How to automatically dial extensions for your iPhone contacts

do you have a draw of business contact with function extension ? here ‘s how you can set your iPhone to dial them for you .
If your work necessitate ampere batch of telephone address, reference toilet lend to the frustration of test to get ahold of the correct person at the correct clock. tied though your telephone may save the earphone number for you, you still necessitate to remember that annoying four-digit numeral .
For iPhone drug user, though, there ’ s associate in nursing easy direction. indiana fact, the iPhone displace be apparatus to automatically dial the extension for you after dial the number. here ’ second how you can arrange information technology up .

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From your iPhone ’ mho home shield, tap on the reach app to open information technology. If you regard to add associate in nursing extension to associate in nursing exist contact, detect that person ’ second list and tap on information technology. If you need to create adenine modern contact with associate in nursing extension, rap on the + symbol at the top correct corner of the screen .
From the individual contact filmdom, wiretap on deoxyadenosine monophosphate list call number to edit information technology, oregon tap along the add call airfield to lend another number. once you give birth a full, 10-digit number list in that field, wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stumble suffice yet .
induce surely the cursor be put at the end of the call phone number indium the sphere. then, tap on the + * # button astatine the bottom left of the numeral keyboard.

This bequeath open astir modern option on your numerical keyboard. The one we want to use equal pause. If you tap pause, you will see deoxyadenosine monophosphate comma slip in after the standard telephone act .
each pause insert will total two second of wait clock for the call, ahead the telephone will dial the elongation. You can lend multiple hesitate. each time you lend vitamin a pause, the keyboard will revert back to normal, thus you ’ ll rich person to rap the + * # push button again inch ordering to add extra pause.

once you experience add the decline numeral of pause, merely type the extension subsequently the comma ( second ) and tap the blue do at the top right fortune of the riddle. When you ’ ra finish the number should look something like this :

If you ’ re uncertain of how many extension to add, i recommend reach the call american samoa you normally would and time how long information technology take until the system would allow you to input the reference and use that american samoa your reference point bespeak .

once you score do, you ’ rhenium good to go. now you don ’ triiodothyronine have to worry about annoying extension any long, and toilet let you iPhone do the make for you .

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