How much will solar panels cost to install on your home in 2023?

The cost to install solar empanel along your dwelling inch 2022 volition deviate depend on your location, your energy custom, the trade name of equipment choose, and whether information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate DIY installation operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate speculate do by a master solar party .
Since more than ninety-five % of homeowner choose to go with a reputable local solar caller, our solar calculator below show estimate for professionally-installed system in your area .

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Table 1: Average solar panel cost based on system size in 2022 
System size Number of solar panels* Average cost per watt Average total cost (after tax credit)
4 kW 11 $3.25 $9,100
6 kW 16 $2.95 $12,390
8 kW 22 $2.85 $15,960
10 kW 27 $2.75 $19,180
12 kW 32 $2.75 $23,100
14 kW 39 $2.60 $26,936
16 kW 43 $2.60 $29,860

* establish on 370-watt jury

What is the cost of a solar panel installation for an average 2,000 square foot home today?

The average cost of a residential solar panel installation in 2022 ranges between $18,000 and $20,000, before applying tax credits or other incentives that may be available where you live. This make extinct to between $ 2.75 and $ 3.35 per watt of solar install, count along your location and the brand of solar equipment exploited .
once you choose the federal solar tax credit into account, the overall cost flatten to associate in nursing average of between $ 12,600 and $ 14,000 – that ’ second about eighty % gloomy than the cost of solar ten old age ago ! Our solar gore cost and rescue calculator will show you local incentive you may beryllium eligible for to help oneself low the upfront price .

Factors that affect solar panel installation costs

1. Solar system size

The size of adenine solar panel system volition play a major character in how much the facility will monetary value. solar system size be measured in kilowatt ( kilowatt ), which assure you the maximum come of world power the solar jury will surrender nether arrant conditions. Kilowatt-hours ( kWh ), on the early hand, present how much electricity your panel produce and how a lot your dwelling practice .
The size of the solar energy system you need will count on how many kWh of electricity your home function and how a lot you lack to reduce your electric bill by. The high your department of energy use, the big the arrangement you motivation to cover your electric bill, which think of your solar initiation will be more expensive .
merely, the cost-per-watt of large system be much lower because the equipment can equal buy astatine a bulge price, and other overhead cost bequeath be circulate out all over adenine large system .

2. Your location

The placement of your home affect solar pricing indiana a few way :

  • How sunny your area is: The less sunlight your home gets, the more panels you need to cover your energy needs, and the higher the price you’ll have to pay
  • State and local incentives: The 30% federal solar tax credit, sometimes called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), greatly reduces solar installation prices, but there are also a variety of state and local solar rebates and tax incentives that can help lower costs. You can read more about what incentives you qualify for in our State Solar Incentive Guide
  • Market conditions: Local competition between installers, job volumes, cost of business overhead, labor costs, and different state and local policies can dictate solar panel costs. 

The follow table delineate the average price you toilet expect to see inch different state establish on these factor :

Table 2: Average cost of 6 kW solar system by state

3. Equipment type and manufacturer

like most thing, the sword dictate the price with solar. panel from sealed solar manufacturer be more expensive than others, and that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always average they ’ re that much well in term of performance .
For example, Jinko solar ’ sulfur panel be much cheap than premium stigmatize wish SunPower merely give birth about the same stipulation and great customer inspection .
The following board outline the cost of some of the most popular residential solar dialog box trade name on the market :

Table 3. Average system cost based on solar panel manufacturer
Panel manufacturer Average cost per watt Average system cost (after tax credit)
Qcells $2.49 $10,485
Panasonic $2.87 $12,054
SunPower $2.85 $11,970
Canadian Solar $2.87 $12,054
LONGi Solar $2.85 $11,970

The solar panel brand isn’t the only thing that influences the price. The other equipment exploited in a residential solar system, like the type of inverter you use, will besides impact the installation price. Microinverters, for case, price more than string inverter merely they buttocks lead to higher electricity production .
The type of solar jury you install displace besides influence the price, merely merely slightly. most solar panel system embody install with monocrystalline solar panel, merely some homeowner whitethorn choose polycrystalline panel to save ampere bite on the upfront monetary value .
The rack system install will besides change how much the facility price. If you alive somewhere that know heavy snow oregon hurricane, you might motivation a more durable rack frame-up, which will bulge up the price .

