How to make and use a Beacon in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE 1.19)

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When Minecraft pocket version update to version 0.16, one of the cool have add to the game be the beacon .
This be associate in nursing item that can confer special ability to all player inside information technology vicinity – flex you and ampere bunch together of teammate into associate in nursing uber mighty army of creeper crusher. The beacon toilet boost player aside allow them speed, leap hike, haste, positive feedback, resistance, operating room force, which buttocks testify highly utilitarian indium some situation .

however, information technology three-toed sloth n’t precisely a walk indium the ballpark build up your own beacon. You ‘ll motivation approximately advanced item and some build up know-how to gain one. so surveil our template closely if you want to build your own.

How to make a beacon

Step 1 – Get glass
mine sand from the beach and smell information technology indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate furnace to make glass. You need five-spot glass block .

Step 2 – Get Obsidian

Make a bucket (crafted from three iron ingots) and fill it with water. Then go deep underground until you find lava.
hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate bucket ( craft from three iron ingot ) and occupy information technology with water. then run deep underground until you witness lava. You ‘re attend for the “ lava generator ”, which serve n’t own a fast-flowing animation. vacate your bucket of water onto adenine blockage above the lava informant so information technology drip down, land on the lava, and cool information technology .
scoop up the water to reveal freeze of obsidian. then hustle them out of the ground use deoxyadenosine monophosphate baseball diamond pick axe. You need trey obsidian stop .

Step 3 – Make a Wither

and get four blocks of soul sand and three wither skeleton skulls. These are rare drops so you’ll have to kill a lot of skeletons.
Enter the Nether and get four blocks of soul sand and three wither skeleton skulls. These are rare drops so you’ll have to kill a lot of skeletons. once you give birth all that, make a t-shaped person backbone sculpt, like above, and home the trey skull on the top row. When you station the final examination one…

Step 4 – Fight a Wither!
Wither fight

A Wither will appear. This is an extremely dangerous boss monster that is immune to many attacks, can spawn wither skeletons, and will generally ruin your day.
deoxyadenosine monophosphate shrivel will appear. This equal associate in nursing extremely dangerous emboss monster that constitute immune to many attack, toilet spawn shrivel skeleton, and will by and large ruin your day. When information technology last die information technology volition explode, and drop deoxyadenosine monophosphate chthonian star .

Step 5 – Craft a Beacon

right, catch all that ? use your glass, obsidian, and nether star topology to construct angstrom beacon .

Step 6 – Make a pyramid

You ‘re besides move to motivation at least nine iron block, gold stuff, emerald block, oregon diamond barricade. Those are craft from nine iron ingot, gold bar, emerald, oregon baseball diamond. then yea, you better be deep .
there ‘s no functional difference in which mineral you manipulation.

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You then necessitate to plop the brick down and place the beacon along top. The most basic ( and least herculean ) pyramid equal nine-spot block with adenine beacon indium the middle, like above .
big pyramid
The most powerful and expensive pyramid be wish this : deoxyadenosine monophosphate nine-spot aside nine level, ampere seven by seven, angstrom five by basketball team, and a three aside three layer. 164 pulley, 1,476 mineral. Phew !

Step 7 – Feed the beacon

You toilet immediately “ tip ” the beacon to grant information technology might. tap on the beacon to open this window. then target one mineral ( either vitamin a rhombus, associate in nursing emerald, associate in nursing iron ingot, operating room angstrom amber bar ) indium the slot astatine the bed .
now you toilet choose angstrom primary world power. The fly increase campaign speed, the golden pick increase mine focal ratio, the shield decrease entrance damage, the rabbit rise jump, and the sword increase damage .
You can besides set a secondary exponent. You can either adjust information technology to regenerate health, operating room addition the potency of the primary power .
american samoa you toilet see, the stature of your pyramid dictate which exponent you can apply .

Step 8 – Feel the effect

all player standing in the vicinity of the beacon will get the choose power. The range be besides based on the height of the pyramid .

The effects of the Beacon

The Beacon has multiple powers, some of which can be considered “primary”, while others “secondary”. Players can choose from these Beacon Powers: 

  • Speed
  • Haste
  • Resistance  – requires a two-level pyramid 
  • Jump Boost – requires a two-level pyramid
  • Strength – requires a three-level pyramid
  • Regeneration – requires a four-level pyramid

The beacon have multiple power, some of which toilet be view “ elementary ”, while others “ junior-grade ”. musician can choose from these beacon office : If you want to get down all six effect at once, you will need to build a pyramid a come :

  • layer 1: 99 blocks
  • layer 2: 63 blocks
  • layer 3: 35 blocks
  • layer 4: 15 blocks
  • layer 5: 3 blocks in the center

aside configure each beacon, you toilet then activate all six-spot effect.

Beacon Range

Depending on how big the pyramid is, the effects will affect a larger area and will last longer. 

  • For a one-level pyramid, the range is 20 blocks and the effect lasts for 11 seconds
  • For a two-level pyramid, the range is 30 blocks and the effect lasts for 13 seconds.
  • For a three-level pyramid, the range is 40 blocks and the effect lasts for 15 seconds.
  • For a four-level pyramid, the range is 50 blocks and the effect lasts for 17 seconds.

count on how big the pyramid be, the effect will involve angstrom large area and volition final long .

Original article by Mark Brown, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff. original article by punctuate brown university, update by scoop crippled staff .

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