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How many times do you end up losing your call every day ? Apple ’ s ‘ Find My ’ is a pretty neat solution to this problem. however, after the holocene io update, the action of locating any device and adding a new device to ‘ Find My ’ app has become quite complicated. fortunately, I found a relatively easy direction of adding a new device to the ‘ Find My ’ app. To add a device to the ‘Find My’ app, you need to activate the ‘Find My’ App from your phone settings, log into the app using your Apple ID, open the app, and then click on the add device icon on the top left. 

Adding A Device To ‘Find My’ From an iPhone

Adding a device to ‘ Find My ’ from an iPhone is by far the easiest way to add a device to the app. Follow these steps :

Activate The ‘Find My’ App

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’
  • Select your Apple ID from the bottom menu
  • Select the ‘Find My’ Tab
  • Navigate to ‘Find My Phone’  and enable it
  • Toggle the ‘Find My Network’ switch. This allows you to find your phone even when it is offline
  • Navigate back and toggle the ‘Share my Location’ switch
  • Go back to ‘Settings’
  • Navigate to ‘Privacy’ and from there to ‘Location Services’
  • Locate ‘Find My’ and ensure that ‘While Using the App’ setting is enabled

Add A Device To The App

  • Open the app on your home screen
  • A map will open up with the locations of all your devices
  • Select ‘Devices’ from the bottom menu
  • Select the ‘+’ icon next to ‘Devices’
  • Locate the device you want to add
  • Enter your Apple ID

once you are done, the app will send you alerts, and you can besides use it to erase information on the call .

Adding A Device To ‘Find My’ From a Mac

Although all devices that are logged in from your ID will be visible on the ‘ Find My ’ app on your Mac, you don ’ t have the choice of adding new devices to your Mac. however, you do have the choice to remove a device from your ‘ Find My ’ app using your Macbook. eminence : To use ‘ Find My ’ from a Mac, you need to be signed in to your Apple ID .

Adding A Device To ‘Find My’ From an iPad

In regulate to use your iPad as a device to run the ‘ Find My ’ app, make certain you have the latest adaptation of the app, and the placement is enabled. To use your iPad to run the ‘ Find My ’ app to locate another device, you need to :

  • Open Find My
  • Navigate to the bottom menu and choose ‘Devices’
  • Select the ‘+’ icon on the right
  • The App will begin searching for newly linked devices
  • Locate the device you want to add
  • Key in your Apple ID

Adding A Family Member’s Device To ‘Find My’

With the syndicate member ’ second permission, you can add their device to your ‘ Find My ’ app .

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings. 
  • Tap on your name and select ‘Family Sharing’.
  • Tap on the ‘Add a Family Member option. 
  • Choose the method via which you want to invite them. 
  • As soon as the invitation is accepted, you will be prompted to enter their Apple ID and password in the app. 
  • Once this is done, you will be able to see their location on the app. 

How To Add an AirTag To ‘Find My’

To add an AirTag to your ‘ Find My ’ app, you will need to turn on your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or cellular data. In addition to this, ensure that your AirTags have ample barrage. To set up your Airtag, you need to :

  • Remove the protective film from your AirTag
  • Gently pull the plastic tag from the battery
  • The AirTag will play a welcome sound
  • Now bring your AirTag and iPhone next to each other
  • A prompt will appear on your iPhone to navigate through the setup process
  • Follow the onscreen steps to setup
  • Attach the AirTag to your item

You can then use ‘ Find My ’ to locate your item. In order to do this, you need to :

  • Select ‘items’ in ‘Find My’ 
  • Look for your AirTag on the map that appears
  • The time and place of its last known location will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Select an item from the list to take a closer look
  • In case your item is nearby but can’t be found, click on ‘Play Sound’ to activate the chime
  • If the item is in Bluetooth range, you will see a button that says ‘Find’
  • If it is out of Bluetooth Range, the button will say ‘Directions’
  • This will lead you to the item’s last known location
  • To get a better sense of the location, click find
  • The iPhone will begin to navigate you to the last known location

If you are still ineffective to recover your item, you can select ‘ Lost Mode ’ on the discovery my app. In order to do this, you will need to :

  • Swipe up on the handle
  • Select ‘Lost Mode’ and tap enable
  • With lost mode turned on, you will receive a notification when your AirTag is in range of your iPhone.

How To Remove A Device From ‘Find My’

Removing a device from the ‘ Find My ’ app is a relatively easy process. In order to do this on any of your devices, you need to :

  • Sign into your iCloud from your respective device
  • Click on ‘Find My iPhone’
  • Click on ‘All Devices’ and now select the device you want to remove
  • Now select ‘Remove from account’
  • You will be asked to authenticate the removal by providing your iCloud Password.

‘Find My’ Can Help You With Lots More

Losing your telephone, again and again, can be frustrating. The ‘ Find My ’ app is a utilitarian feature in this respect. however, it can help you out in lots of early situations as well. You can track the locations of all your connected devices, play a sound on your earphone to find it, and experience notifications when the add devices are close by In accession, the family-sharing feature of speech is besides highly utilitarian. many parents have talked about how the feature has helped them keep an eye on their children ’ sulfur whereabouts, specially when they go on field trips .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add another device to the Find My iPhone?

In order to add a device to Find My iPhone, you need to activate the ‘ Find My ’ App on your call and then select the devices that you want to add and last enter your Apple ID.

How do I use my iPhone to find another iPhone?

You can add the device you want to find or track to the ‘ Find My ’ app on your iPhone. There are versatile options and ways to do this, which are discussed in detail in the article above .

Why can’t I see a phone on the Find My iPhone?

In case you are unable to see a call on the Find My iPhone it may be because the battery is dead or the device has been intentionally turned off .

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