How to Add Border to a Page in Microsoft Word


How to Add Border to a Page in Microsoft Word

By If you want to spruce up your document, booklet, invitation, or fly, we ’ ll read you how to add a customize a page boundary line in Word .
If you ’ re creating a document in Microsoft Word that would look better with a page border, you can add one well. Word gives you flexible options, whether you want a simple black credit line for something like a booklet or a capricious molding for something like an invitation.

here, we ’ ll prove you how to add a foliate boundary line in Word and customize it precisely as you want .

Add a Page Border in Word

afford Microsoft Word to your text file on either Windows or Mac. Head to the Design tab and click the Page Borders clitoris in the Page Background section of the ribbon. Design tab, Page Borders confirm that you ’ re on the Page Border pill when the Borders and Shading window opens. You can then get right to the customization options for your border. Page Border tab

Customize a Page Border in Word

On the impart side of the windowpane, you can start by picking a style under Setting. This lets you select something like a shadow or three-d effect or go with a box dash. To the right, choose the line Style you ’ d like to use and the Color directly below it. Choose a Setting, Style, and Color If you prefer to use something fun and different, click the Art drop-down list at the bottom for a big choice of creative borders. You ’ ll find a courteous categorization of color options like hearts, stars, ice cream cones, flowers, holiday images, and more. Use an Art page border in Word Whether you use a line style or an artsy border, you can then adjust the Width of the surround. You ’ ll see the preview on the right side update for a adept view as you do so. Adjust the width of the page border

besides, in the Preview incision, you can use the modest boxes to enable or disable the molding from a particular side of the document. then, choose “ Apply to ” if you only want the surround in a certain section or the whole document. Preview the border and pick where to apply it Click the Options button to adjust the margins when using a page margin. You can then enter the number of font points to use for the top, bottom, left, or right margin. then below, chatter Measure from to use those numbers of points from the edge of the page or the textbook of your document. Adjust the margins with the page border You can adjust a few extra settings in this window if you like. Below Options, check or uncheck the boxes for constantly displaying in front man, aligning the paragraph borders with the page frame, and surrounding headers or footers. Select more options for the page border Note : Depending on your selections, some Options may be grayed out. Click OK when you finish changing the options. then, suction stop OK in the Borders and Shading window to apply your page frame. Lollipop page border in Word

Remove a Page Border

If you decide by and by to remove the page edge you ’ ve applied, you can do so easily .

  1. Go back to the Design tab and click Page Borders.
  2. On the Page Border tab, click None under Settings on the left.
  3. Click OK, and your border should be removed.

Remove a page border in Word

Page Borders in Microsoft Word

Word gives you terrific options no count what type of bound you choose, whether you apply it to your whole document or just a section. You can add some dynamism to your circular or outline your document with a simpleton page border.

For more, check out how to remove a horizontal wrinkle in Word or how to add background tinge to your Word document.

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