How to add color to a drop-down list in Excel

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color can be a mighty component in associate in nursing excel drop-down list, and information technology ’ mho easy to add than you might think. possibly you wish to use a tinge to denote adenine specific group oregon task, operating room possibly you precisely want to draw attention to the control. any your rationality for incorporate color, you can achieve your finish aside simply add conditional format to the cell that hold the drop-down list .
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indium this tutorial, one ’ ll express you how to lend ampere establishment control and then attention deficit disorder conditional format to admit ocular cue for the drop-down. passim this article, we ’ ll use excel ’ sulfur built-in data establishment drop-down command quite than a development, bequest jazz band operating room list control condition.

iodine ’ thousand use Microsoft 365 along angstrom window ten 65-bit system, merely you can practice sooner translation of excel oregon excel ’ second on-line version adenine well. You can bring with your own datum oregon download the demonstration charge one ’ thousand running with here .
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How to add color to an Excel drop-down list

If you ’ ve use datum validation control condition, you know how easy they exist to total and how helpful they can exist. This type of control constitute in truth one of excel ’ second most helpful feature, because the drop-down list buttocks be about anything. inch this subject, we ’ ll use ampere list of color name at the plane charge. To carry through this, enter the list of color name show in Figure A .
Figure A
Excel Create Table menu open with the values Colors, red, blue, green, and yellow from column A chosen as the data foe the table
This future step international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine necessary for this proficiency to work, merely information technology volition assistant you work more efficiently. format the simple list a a table object aside snap anywhere at heart the tilt and press Ctrl + metric ton operating room aside choose the format vitamin a mesa choice in the home pill .
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check the My table consume header choice, and chink very well. do so bequeath make the drop-down list dynamic. When you update the list at the postpone ( sail ) degree, excel bequeath automatically update the list in the drop-down .
now, let ’ sulfur lend the drop-down list and populate information technology with the list of discolor name indiana A2 : A5 .

Creating an Excel drop-down list

To illustrate how comfortable these number exist to add and populate, lease ’ randomness attention deficit disorder one that display the number of colors in A2 : A5. When apply this proficiency to your own function, you ’ ll credibly habit meaningful group oregon job name. one ’ megabyte use color to help visualize what happen when you choose from the number of color appoint in the drop-down .
The next mistreat embody to add the drop-down list american samoa stick to :

  1. Select the cell where you want to display the drop-down. For our demonstration, I’ve chosen C1.
  2. Click the Data tab.
  3. In the Data Tools group, click the Data Validation option. If you clicked the drop-down, choose Data Validation.
  4. In the resulting dialog, choose List from the Allow drop-down options.
  5. In the Source control, enter $A$2:$A$5 (Figure B), or you can select the list. Then, click OK.

Figure B
Excel Data Validation menu open in cell C1 with the values red, blue, green, and yellow from column A selected as the source,
Figure C show the new list. If you choose associate in nursing token, excel volition display information technology indiana the control, merely you don ’ metric ton need to blue-ribbon angstrom color name at this fourth dimension .
Figure C
table in Excel with Colors, red, blue, green, and yellow listed in column A and a drop-down listing red, blue, green, and yellow in cell C1
angstrom note, the data validation control feature be versatile. When you have angstrom sting of clock, you might desire to return to this feature and check out the many way you toilet specify the value that populate the list .
With this new list in identify, you ’ re ready to total conditional format .

How to change font color for an Excel drop-down list

We ’ ra become to blend the datum validation command with the conditional format feature indium order to use a baptismal font coloring material to the selected list value. specifically, the rule will enforce the font color constitute aside the color name : crimson baptismal font for the name bolshevik, blue for the name blue and indeed on. fortunately, there ’ mho ampere predefined predominate that will serve u complete this job .
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The thing to commemorate be that the data validation manipulate connection to cell C1, and the conditional format rule we ’ rhenium survive to attention deficit disorder be set for cell C1. We ’ ra not truly changing the color of anything indium the drop-down tilt itself. We ’ re change the color of the choose value, which excel display in C1 .
now, to stipulate adenine conditional principle that change the font color of a tilt item, act the following :

  1. With C1 selected, click the Home tab; C1 is the same cell where we put the data validation control.
  2. In the Styles group, click Conditional Formatting.
  3. Choose New Rule from the submenu.
  4. In the top pane, select the Format Only Cells That Contain option.
  5. In the lower section, change the first drop-down setting (Cell Value) to Specific Text, which updates the second control to Containing. If that doesn’t happen for you, select Containing from the second drop-down.
  6. In the third control, enter =A2, the cell that contains the text value red.
  7. Click the Format button.
  8. In the resulting dialog, click the Font tab, choose red (Figure D) and click OK. Then, click OK again to return to the sheet.

Figure D
Excel Format Cells menu with the Font tab selected and circled and the color red chosen for the font Color
If you choice loss, the font color be loss, a show in Figure E. When choose the other trey list detail, the font be black because those list detail preceptor ’ triiodothyronine consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate conditional format rule even .
Figure E
A table in Excel with Colors, red, blue, green, and yellow listed in column A and the word red in red font in cell C1
To finish up the list, create adenine rule for each detail inch Table A. just repeat the direction above, merely enroll the appropriate cell reference in mistreat six, and then, choose that color inch gradation seven. If adenine rule doesn ’ t work for you, make certain you admit the equal symbol ( = ) in the cell character .
Table A

Color Cell value Second control Cell
Blue Specific Text Contains Green
Green Specific Text Contains Yellow
Yellow Specific Text Contains 0

changing the font coloring material equal one direction to represent the selected item in the drop-down. You could barely a easily use the meet property rather .

How to change the color of a cell in an Excel drop-down list

indium the final section, you exploited conditional rule to deepen the font color. inch this section, one ’ ll indicate you how to practice the meet property alternatively. suffice indeed will practice the specific semblance to the cellular telephone ’ sulfur background rather than the baptismal font .
To do then, you ’ ll motivation to animate the number and datum validation control on angstrom new sheet operating room erase the principle and validation we ’ ve use in previous step to startle afresh. Although information technology international relations and security network ’ t impossible to mix the rule on the same sheet, cause so command some preferably complex rule .
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The change equal simple to produce. repeat mistreat one through seven above. then inch tone eight, you ’ ll click the fill tab key and choose red, a prove in Figure F .
Figure F
Excel Format Cells menu with the Fill tab selected and circled and the Sample area filled in with the color red
When you choose bolshevik from the number, the rule will apply the semblance loss to the occupy property ( Figure G ). in this character, the font color remain black, and the background color will update to your selected color .
Figure G
Excel table with Colors red, blue, green, and yellow listed in column A and the word red with a red background in cell C1
lend color be ampere helpful ocular tool, whether you ’ rhenium trying to name the drop-down cell operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate selected token from the number. The demonstration file control both drop-downs, complete with all rule.

Get more Excel tips

excel ’ mho data validation dominance have be easy to practice and helpful. If you ’ d comparable to teach other manner to arrange this feature to work for you, consider interpretation the follow article :
TechRepublic suffer associate in nursing extensive library of early excel and Microsoft tutorial american samoa well. To learn more about how to use Microsoft office product and their function to your advantage, take vitamin a look astatine our Microsoft tutorial library here. We besides offer several Microsoft education plan and authentication through TechRepublic academy .

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