How to Add an Email Address to Your Gmail Contacts

What to Know

  • Open a message, hover the cursor over the sender, and select Add to Contacts.
  • Select Edit Contact to add more information about them.
  • To edit the contact later on, search for the contact and select the pencil icon next to their name.

This article explains how to add an electronic mail address to your Gmail contacts and then edit the reach to add more information, such as their identify. Instructions apply to Gmail on the background via a browser .

How to Add an Email Address to Your Gmail Contacts

away from making a new contact ‘s information available on other devices, another reason to add a contact in Gmail is so they are recognized by Google and not sent to spam. here ‘s how to add an electronic mail address to your Gmail contacts .

  1. Open a message from the transmitter you want to save as a contact in Gmail .

  2. Hover your cursor over the sender ‘s identify at the circus tent of the e-mail .

  3. Select Add to Contacts on the pop-up book pane .
    Add to Contacts button on Gmail web page

  4. To add more information about this contact, choice Edit Contact. Enter the transmitter ‘s name and any early information you have for the person. You do n’t have to fill out all the fields. You can constantly add information belated .
    Edit Contact button on Gmail web page

  5. After adding all the information you want, Save the new contact .
    When you type a letter or two into the To field as you compose a new electronic mail, Gmail auto-fills the field based on contacts that match, so you do n’t have to look up addresses in your Contacts list manually. If you have n’t saved the address, though, Gmail ca n’t do this .
    Edit contact screen in Gmail contacts, highlighting Save button

Access the Contact in Gmail

When you are ready to expand or edit the information you have for your contact :

  1. open Google Contacts .

  2. Start typing the contact ‘s name or e-mail address in the search plain. Gmail will suggest equal contacts. If Gmail does not suggest the right contact, select the correct entry in the search results .
    Search field in Google Contacts, with the letters "P, E, T" typed into it

  3. The touch ‘s details appear. Select the pencil icon to edit the touch.

    Edit pencil in Google Contacts interface

  4. Make the desire changes or additions. blue-ribbon Show more at the bed of the contact screen to see extra fields .

  5. Select Save .

About Google Contacts

When you enter a transmitter into Google Contacts, the information is synced across all your computers and mobile devices, so it ‘s available wherever you go and whatever device you use .

After you have a group of entries, you can organize, recapitulation, and merge them. You can even create personal mail lists to send messages to groups without having to enter all their electronic mail addresses. You can always add new addresses to Gmail groups .

  • How do I remove a contact from Gmail?

    To delete a reach from your Gmail contacts list, open Google Contacts and then find the entry you want to delete. Next, select the three dots icon above the list, then select Delete and confirm by selecting Delete again .

  • How do I create a group of contacts in Gmail?

    open Gmail and select the Google Apps grid icon in the top-right corner, then blue-ribbon Contacts. Choose a liaison to add and select the Manage labels ( right-facing arrow ) icon > set or create a group tag > Apply. Repeat for all contacts you want to add to the group.

  • How do I export my contacts from Gmail?

    To export your Gmail contacts, open Google Contacts and choose Export, then choose Contacts to export your integral address book or Selected contacts to export specific entries. Choose your prefer format, then choose Export .

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