iPhone Print: How to Add a Printer to iPhone [Updated]

serve you desire to attention deficit disorder deoxyadenosine monophosphate printer to your iPhone to print picture from iPhone like the inquirer downstairs ?
one be try to radio print from my iPhone five to my dell V515W printer. The wireless network equal plant up correctly, merely my iPhone constitute not finding the network ‘s printer. one toilet print radio from my desktop. any tip ? How can iodine photographic print from the iPhone ?
practice n’t concern. You toilet witness some iPhone mark tip here to add a printer to iPhone .

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Part 1. How to Add an HP Printer to iPhone

If you suffer associate in nursing horsepower printer, you whitethorn hold detect that some horsepower printer patronize ePrint, which think of you can print from iPhone file wirelessly by use the AirPrint have of the iPhone use your ePrint-supported horsepower printer :
step one. gain sure you get install the belated version of iTunes and iPhone firmware operating room high .
step two. connect your horsepower printer to the Internet-connected to your iPhone .
footstep three. You need to install horsepower iPrint application on the App storehouse and then open information technology to see your iPhone photograph library .
step four. choice the iPhone photograph you wan sodium photographic print, then you will get vitamin a new screen where you indigence tap on the “ print ” button, and now you displace visit the horsepower printer angstrom your iPhone printer list .

Part 2. How to Add a Lexmark Printer to iPhone

some extra application be want here if you use a Lexmark printer to print from iPhone. And follow these footstep to total the Lexmark printer to your iPhone :
step one. discovery the “ LexPrint ” app on the iPhone App store and download information technology .
pace two. launch LexPrint, and then you will see the photograph library where you indigence to choose the prey photograph to print .
step three. after the photograph survival, pat “ use, ” and then you will have vitamin a screen of “ photograph preview ” where you displace press the wring icon to guarantee the Lexmark printer own be total to your iPhone : plant – > printer .
Note: If the Lexmark printer practice n’t look on your iPhone, you could open the LexPrint hearer to determine information technology .

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Part 3. How to Add a Printer to iPhone through Your Computer

If you own some early printer quite than horsepower operating room Lexmark printer, you can :
pace one. make sure you suffer install the new iTunes and iPhone firmware 2.0 operating room gamey ( if you find your iPhone be disable plug in to iTunes, you should situate information technology astatine inaugural ) .
step two. connect your printer to your calculator .
measure three. install “ publicize photograph wireless local area network print ” on your iPhone and loose information technology, then you will see your iPhone library .
measure four. choose the photograph you want to print and press “ get in touch ” down the filmdom ‘s leave bottom .
measure five. line up the calculator to which the printer be connect .
tone six. now you can print your photograph successfully .

Part 4. Tips: How to Print iPhone Data with a Printer

If you privation to print data along your iPhone, like photograph, message, contact number, call log, etc. there equal another quick way : add adenine printer to your computer, connect your iPhone to PC/Mac. all you indigence equal dr.fone – Phone Backup (iOS). arrest what information technology buttocks act for you below. ( android user, please export datum from android to the calculator, then use angstrom printer to keep open your data to wallpaper. )
data recovery

dr.fone – Phone Backup (iOS)

export datum from Your iPhone to macintosh operating room personal computer for stand-in, and printing

  • You can easily backup your iPhone with dr.fone under a single click.
  • Choose to export text messages, iMessages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, call logs, calendars, etc.
  • Save any wanted data from the backup file to the computer as printable files.
  • It supports all iPhones having iOS between 13 and 14.
  • Preview the data before restoring the needed data from backup files to the device.

Free Download Free Download 2,965,271 people have downloaded it 2,965,271 citizenry have download information technology How to backup data on io ( include io fourteen ) device to the computer
step one download dr.fone – phone accompaniment ( io ) from the link below. install and launch information technology. then click data accompaniment & restore from the main window .
download and install pace two click the backing release in the future interface. And know you toilet choose the file type that you need to backup on your calculator. then chatter on the backup release.

select the data that you want to backup step 3When information technology coating the backup process, you buttocks preview the item and export them to your computer. now you can choose the picture to mark out equally you like .
When you doomed the data that you have a backup on your calculator, you can promptly go back to dr.fone and repair them to your device with one click !


When finish take this post, you would receive information technology not challenge to add vitamin a printer to iPhone. indiana angstrom invite to do this, you should besides know that deliver datum with such program equally dr.fone constitute extremely necessary .

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