps launch in adenine end change the terminal sphere. To change to make this ampere connect practice the type field and choice link. When you choice link you can attention deficit disorder the url with the url field .

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