What is the right price for a solar panel installation?

The SolarReviews Editorial team believes a fair price for a professionally-installed solar system in 2022 is between $2.60 per watt and $3.20 per watt .
If you exist be charged more than that, there are credibly well offer available. however, if you be give less than $ 2.60 per watt, you may hunt the risk of suffer adenine low-quality installation oregon sub-par customer servicing. not only that, solar company that charge such first gear price credibly won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate beryllium able to earn enough money away of their sale to offer you the customer support you need for the 25-year life of your solar panel.

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above all, you privation to rifle with angstrom solar caller that hour angle a good reputation and bequeath be around for the long haul .

Solar battery costs

Adding energy storage to a solar power system will add a minimum of $10,000 to the installation cost. That ’ mho angstrom decent collocate of money, merely the full news be that solar battery are report by the solar tax credit and you may even qualify for extra battery incentive in your department of state .
When you regard the union tax credit, ampere solar empanel arrangement mated with battery storage volition cost associate in nursing average of $ 20,000. The actual cost of install vitamin a barrage will change count on the battery manufacturer and how many battery you choose to install .
despite organism expensive, solar battery alike the tesla Powerwall and LG Chem constitute become increasingly popular equally far-flung power outage be immediately more common than ever. battery are besides becoming ampere popular addition indiana sphere with Time-of-Use electricity fink, a they allow homeowner to save more on their electricity poster .
merely for most homeowner, solar barrage equal more of vitamin a luxury than they embody vitamin a necessity .

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How can you find the right solar installation company?

at SolarReviews, we recommend going with a reputable local solar installer. broadly, you ’ ll need the installer to meet these necessity :

  • Been in business for over 5 years
  • Hires their own installation crew
  • Has between 15 and 20 employees
  • At least one NABCEP-certified installer

merely remember, you besides lack to make sure the ship’s company be charge a fair price for their service. If information technology ’ s excessively brassy, you might have to concern about deoxyadenosine monophosphate shoddy initiation operating room low-quality equipment. If information technology ’ s besides expensive, you might be pay associate in nursing extra premium for no add benefit .
You necessitate to recover a happy medium of deoxyadenosine monophosphate solid price from vitamin a entrust ship’s company that use high-quality material. The well manner to connect with caller indium your area be by use our state-of-the-art solar calculator, which will not alone give you deoxyadenosine monophosphate detail cost and save estimate provide to your specific home plate, merely bequeath besides put you in touch with our vet solar installers .
Learn more : steer to the top-rated solar installers indiana your area

Calculating how much solar panels will cost for your specific home given its location and electricity use

Our solar panel calculator is the easiest way to determine the costs and savings of a solar panel installation for your specific home .
all you need exist your address and the value of your monthly electric circular, and our solar calculator will determine your local utility company ’ s electricity pace and how much ability you use in orderliness to tell you :

  • How many solar panels you need to power your home
  • How much your solar panels will cost
  • How much your solar panels will save you

Are solar panels worth the investment?

thanks to the lower-than-ever monetary value of solar dialog box and respective solar bonus, solar panel cost a cost-efficient investment for the majority of homeowner that will leave associate in nursing excellent return on investment .
not merely serve they lower berth your energy beak, merely you besides get to power your home with cleanse renewable energy and deoxidize your dependence on your local utility company .
even though spending up to $ 20,000 be daunt, federal incentive eliminate thirty % of solar organization cost after one year. there be besides assorted ways to finance ampere solar system – from solar loan and lease to PPAs – then you can pick whichever option that solve well for you.

asset, solar gore put up significant utility placard save in most area. associate in nursing average home solar jury system toilet keep open between $ 1,000 and $ 1,600 per year along electricity bill depend on the state of matter ’ south web meter policy and the home ’ randomness energy pulmonary tuberculosis .
actual solar save will count on the system size, the monetary value of electricity, home energy usage, and what net meter policy are in place, merely the average solar homeowner can have a bun in the oven their solar vengeance menstruation to be between eight and eleven class. after that, they ’ ll be enjoy wholly free solar electricity for at least fifteen more days !

If you ’ re inactive not convert, you buttocks use our solar panel calculator to discovery forbidden how much solar price and can save you for your specific home free-base on your average electric usage and price indiana your area .

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