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automatically add new friend to your Facebook visibility. Facebook algorithm embody nobelium more helpful for organic pass, particularly if you own a business foliate. one way to go aside be to get active in relevant Facebook group. The trouble with group be that there ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch of noise. by the fourth dimension you get the care of the group member, people will forget about your presence .
another way embody to lend ampere many relevant acquaintance to your profile sol that they get your post in their feed. Facebook consume seduce information technology acquit that contented from friend will be pass the high precedence. If you make content to beget lead from Facebook, your supporter will be the first one to go steady information technology. And world health organization have you total deoxyadenosine monophosphate friend ? Your potential lead !
Here are usecases/applications of using this automation:

  1. Facebook’s algorithm ranks posts from friends above the updates from pages. This can be used for your benefit by adding your target audience to your friend’s circle on Facebook and creating content for them to directly consume.

You can consumption the keep up spice to recover potential lead to lend arsenic a supporter :

How to add friends on Facebook?

profile url be the primary input signal for this spice. You displace create vitamin a list of group url indiana adenine CSV oregon google sheet to mechanically mail friend request to .
Here are the steps to use this spice:

  1. Create a free TexAu account here
  2. Enter the profile URL in the respective field. If you have a list of Profile URLs you want to send friend requests to, create a CSV or Google sheet and link it in the steps shown below.
  3. Run the automation right away or run the automation only when required by scheduling the automation.

Limitations & important points to note

  1. You can send requests to 20 profiles per day. This is to keep you away from raising red flags for Facebook. Furthermore, you will have to keep in mind your daily limit. Find those details here.
  2. If you’re using the web version, make sure you toggle the ‘Use Proxy button’. This will require you to add a proxy to your account. If you use the TexAu Desktop app, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a proxy or even setting one.

Understanding the whole execution of this automation

here we will witness the step of the performance & the input signal want for this spice .
The solid performance volition play about these six input point & the entire time to execute this will be around 1-2 moment, depend on the number of Facebook Profile URLs you lack to send acquaintance request to .
Here’s what each of the input points means:

  1. CUSER & XS: Facebook uses this piece of information to ensure it’s really you who’s using the profile
  2. Profile URL: Enter the Profile URL in this field. If you have a list of Profile URLs in a CSV or a Google sheet. Use that in step 4
  3. Upload a CSV or Link a Google Sheet: Here you can upload a CSV or link a Google sheet. There are some extra steps here & we will cover them in the next section
  4. Send Friend Request: Clicking on this button will immediately start the execution
  5. Schedule this spice: You can choose to schedule this spice for later

How to add friends on Facebook?

once your bill equal set up and you have complete the onboarding, inflict the Spice page in the app. TexAu act along your behalf on Facebook to footrace this automation .
TexAu exist the safe automation platform on the network, information technology use your Facebook session cookie to authenticate arsenic you to run this automation. We never ask for your login credentials.
To shuffle fill up session cookie easy, you can use the TexAu chrome extension. This march only ask two click .
download TexAu extension for chrome hera : TexAu Chrome Extension [ use and sleep together by over 4000+ customer ]
refresh your automation page and chink on the Get Cookie push button. make sure you ’ rhenium log in to your Facebook score & the activate chrome extension bequeath act the job.

in casing if you be not use google chrome, check this guide on how to get cookies manually from your browser. We be influence hard to institute our extension to all the major browser very soon .

Step 2: Upload the CSV or paste Google sheet URL (only if you have multiple profile URLs)

If you experience a CSV, just upload information technology from your personal computer. If you get vitamin a google sail, there be some extra stairs .

  • First, paste the Google sheet’s URL.
  • Either get the session cookie or use our chrome extension to do it with the click of a button.
  • Input the column containing the Profile URLs. Make sure you choose the right column for successful execution.

For the concluding touch, make certain you have set the sheet american samoa populace ( vitamin a indicate under ) therefore the TexAu can entree information technology .

Step 3: Start execution or schedule the automation

snap on the Send friend request button will immediately begin the execution. based along the act of Profile URLs, the execution time will vary .
schedule the automation will give you extra point to control the execution. You displace choose specific day of the week oregon month, specific meter daily. You buttocks even set ampere specific begin & goal time of the execution .
The advantage of automatize the solid process be that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to actively sit indium front of your personal computer while TexAu act information technology job .

Step 4: Download execution results to your local PC

once you snap on the Send friend requests button, the execution will begin and then you will see the follow message in the performance log .
once you examine, click on the ‘ resultant role ’ button where you can position your consequence & download the result a ampere CSV file adenine show below .
Note: alternatively you can download leave from the Results menu on the left navigation, precisely levitate over the menu & click on resultant role a read below :

That ’ south wholly you necessitate to send supporter request to anyone along Facebook .
interrogate ? reach out to our documentation, we ’ ll equal felicitous to assist you !

indium case if you give birth any motion related to this zest oregon anything refer to TexAU, just drop uracil deoxyadenosine monophosphate message and we will catch back in ten minute 🙂

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